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Saturday, June 22, 2013


MDM Comedy Central:  Those "KEYS" Where did they go?

17 February 2013: "The Keys of Rome are now within My Hands having been passed over to Me by My Father.

20 March 2013: "The keys of Rome have been returned to my Father, God the Most High who will rule from the Heavens. 

Never mind that they seem to be playing some kind of volleyball using the Keys of Rome, but someone should start alerting the current Mayor of the City of Rome, Ignazio Marino, to check where he kept the keys to the city and ensure they are not missing. Because there is one joker in Ireland claiming the keys of Rome have been taken from them and are now in hands of God The Father who, according to this silly message, will rule His Church from the heavens.  Now even the Book of Revelations missed that one out. 

This has got to be one of the most laughable scriptural acrobatic that only MDM can utter. Nowhere in Scripture is there any mention of the "keys of Rome." MDM in its rush to sound profound and scriptural, forgot to verify about and in kindness, most likely meant the "Keys of the kingdom of heaven" that was mentioned by our Lord Jesus Christ when talking to Simon bar-Jonah whom he just called "Peter"

"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."  (Mat 16:18-19)
Ignorance of scripture may be forgiven of ordinary people. We can even forgive a priest if he makes some errors quoting scripture.  But when a message allegedly coming from Jesus or Mary shows the same ignorance, you know right away you're dealing with garbage.   

Jesus Christ, an Indian-Giver?

Well, He certainly is not, but false prophets like this Maria Divine Mercy can make Him look and act like one.  When Christ exalted Simon Bar-Jonah as the "Kephas" (Aramaic for the Greek "Petra" and the Anglicized "Peter") who will be the foundation of His Church, He gave him the "keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: and this was immediately supported by an all-empowering authority that allowed Peter and his subsequent Pontiffs to release and bound in Heaven whatever he releases and bounds on earth.  

So Jesus has made Peter the Supreme Head of all of His Church on earth, and commands us to "Hear" Peter.  This authorization and empowerment was meant until the end of time. 

Now, can Jesus take back His authorization and empowerment of His Church?  Sure, He can, He is God.  But that would make His words in Scripture a lie, emasculating the direct successor of His Peter. 
Now, if the Church no longer hold these "Keys," it is not only the Pontiff who gets emasculated, the entire Church falls apart as being irrelevant.  And we all know that outside of the Church. there can be no salvation.  Destroy the Church. which is what the devil wants, and you render the redemptive power of the passion of our Lord worthless.

That means no sacrament can be performed or its graces received  No sins can be forgiven and no Holy Eucharist will ever be possible. That's what the devil wants, and that's what the fake Christ of MDM is saying he did.  Would Christ even think of nullifying His own death and resurrection for the salvation of humanity?

But that's what MDM's christ said.  Yes, and the devil will love him for it. 

Remember without the "Keys" there is no "Rock" There is NO Church! Even the foundation of the Church crumbles down!   We would then have no church and no salvation. We are being asked to believe that we can no longer receive absolution in the Sacrament of Reconciliation!

Breathe a sigh of relief people because thankfully we can see right through this false prophet..and know that Christ will keep His promise to always be with His Church. 
"And he hath subjected all things under his feet, and hath made him head over all the church, 23 Which is his body, and the fullness of him who is filled all in all." Eph 1-22-23

If the Church held no power, then Christ is Head over what? Rubble!  
Good thing the silly MDM message only talked about the "keys of Rome" that were taken, not the "Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven."  So, it is now the problem for the Mayor of Rome to find those keys.


  1. The errors in these messages would be so funny if they were not leading people into excommunicating themselves. The messages are so off that one cannot help but laugh at times, but whilst we laugh let us also remember in our prayers the souls who are being harmed by the messages of this entity.

  2. “The gates of hell will not prevail over this [Peter's] confession, the chains of death will not bind it: for these words are words of life. And AS THEY RAISE TO HEAVEN THOSE WHO CONFESS THEM, THEY PLUNGE TO HELL THOSE WHO DENY THEM. For this reason it is said to blessed Peter: I will give to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.” St. Leo the Great

  3. “The keys of Rome will now be handed back to God, the Almighty Father.” alleged words of “Jesus” to Marie -Divine Mercy, June 6, 2011.

  4. "Jesus entrusted a specific authority to Peter: "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." The "power of the keys" designates authority to govern the house of God, which is the Church. . .THE POWER TO “BIND AND LOOSE” CONNOTES THE AUTHORITY TO ABSOLVE SINS . . .” (Catechism no. 553)

  5. “THE CHURCH HAS RECEIVED THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN so that, in her, sins may be forgiven through Christ's blood and the Holy Spirit's action. In this Church, the soul dead through sin comes back to life in order to live with Christ, whose grace has saved us.” (St. Augustine)

    Fortunately for Catholics, we can still renounce this false seer and anyone who has spread her malicious accusations against Pope Francis can seek healing and "come back to life" in the sacrament of reconciliation. The best gift one can give the Child Jesus this Christmas is a humble and contrite heart. Return to Him and He will return to you.

  6. “Were there no forgiveness of sins in the Church, there would be no hope of life to come or eternal liberation. Let us thank God who has given his Church such a gift.” (St. Augustine)

  7. “The New Paradise is ready. All you need to do is to prepare your souls and walk towards the gates. Those of you, who redeem yourselves, in My Eyes, will be given THE KEYS TO OPEN THE GATES.” [Jesus of MDM] Nov. 11, 2012

    Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormons, also claimed to be a prophet of God and it is most interesting to note he claimed the keys of the kingdom too. Beware, these keys the faithful are promised to “open the gates” may be the wrong set of keys from another master to whom one has unwittingly pledged allegiance. As a matter of prudence don’t allow any unapproved entity to place these keys in your hands for they may sear them as “the mark of the beast.”

    Moreover, this is the heresy of Pelagianism because it teaches salvation is dependent on human effort rather than cooperation with the grace of the Holy Spirit. This was condemned by the second Council of Orange in 529.

  8. Update: Jesus is still waiting for His Father to return the keys back to Him.

    “My time is almost here, as I await the day when MY FATHER HANDS ME THE KEYS TO MY KINGDOM” [Jesus] to MDM, April 2, 2013

  9. The faithful are clinging to the idea that they form the Remnant Church of Mary McGovern inspired by Enoch. The big problem with this scenario is the missing keys:

    “One indeed is the universal Church of the faithful, outside which no one at all is saved, in which the priest himself is the sacrifice, Jesus Christ, whose body and blood are truly contained in the sacrament of the altar under the species of bread and wine; the bread (changed) into His body by the divine power of transubstantiation, and the wine into the blood, so that to accomplish the mystery of unity we ourselves receive from His (nature) what He Himself received from ours. And surely no one can accomplish this sacrament except a priest who has been rightly ordained according to the keys of the Church which Jesus Christ Himself conceded to the Apostles and to their successors.” (Lateran Council IV (1215): DS 800-802)

    No keys, no ordination of priests means no more valid sacraments apart from baptism and marriage. Time to hold McGovern accountable.