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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Larry's Testimony

I myself was a follower of Maria Divine Mercy messages. Yes, the prayers look nice but its purpose is to deceive us so that MDM will have all the right to spread heresies and attack the Head of the Catholic Church, who is Pope Francis. May we open your eyes to the Truth that we are called to pay obedience and allegiance to the Authority of the Catholic Church and all private revelations must first be evaluated and scrutinized by its authority before we should receive it. Remember that our Catholic Faith is not grounded on private revelations. 

Because of MDM messages, I was very observant about the new pope's election to know if there would be some irregularities during the conclave that would prove the accusations that he is the False Prophet, but what we all witness is a very solemn election that would prove the leading of the Holy Spirit. And to add to it, personally, the Pope's election had coincidences in my life to prove more that he is the real one and remove my doubts

MDM is pro-Catholic practices and devotions, that makes it so dangerous. As a Catholic, we will not doubt  her at first. But when her messages started to attack the new elected pope as the False Prophet, and campaign not to pay allegiance to the Pope and that everything that he is showing to us is fake, I saw in her messages a devil who is so jealous of the love and compassion that the new Pope is showing to the world. 

I believe God allowed that some information regarding the future would be revealed to MDM, like the coincidence of the resignation of the Pope and that Pope Francis is a compassionate Pope as her previous message a year ago said, but its very purpose I believe is to test the faith of the believers to the Catholic Church. But thanks to MDM, it became one of my greatest lessons in Faith after following her message for more than a year, and it renewed my faith and my trust in the ONLY Authority that Jesus Christ Himself has entrusted His Church: The One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church. 

In the days to come, MDM is envisioning a Remnant Church with all Catholic devotions and

practices, with priests to celebrate the mass, but not in communion with the Pope in Rome that she hates so much. Only Satan hates much the successor of the Seat of Peter and doesn't like the style of Pope Francis because he will be close to the people and the people will love him so much as their new Pope. We need to go to the basics and read the CCC.

For a while, I've been hooked on MDM message because I also experienced in 2011 something that I believe a personal private revelation  as a Charismatic Renewal member.
Larry, the Philippines

The Dilemma of False Prophets

By Fr. Martin Cross

What if God has being speaking to the host of self acclaimed visionaries and seers of our time, like MDM, Holy Love etc, and we are not listening but rather, fighting against the Author of life and the Creator of the Universe?

That would be terrible mistake on our side as the Church. But what if God is not the giver of the massages and the visions imposed on us, and we are gullibly silent to the fault for fear of offending God? Then we are finished, having being slothful to heed the warnings of the Lord Christ himself!.

Blessed be God our Father, who gave us Christ the Saviour, and blessed be Christ our Lord who established his Church on earth, and blessed be the Holy Mother Church entrusted with the custodianship of the deposit of faith. For whatever she considers true on Earth is true in Heaven, and whatever she considers false on Earth is false in Heaven (Mt 18:18). I do not know of any revocation of this Divine Petrine-ecclesiastical-Power from on high, and the exercise of it resides on St. Peter, the Pope, and by extension the Bishops. Wherefore, all truths of faith and religion is by the will of God and Christ his Son our Lord and Saviour, subject to the approval of the Church, for he is with the Church as her head, so the Church will always reach the truth and surety of all things.

Is it proper to look into private revelations, talk about them or even try stopping such massages?

Yes because Christ the Lord warns us:

Matthew 7:15-20 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves". 

Jesus calls us as a Church to the mission of making Disciples of all the nations, aware that many will arise in his name (Mt 7:22) possessed by the Devil to deceive many innocent souls. They are ravens ready to destroy, cause confusions and make satanic authoritative utterances and perjury, causing fear, dishonour of God and his Church.

The call to "Awareness" is the challenge to be vigilant against the subtlety of Lucifer, the fallen angel of light, still deceptively parading the light, with the great company of his fallen angels. They come as light, possessing insights into the mysteries of life, they work wonders, condemn evil, casting out demons, making prophecies and calling upon the name of Jesus (M7:22). Nevertheless, our Lord noted that they are false and do not belong to him, and for this reason will say unto them, 

"I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity" Mt 7:23.

