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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

RTÉ Talk Show Host Joe Duffy Discusses Maria Divine Mercy

By Mark Saseen

For three days, Monday - Wednesday, 2-4 February, Dublin, Ireland, afternoon talk show
Joe Duffy
host Joe Duffy asked the same question to callers addressing the 'secret' Irish 'visionary' Maria Divine Mercy -- "Do you know who she is?" [http://www.rte.ie/radio1/liveline/]

And for three days no one told him. Does Duffy know? Of course! The identity of the Internet-only 'seer' with millions of followers worldwide was scientifically identified as Malahide resident Mary McGovern Carberry in the Irish Mail on Sunday published the day before Duffy first asked his question.

The "science" in the identification was a comparison of "Maria Divine Mercy's" voice from her only interview in October 2011 on a US Catholic radio program.
The voice of the woman who only identified herself as a European business woman with children was compared with a recording of Mary Carberry made by Irish Mail journalist Michael O'Farrell during a person-to-person confrontation near Carberry's home. Verdict: the voice is a match. 

(You can access the Irish Mail on Sunday article here)
The next day Duffy used O'Farrell's story to address the "mystery" of Maria Divine Mercy's identity, a topic not previously addressed on Duffy's program, or anyone else's program. Though callers advanced the case for the authenticity of the 'visionary,' no one said, "Maria Divine Mercy is Mary Carberry."

What's the mystery? It's all 'out in the open' in a color two-page spread in the Irish Mail on Sunday, 1 February 2015. Duffy DID manage to slip in "McGovern PR" in reference to assistance given 'psychic' Joe Coleman in writing his book. Duffy likely had business dealings with Mary Carberry - as "McGovern PR" - during her years pursuing Dublin media to push products and services for clients of her public relations and marketing company.

The big surprise of Duffy's show was the call from Carberry's Malahide neighbor competitive 'visionary' Christina Gallagher whose antics were exposed by another Irish reporter, Jim Gallagher. Is Christina unwilling to share the limelight? Four times Duffy asked her: "Have you heard of Maria Divine Mercy?" Her final answer: "No, no. I've heard of her, sorry, but I know nothing about her mission, work or message."

Really? If anyone is still in doubt, I suggest Googling "Maria Divine Mercy" or "Mary Carberry." Or download the free book, "The Outing of Mary Carberry." Prepare for a blast of revelations.

Maria Divine Mercy's identity was first confirmed in November 2013 on a number of websites beginning with Catholic Planet and my website, MidwayStreet.Wordpress.com. The MidwayStreet website goes into depth of Carberry's creation of her "MDM" persona including a copy of the signature page of Articles of Incorporation of Merdel Ltd, a company set up to sell MDM merchandise. "Mary McGovern, PR Consultant" signs as witness to her business partners retired millionaire Irish dentist Breffni Cully and German national Heinrich Martin Roth.

The disclosures at MidwayStreet and the subsequent book - "The Outing of Mary Carberry" - are a result of discoveries made by a team of researchers in six countries who continue to find new information on the elaborate game to deceive millions of Christians.

Free eBook exposingMaria Divine Mercy
So I had something to offer Joe Duffy's listeners. I DO know who Maria Divine Mercy is! I emailed Duffy's program offering to speak on the show and received a quick reply: is there a number where we can reach you? I set my alarm - I'm many time zones away from Ireland - expecting a phone call from station staff interested in my story.

No luck. After Wednesday, 4 February, the story was dead. Dead for Duffy, perhaps, but not for those victimized by the scam that plays on the sincerity of 'believers.' And not dead for the Irish Mail.

One week after exposing her identify, Mary Carberry advanced to front page of the Irish Mail on Sunday, caught on camera gathering up copies of the paper that exposed her secret business. This story 'has legs' !

Source: Midwaystreet Blog 


  1. It is ironic this woman talks about Internet trolls ruining her life while the fact of the matter is, it is her hate speech, launched from the Warning Second Coming website that has torn apart so many relationships and those that have not been severed have been put under a severe strain. Many of her followers are so deeply absorbed, even obsessed, with all these doom and gloom messages that they can't hold a single conversation or go by a single day without repeating some prophecy or warning from an alleged/condemned seer.

    Comment on any news event and they will tell you it has all been prophesied. Inevitably, they will promise more bad news like earthquakes, colliding comets or bad politicians winning the day. Try to speak with the voice of reason or to update them any facts concerning their pet prophet Mary Carberry and they will treat you like the devil himself. They will run away from the conversation because they have delivered their message and they don't want to hear a response. Challenge a devotee and they will cross themselves with the sign of the Cross, start mumbling exorcism prayers or even begin to spritz the room with holy water.

    All these shenanigans because Mary Carberry has forewarned them to expect persecution. The sad reality is they will never understand they are the ones persecuting the Mystical Body of Christ and wounding it whenever they repeat and propagate the false teachings of this rabid anti-Catholic who has apologetically cursed Pope Francis. The irony is the pious faithful, hoodwinked by this charlatan, are doing the devil's work. Surely, the author of this dissension and division is laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. Sorry, I meant to write "this rabid anti-Catholic who has unapologetically cursed Pope Francis.

  2. This is a fake story. MDM prophesies are real.Don't easily count them out. How can one ordinary person with only her human imagination foretell many revelation that have been fulfilled? Just because you have identified her now as a simple mother does not solve your problem of trying to prove wrong what your faith fails you to understand.Only a blind hog can't see that PF is an antipope and the first contender for false prophet of revelation 13.

    1. It is hard not to count out MDM prophecies as THEY HAVE NOT COME TRUE? Or have I missed something? Do you really believe Pope Benedict was ousted from the Vatican (where he is still living) and shortly after killed and accused of something he was truly innocent of? Or do you really believe that the Great Tribulation ended in June 2016? Or that the Warning happened in 2011? I could go on and on but since the Great Tribulation should be an eye opener for those who have been deceived by this false visionary - if this does not wake you up from the stupor than I guess nothing will.