As regarding the criteria to knowing a false prophet, Jesus noted that we should watch out for their fruits. Their massages though, will include miracles, and prophecies, utterances of great insights, wonders and signs, and the usage of the Holy Name of Jesus and of His Most Blessed Mother, yet their massage is evil, because it does not come from God. You may ask, 'but how do we know'? Jesus readily answers, 

"By their fruits" to know this, you have to look with the inner mind, for it is not against flesh and blood that we fight but against the principalities and powers (...Eph 6:10...). 

Secondly, we follow the laid down rubrics of discernment by Holy Mother Church.

The fruits visibly manifested by false prophets includes: 

  1. The nature of the massage. Does it agree with laid down truth of the sacred Scripture? Does it contain doctrinal errors, and teaches false assumptions. 
  2. The content of the massage of miracle; Does the miracle, the prophecies, the signs etc contain malicious attacks on the one custodian of Truth, the Church and the Vicar of Christ, Peter, and the Popes, and by extension, the Bishops, the Priests, who are the accredited leaders of the Church. 
  3. The life of the individual persons, is the seer humble, and obedient? Does the seer submit to the visible head of Christ on  earth, to whom Christ in Peter said," whatever you bound on earth is bound in heaven, and whatever you consider loose in heaven is considered loose in heaven" Mt 18:18.

Surprising too, Christ noted that these individual false prophets seems to be ignorant of their pitiably state, or unaware that they were under strong possession of the devil. or rather thinks proudly that the end justifies the means. 

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? (Mt 7:23).

Here the false prophets made a case for themselves in Christ's presence invoking the eternal merits of their works as a claim to kingdom. Jesus said what seems like "You have no reward, and you can find none here, It doesn't matter, if the predictions and prophesies you made come true, or that you worked wonders, or prophesied in my name. The bottom line is that, it was not from God my Father and not from me and therefore unprofitable for the eternal salvation of souls, you will be punished having misled many, claiming to speak for God". (Mt 24:4)

Finally hear this, No one is a judge in his or her own case, if you have nothing to hide, submit to the Church what you are doing in the name of God and of the Church. Save yourself from becoming unknowingly a disciple of the Devil, and his principalities and powers by means of following these massages. Look to the Church and be radiant. The ministry of the Word of God and the Sacraments are the means and the only sure means of eternal salvation, embrace it and prepare your soul for the last day, for no one knows the time Mt 24: 42-44. 24:1-26.

Daniela's Testimony

An important note about the crusade prayers based on personal experience from all my family members: 

When the first crusade prayer came out in November 2011, my family and l started to pray it every evening after our daily Rosary. 

As time went by, more and more prayers came. I remember how impressed we were by many of the prayers. To give an example, where 
l live, explicit sex education is becoming obligatory by law from the age of 4 and up. One can imagine how appalled we were as parents of 2 small children, also my parents, their grandparents. 

One of the prayers was especially dear to us in this regard: we prayed with the words of the crusade prayer to 'cover our children with the precious blood of Jesus, to protect them from the lies of Satan.' l can give many more examples of how these prayers seemed to offer protection against the awful moral degeneration in our world today.

Even when the so called prophetic messages at times seemed outrageous, when we prayed our crusade prayers each evening, they continually convinced us over and over again that these prayers were a custom made gift from heaven for our world falling into total chaos. We were promoting the prayers everywhere as we were, in hindsight rather embarrassed by the messages. 

The prayers on the other hand managed to convince others. We passed them on to 3 priests and they too were rather impressed at the start... Prayers that promised to ward off nuclear war, mitigate chastisements in the form of natural disasters, prevent liberal abortion laws from being passed, special prayers for the salvation of souls: we truly believed that next to the chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Most Holy Rosary, Heaven was blessing us with special graces through these prayers. 

So we ended up spending more and more hours in prayer, less time critically discerning the messages until prayer 100 was issued: one family member refused to pray this rather strange prayer stating that Pope Benedict was the last true pope. In the following days, an enormous argument broke out, causing division in our family prayer group. 

By the grace of God we sought spiritual direction, at the same time pledging our obedience to our new Pope. Our spiritual director put our hearts at ease when he told us that the many hours spent praying these prayers were not in vain as we prayed them sincerely, with purity of intention. 

Here comes the amazing conclusion: whatever we had prayed for, if it was in line with the will of God, those prayers were answered in Heaven, EVEN if the author - and this is the hard part to understand- is not from Heaven!!! 

All l would like to underline here is that the prayers are the real trap for most of the followers because of the many special graces and favours they promise to bestow. When we realized Pope Francis was a blessing from Heaven and therefore the messages false, we immediately stopped praying these prayers but continued with our daily Chaplet and Rosary. 

Guess what? 

Peace returned to our family, and our prayer time once again turned into real quiet time with the Lord instead of a vocal marathon, impossible to keep up with!

Daniela, Holland

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Testimony and Warning Against Totus Tuus, Maria

We have received this message recently:

I was once fascinated with MDM's alleged messages. I kept reading new updates and messages on her website, and I even became a member of their internet prayer group, downloaded the prayer crusades and contacted some of the members, but even then I was hesitant to be completely devoted to the group.

So I prayed for God's guidance because despite being a member I was not fully convinced of her authenticity especially that some of her predictions didn't take place, so I was just watchful and never actually joined the prayer group in their weekly prayer schedules.I quit my membership from Facebook and had my name and email erased from their member's list after confessing and asking my priest friend to enlighten me about MDM.

What bothers me most is the Totus Maria page. It's a Facebook account devoted to the Blessed Virgin. It's Catholic and I was shocked to see MDM's 'Book of Truth' being promoted on their page as well as the alleged messages and prayers supposedly given by Jesus. A lot of people are being deceived.

I emailed them asking them to stop promoting MDM and told them that if they are true Catholic they should not oppose Pope Francis and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but until now I haven't received any word from them and they keep defending MDM.

I just I need more help to convince them to stop spreading word about MDM because the people who do not know the true agenda of MDM accept what Totus Maria is posting on their page.

Thanks and more power!

Name withheld at request, the Philippines 

This is the description of Totus Tuus, Maria Facebook page:
Totus Tuus, Maria is a community of Catholics who live by the motto of the late Pope John Paul II: Totus Tuus, Maria, or "Totally Yours, Mary.
But that is not what this page is really about.

The page heavily promotes Maria Divine Mercy's Crusade prayers. Among beautiful Christian pictures and quotes from the Saints, most of the posts consist of Crusade Prayers with the shortened url to 'WarningSecondComing' organisation. 

The Facebook page is linked to a website, which appears in Google search as a paid advertisement and which gives a 'critical' review of 'The Book of Truth' (we see nothing critical about it), with the link where you can buy it. It also asks for donations. 
Looks like poison in a cup of pleasant brewed coffee to us.

Catholics, beware! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Could he be the False Prophet? Testimonies

The following are the testimonies of people who had followed Maria Divine Mercy until the election Pope Francis, when their eyes were opened to the MDM deception.
MDM had been preparing her followers for the new impostor pope ,who would be a false prophet mentioned in the Book of the Revelation. In the messages dated March 13 (which is the date of Pope Francis election), MDM message said, 'My beloved Pope Benedict XVI was persecuted and fled, as foretold. I have not appointed this person, who claims to come in My Name. (...) His throne (Pope Benedict XVI's)  has been stolen. His power has not."

Well, these people have not been taken in.

Testimony from a former Crusade Prayer Coordinator 


That day, March 13, I had a Crusade Prayer Group at home, and we were praying MDM prayers. I had in the next room the TV on, just in case. TV almost silent, when shouts started to came out... 'White smoke!!!' We waited in excitement, thinking the False Prophet would appear now... WHEN, my saint and beloved Cardinal appeared on the balcony... I did not doubt a second.. We were six women praying. Two of them still follow MDM but are not convinced. The other four meet here in my apartment praying every Wednesday - but for Francis, the Church, etc. 

The following day, March 14 I resigned as coordinator of my whole country, Argentina. I had to face plenty of criticism on the part of people from Argentina that were indignant...and still are. I am absolute confident about Pope Francis. His informality, humility and whatever you see in his gestures, attitudes are HIM as always has been. But, he takes due time to take important decisions as you may see that the eight Cardinals are studying all that happens about the Curia, and only October 3 they will have an official meeting but I am sure Francis will stand firm on these issues. I knew of MDM messages, when she began, through Joyce Lang list. And yesterday we knew that that list was not discerned properly! 

Maria, Argentina


"I knew he was a good man" 

I started reading the messages about a year and a half ago. They got my attention because they were coming quite frequently. I liked the idea that Jesus was talking to us and guiding us through these times. There were a few things that bothered me in the messages at first, but I dismissed them because I really wanted to believe in them. I did, thank goodness, constantly ask God to not let me be deceived because ten years ago I followed some seers whose writings were very similar to MDM's and they turned out to be false. They warned that the Pope after John Paul II would be a false Pope, a False Prophet. Of course we know that Pope Benedict was not a False Prophet.

So here I was again being told that the next Pope after Pope Benedict would be a
False Prophet! Now part of me still wanted to believe because I wanted what was being offered..Safety during the tribulations, healings, and a beautiful paradise waiting for us, the chosen ones. Yet still a part of me held back because I had been fooled once. Then out of the blue Pope Benedict resigned! At first I took this to be a sign, but try as I might I could not fit his resignation in with the prophecy that told us he would be "ousted"

Now it all rested on the new Pope. Of course we had been warned that he would appear to be meek and humble... a "wolf in sheep's clothing" so I knew I would have to really look beyond his 'show' of humility, because if he really was the "Beast" "Evil and "Cunning" as the messages had warned, then he could never have been able to disguise his real nature all of his life.

When I saw Pope Francis on that balcony I couldn't believe it. I didn't have to be told... I knew he was a good man, and had been all of his life, caring for the poor and the downtrodden. His whole life reflected Christ's! 

I went back into Facebook wondering how the others felt now that we had a Pope..and a good one at that. Surely they would be angry that we had all been deceived by yet another false prophet..but this wasn't the case. I watched as they desperately searched for anything that would make the Pope look bad! I stayed and tried to reason with a few of them. These were good people, but their NEED to believe the messages meant they had to dislike the Pope. His humility wasn't real, they told themselves. And so it went on...

This search for the slightest thing with which to blacken a good man's name...and It's still going on. I firmly believe that the messages are coming from Satan and that MDM is herself being deceived. It's heart breaking to see our brothers and sisters caught up in that cult.

Janet, England

Sunday, June 23, 2013

An inutile Christ abandoning His Church

Mocking Church Indefectibility

15 March 2013:  (Mary talking) “He, my beloved Son, hangs His Head in agony as He watches the horror as His Church crumbles before Him.”

19 March 2013: (fake Christ talking) "Masonic sects infiltrate the Church in Rome. Make no mistake – there can only be one pope in one lifetime...soon, all will see the subtle acts and the sly gestures of those false impostors who preside over My Throne in Rome, for they amount to sacrilege.

Anyone who seriously considers these utterances as coming from the Second Person of the Holy Trinity can immediately see an inutile powerless Christ agonizing “in horror” as the Church He built under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and over which “the gates of hell will not

Éva's Testimony

I was a follower of Maria Divine Mercy messages for a month, almost up till Easter 2013.
The Holy Spirit showed me the truth on 3rd March 2013. It is the blackest period in my life and I'm not proud of it! But luckily the Lord has made me into a very strong soldier. There are attacks on me because I know about them a lot, about their feelings, thoughts, emotions.

How did I start reading MDM messages? At first I saw them on friend's Facebook page and started to read them. I was a believer so I started to read them at first only just because I was curious. I wasn't sure if they were true, so I read them cautiously. 

I showed those messages to my prayer group leaders and asked them to listen Jesus' words - in our village we have a fellowship, a prayer group where we read from the Bible and sing worship songs, listen to the Word of God and pray. They are my friends, and they prayed so that I would stop following those messages. 
My husband also prayed for me - he didn't know what to think about MDM, he listened to my opinion, and it made sense to him. However, he preferred to read the Bible while I was reading MDM messages and praying those "Crusade prayers". I was so upset that they didn't believe "Jesus" - I would almost scream, 'Hey, listen everybody, Jesus is here, he wants to talk to us, and we should listen to Him!' but I was the only one who believed those messages. 

We all knew the Holy Spirit, we knew how is it when the Holy Spirit is talking to you, and I knew it as well. And I don't know why I didn't realize that it was not Him. It was enough for me to read some of the messages and Satan started to work on me, I believed those messages though they didn't sound like Jesus.
After I started reading those messages I felt a bit disturbed, but I was praying a lot! Much more than before, so I thought I was changing for better. My faith seemed much stronger! 

But usually during everyday activities I kept thinking about our future, the future of my children. For example, I always sing under the shower - I sing Gospel songs but those days I wasn't singing... I was only thinking, 'how will it be?!' I lost my joy.

My friends realised that as well, but they also saw that I was afraid, they could see fear in me, and fear is not from Jesus. I was upset with them and insisted that it was not fear that I felt. I insisted it was absolutely normal to 'wait' for the 'Second Coming'. They tried to convince me that those messages are not from God, but I felt that they wanted to hurt me and they are silly! But one sentence from the Bible that they gave me really spoke to my heart: 
"For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many" (Mt 24: 5).
It was that one week when the Holy Spirit started working in me - though I didn't stop reading those messages right away: I was only upset with others that they do not believe in Jesus. Still I was only thinking about that sentence from the Bible. During that week my friend, who also followed MDM messages, was very scared and couldn't sleep. Her little child always also kept having nightmares and she couldn't sleep either because of those messages and nightmares - so I sent her a very good prayer against Satan. My family was also affected, we all kept getting a cold, and my little baby (only 5- months-old) couldn't sleep and was very sick as well. So I started to pray that prayer against Satan too. After saying that prayer the baby could sleep a bit better and I wanted to sleep as well, but I couldn't because I was a bit upset by the messages. As I was looking for my prayer book in my drawer I found another book that I had got from my friend, and I felt sorry that I had kept it for a year in my drawer without having read it... so I started to read it! 
That book (written by a Hungarian priest) spoke about Satan as well! It was about spiritual warfare and it teaches about Satan - how to see demonic influences, and how to pray against Satan. As I read it, it felt as if Jesus was talking to me with those words. It was really an incredible, fantastic book! It also warned against false prophets (not about MDM specifically) and as I read about false prophets, I felt Jesus was next to me and telling me that MDM was false as well!

But I still was not ready to believe it. I kept thinking about that sentence from the Bible, I was curious what is in Matthew chapter 24.

So in the evening the next day, when I used to read MDM messages and prayers, that day I started with reading the Bible - Matthew 24. And it was amazing! I felt the Holy Spirit, it was fantastic! Though at the same time I felt myself so dirty... 

I was also very embarrassed. I didn't know how I would act, because I was very aggressive against everybody in my prayer group who didn't believe in MDM messages.

After this, everything got much nicer! Even the way the sun was shining, or how the trees were waving, ; the sky was bluer - and I felt a great relief! I told my husband that I was wrong - that MDM is not a true prophet, and I told my friends the same. I don't understand how this could happen to me, my faith was so strong, even my heart was healed by Jesus a year before, so I don't know why I fell for those messages! 

But Jesus healed my soul again, 
Jesus had pity on me and he bent down to me 
and rose me from the dirt...
I am so thankful to HIM!

(Éva, Hungary)

Saturday, June 22, 2013


MDM Comedy Central:  Those "KEYS" Where did they go?

17 February 2013: "The Keys of Rome are now within My Hands having been passed over to Me by My Father.

20 March 2013: "The keys of Rome have been returned to my Father, God the Most High who will rule from the Heavens. 

Never mind that they seem to be playing some kind of volleyball using the Keys of Rome, but someone should start alerting the current Mayor of the City of Rome, Ignazio Marino, to check where he kept the keys to the city and ensure they are not missing. Because there is one joker in Ireland claiming the keys of Rome have been taken from them and are now in hands of God The Father who, according to this silly message, will rule His Church from the heavens.  Now even the Book of Revelations missed that one out. 

This has got to be one of the most laughable scriptural acrobatic that only MDM can utter. Nowhere in Scripture is there any mention of the "keys of Rome." MDM in its rush to sound profound and scriptural, forgot to verify about and in kindness, most likely meant the "Keys of the kingdom of heaven" that was mentioned by our Lord Jesus Christ when talking to Simon bar-Jonah whom he just called "Peter"

"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."  (Mat 16:18-19)
Ignorance of scripture may be forgiven of ordinary people. We can even forgive a priest if he makes some errors quoting scripture.  But when a message allegedly coming from Jesus or Mary shows the same ignorance, you know right away you're dealing with garbage.   

Jesus Christ, an Indian-Giver?

Well, He certainly is not, but false prophets like this Maria Divine Mercy can make Him look and act like one.  When Christ exalted Simon Bar-Jonah as the "Kephas" (Aramaic for the Greek "Petra" and the Anglicized "Peter") who will be the foundation of His Church, He gave him the "keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: and this was immediately supported by an all-empowering authority that allowed Peter and his subsequent Pontiffs to release and bound in Heaven whatever he releases and bounds on earth.  

So Jesus has made Peter the Supreme Head of all of His Church on earth, and commands us to "Hear" Peter.  This authorization and empowerment was meant until the end of time. 

Now, can Jesus take back His authorization and empowerment of His Church?  Sure, He can, He is God.  But that would make His words in Scripture a lie, emasculating the direct successor of His Peter. 
Now, if the Church no longer hold these "Keys," it is not only the Pontiff who gets emasculated, the entire Church falls apart as being irrelevant.  And we all know that outside of the Church. there can be no salvation.  Destroy the Church. which is what the devil wants, and you render the redemptive power of the passion of our Lord worthless.

That means no sacrament can be performed or its graces received  No sins can be forgiven and no Holy Eucharist will ever be possible. That's what the devil wants, and that's what the fake Christ of MDM is saying he did.  Would Christ even think of nullifying His own death and resurrection for the salvation of humanity?

But that's what MDM's christ said.  Yes, and the devil will love him for it. 

Remember without the "Keys" there is no "Rock" There is NO Church! Even the foundation of the Church crumbles down!   We would then have no church and no salvation. We are being asked to believe that we can no longer receive absolution in the Sacrament of Reconciliation!

Breathe a sigh of relief people because thankfully we can see right through this false prophet..and know that Christ will keep His promise to always be with His Church. 
"And he hath subjected all things under his feet, and hath made him head over all the church, 23 Which is his body, and the fullness of him who is filled all in all." Eph 1-22-23

If the Church held no power, then Christ is Head over what? Rubble!  
Good thing the silly MDM message only talked about the "keys of Rome" that were taken, not the "Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven."  So, it is now the problem for the Mayor of Rome to find those keys.

MDM Schism as of June 2013:: Rejecting Church Authority

Over the last 30 months since November 2010, the alleged divine messages received and spread by this false seer MDM have consistently rejected the authority of the Catholic church in exercising its  canonical mandate to make the final discernment and judgement over apparitions and private revelations.  However, a recent message appear to make a slight detour from this trend:

05 June 2013: 'Their duty is to their superiors, for I have given my church on earth the authority to assert itself over all of god's children. They, My sacred servants, must adhere to all instructions given to them by My Church, until the day My Sacraments are changed. Then, their duty will be to Me.'

This is deception par excellence. The first sentence espouses obedience alright, but it is as if MDM realized her detractors were one in putting this among the major criticisms of its messages.  Those recent messages are starting to sound more like blog posts meant to answer its critics for its disobedience to Church authority and other heresies, evidently after MDM or its assigned staff has read them in blogs and Facebook pages devoted to unmasking her fraud.

But you only need to read the second sentence to put this into context and realize another heresy. MDM's obedience is conditional, the obedience the Church espouses is not. To MDM, where any change in the Church liturgy occurs that would impact on the Sacraments, that obedience can go hang.  This is a clear schismatic BS predicated by her heresy of mocking the Indefectibility of the Church.  It presupposes that the Church would alter any of its dogmatic pillars in the Sacraments and, therefore, merits the disobedience from its flock. Even if the bishop or pontiff errs, obedience is unconditional. One doesn't commit sin when obeying an erring Bishop of Pontiff, but one sins when you disobey Church authority.

“We belong to God, and anyone who knows God listens to us, while anyone who does not belong to God refuses to hear us. This is how we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of deceit.” (1 John 4:6)

Right from the start, the alleged divine messages have clearly given MDM the license to blatantly scorn ecclesial authority with impunity.  The very first alleged divine message received in November 2010 created the preamble, the preface and the framework that defined the abomination called Maria Divine Mercy. 

08 November 2010:  (1st ever message from an impostor Mary) “My child, you have a responsible job to do and you must not let anyone stop you. The Truth has to get out. You have been chosen to do this Work. My child, stay strong. Look to God above for guidance to do my Work.”

(Same date): “These Messages are of Divine Origin and must be respected. I trust you to make sure that they are delivered effectively to a disbelieving world”

These haughty words have the tenor that could only come from a curmudgeon.  They sound as if they came from the late Margaret Thatcher, making a direct unchallenged order to invade the Falklands, not from the docile and obedient Virgin Mary of Lourdes or La Salette. The words are desperate, as if MDM needed the cash badly from eventually selling the compilation of its messages at Amazon.

Over the next 30 months, with messages being posted in her Warning Second Coming site and linked to her Facebook page in Jesus to Mankind page, devout Catholics and Church authorities have taken her to task for:
(1)   failure to submit to the local church authorities in having the messages investigated for authenticity in term so supernatural origination;
(2)   failure to comply with canonical rules that forbid any seer spreading unapproved private revelations or publishing books on matters of faith and morals without an Imprimatur from a local Bishop;
(3)   anonymity that makes it impossible to trace her presence to ensure that the local bishop can take the necessary action;
(4)   messages full of doctrinal acrobatics and scriptural misinterpretations
(5)   messages maligning and denouncing the present Pope Francis as a false pope;
(6)   prophecies that have failed to come true;
(7)   messages complete with self-contradictions and utterances clearly lifted from past messages from both approved and condemned seers;
(8)   messages that are clearly direct responses to criticisms levied on them; and
(9)   messages that elevate themselves to the level of “Holy Word” that is only reserved to the public revelations in the Holy Bible.
The three excerpted BS from MDM could never be from Mary whose Son loves obedience and whose own obedience was encapsulated in the words: “be it done unto me according to thy word” and brought Jesus to the world.

In all her apparitions, Mary has never explicitly boasted that her "messages are of divine origin," because they already are and need not be said, nor would she willingly put the soul of her seer in jeopardy be belittling church authorities who could stand in her way in investigating and making any judgement on the authenticity of these alleged messages.

Worst, the messages allegedly coming from Jesus impugn and make a mockery of such authority.

09 July 2011:  (a fake Christ talking)“It is not important whether the Church authenticates these messages because time is not on their side”

20 April 2012:  “Make no mistake, Satan and his demons, are furious because of this plan, the final Plan of Salvation. He will cause havoc with this work. He will create debate, cast aspersions on this work and will do everything he can to stop My Book of Truth, My Holy Messages from being spread. You may also expect disapproval from elements within My Church on earth and a raging argument among Christians as to the authenticity of My Holy Word.”

Apart form the doctrinal fact that there is no such thing as a "final plan of salvation" to be disucssed in another blog post, it is interesting to contrast MDM's hilarious utterances with the words from one of the most esteemed series of visions from St. Margaret Mary Alacogue, percursor to the Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion. On one occasion, Jesus had ask her to do something about His message, but her Superior did not approve. When He came again, she asked Him about her Superior's disapproval of her request, and He replied:

St. Margaret Mary Alcogue of the
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
"Therefore not only do I desire that you should do what your Superior commands, but also that you should do nothing of all that I order without their consent. I love obedience, and without it no one can please me" (Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary #47).

“Tell your Superior that I shall render thee more useful than she thinks, but in a manner known at present only to Me. Henceforth, I shall adjust my graces to the spirit of thy Rule, to the will of thy Superiors and to thy weakness; so that thou must regard as suspicious everything that might withdraw thee from the exact observance of thy Rule, which it is My will that thou shouldst prefer the will of thy Superiors to Mine, whenever they may forbid thee to do what I command thee. Suffer them to act as they please with thee; I shall know well how to find means for the accomplishment of my designs, even though they may appear to be opposed and contrary thereto.”

What does the Church say about this?

Canon 823 §1 
Pastors of the Church 
have the duty and the right to demand that 
where writings of the faithful touch upon
matters of faith and morals, these be 
submitted to their judgement. Moreover, 
they have the duty and the right to condemn 
writings which harm true faith or good morals.

Canon. 826 § §3 
Prayer books, for either the 
public or the private use of the faithful,
are not to be published except by permission 
of the local Ordinary.'
The real Jesus Christ never boasted that Divine Will was superior to human authority in matters of private revelation. What He said to St. Margaret Mary was clearly an admonishment to simple OBEDIENCE to her superior, and doing so opened the best means to following the Will of God. Obedience would be instrumental to the fulfillment of Christ’s designs so that even if a relevant authority declines His wishes, Christ will not be thwarted when He said  “I shall know well how to find means for the accomplishment of My designs.”  

That's how God works.  Not like MDM's fake Christ whose usefulness clearly depends on MDM publishing his messages without any Imprimatur, as if MDM is the only conduit to whatever He wants accomplished, and that Christ wouldn't be able to think laterally to overcome any objection.  

In the Diary of St Faustina Kowalska we read:

"...Jesus says; 'Obedience. I have come to do My Father’s will. I obeyed my Parents, I obeyed My tormentors and now I obey the Priests' ...I understood that our efforts, no matter how great, are not pleasing to God if they do not bear the seal of obedience.... I understand, O Jesus, the spirit of obedience and in what it consists. It includes not only external actions, but also one’s reason, will and judgment. In obeying our superiors, we obey God.."  (Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska)

And elsewhere in her diary she writes:

"Satan can even clothe himself in a cloak of humility, but he does not know how to wear the cloak of obedience." (Diary, par. 939).

Other Saints and Doctors of the Church have opined theosophically in the same light. We quote from two more: 

“The more we see that any action springs not from the motive of obedience, the more evident is it that it is a temptation of the enemy; for when God sends an inspiration, the very first effect of it is to infuse a spirit of docility.”  (St. Terese de Avila, Doctor of the Church)

“He who follows his own ideas in opposition to the direction of his superior needs no devil to tempt him, for his is the devil to himself.”  (St. John Climacus)

We can quote many other statements from scripture and the Saints such as St. Bernadette of Lourdes or St. Juan Diego of Guadalupe on the issue of docile obedience to ecclesiastical authority that could easily fill a book.  But the contrast in the content and tenor of the messages between MDM and what the saints and theologians of the Church said clearly establishes how MDM's messages cannot be anything but outright deceptions from the devil or mere human contrivances from someone who is clueless about what the Church teaches on obedience.

Neither the real Christ nor Mary could be speaking to MDM.  Even the slightest hint at disobedience betrays what is so pervasively made plain in all condemned messages.  What we have from MDM is a blatant rejection of Church authority and an arrogant self-righteous disobedience that can never come from the Holy Persons it purports to take messages from. Plain and simple. 

We end here and let the readers to distinguish for themselves these quotes from both sides of a yawning chasm about obedience.  You may also want to note the sublime character in the language  of Christ in St. Margaret Mary’s visions compared to the crass vernacular that can only come from a contrived uninspired writing of an uncouth person behind MDM. 

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