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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mark Saseen, Author of 'The Outing of Mary Carberry' Discusses Maria Divine Mercy's Collapsing Enterprise

Have you read the latest Maria Divine Mercy's message? Any comments? 

Mark Saseen: On 23 February 2015 Mary Carberry created a 'message from 'Jesus' -- "I will speak with you only periodically and through the Remnant from now on." What does it mean?  Time will tell, but it does indicate that Carberry is losing steam. One website reading this news announced "Ding, dong. The witch is dead."   

What attracted you to the messages? 

MS:  I have had an 'ear to the ground' for more than 40 years listening and watching for 'signs' that would provide some clarification of events to come. Maybe that's a mistake. There have been several Church-approved appearances of the Virgin Mary in the past 50 years. She is appearing for soul-saving reasons, as a 'warning.'

So I came across the radio interview given by "Maria Divine Mercy' in October 2011 and began reading the near-daily messages "with interest." But always with reservation. I mean, what's with Jesus threatening castration to sinners?! 

Why do you think she is so successful? 

MS: The time is ripe for such things as "Maria Divine Mercy." Every age has its challenges to faith. During the first 300 years after the Crucifixion, Christ-followers lived in tunnels.  How about living in England at the time Henry VIII did his 'turn-around'. Or in Syria today. There has always been anticipation that 'end times' are immanent. 

Today, however, you can find a priest somewhere that will tell you anything you want to hear. There are priests leading their flocks to MDM mumbo-jumbo. Someone said the second largest Church in the U.S. is fallen-away Catholics. That is the fruit of confusion. 

So why was MDM successful? Easy access to messages that had the appearance of authenticity delivered to a mass of disenchanted Catholics. 

Why did revealing her identify make you leave the cult? 

MS: I don't believe I was ever "in the cult." When I saw a mention online that Maria Divine
Mercy was Mary McGovern-Carberry, I did some quick research that identified her as a Dublin public relations consultant. I did public relations and I can tell you, we are at the bottom of the list of people God would choose for private revelation! I suppose God was answering a daily prayer--"Do not let me be deceived. It's too late in the game!" It helped to have a sense of humor and sufficient humility to accept that I was a victim of deceit. 

What inspired you to start MidwayStreet blog? 

MS: In retrospect, my work exposing the MDM scam was a product of coincidence, of which we know God is often the author! The blog was created for no particular reason at all months before it became a source of MDM information. The name "Midway Street" has no association with MDM. As it turns out, the name applies to this project as it 'speaks' to a 'middle of the road' impartial view. A personal mission? Most certainly! 

I was invited to join a team of researchers based on a few comments on social media in early November 2013 sharing my findings of the identity of Mary Carberry as the "secret" behind MDM. The research team members were way ahead of me! The motivation? Service to God. There is no one else doing what we are doing to bring this woman and her cohorts to justice for the harm they are doing. 

You speak of 'harm'. What is harmful about this cult? 

MS: Well, I don't know what is true or false in regard to 'visionaries' outside what the Church determines after careful study. What Catholics CANNOT do is accept as true any contradiction to doctrine, which is unchangeable. This is the "harm" value of the MDM messages: They use a marketing tool called "bait and switch." There is plenty of bait in the sweetness of content and beautiful phrasing of the "crusade prayers." 

MDM followers are being "turned" against the Pope and those priests who remain faithful to the institutional Church. There is a drip by drip indoctrination that tends to steal faithful Catholics away from their Church and into an alternative "remnant" church with its special 'houses of refuge' with the public relations con-artist as its "angel" and "last prophet" - the single voice speaking for God! Sounds silly, doesn't it? 

I think, too, there's a resentment that she would use her public relations/marketing background - which I share - to deceive good Catholics. I was resolved to devote whatever time I could to exposing this pretender to the throne. And I'm still at it! The longer this Dublin Doofus continues this masquerade the more harm she does to herself and her family.   

Would you describe MDM's cult as destructive? Compared to some of the more notorious cult leaders like David Koresh or even Christina Gallagher, MDM looks rather harmless. 

MS: Harmless? You mean, followers have not yet killed the uninitiated infidels or have not yet tasted the suicide Kool Aid? People are being hurt emotionally and spiritually. Her promotion of Catholic practices is a "cover" for advancing contrary Catholic belief. We have observed the remaining followers display "diabolical disconnect" with family and friends who do not share admiration for the Madame of Malahide. 

Despite trying to conceal her identity as best she could, Mary Carberry has made some tactical errors. What was the biggest one? 

MS: "Tactical error" is a good term to use here. The number one mistake? Probably
the radio interview. A few weeks later she understood her error and requested through her Facebook promoters that no one make any reference to that interview. Just this month her voice from that interview was scientifically matched with a current recording of Mary Carberry. 

Had she truly remained secret to her friends and not ever opened her mouth or put her name to any MDM-related documents, we would never have convincing evidence of her identity. 
In 2012 her site went 'gangbusters' with thousands of new followers and she added business partners Breffni Cully and her former Coleman prayer-group partner German national Heinrich Martin Roth. Big boo-boo. Our first piece of concrete evidence of the fraud was an online electronic business card of Cully's showing "the warning second coming" - the MDM message website - as his personal business. How's that for "stupid"! 

Lesson for future 'secret' seers: we live in the age of "no secrets." 

What has been the reception of your book? 

MS:  The book - The Outing of Mary Carberry - was an effort to bring coherency to the MDM story in a single narrative. Most of the research was already posted at MidwayStreet and other MDM-exposure websites. We've had about 2,500 downloads during the first five weeks with little fanfare. 

We believe the book set the foundation for major print media exposure of Mary McGovern-Carberry. Michael O'Farrell, investigative reporter with The Irish Mail on Sunday, made personal contact with Mary, her daughter Sarah, and Irish business partner Breffni Cully in preparation for a series of articles that appeared in the paper's 1 February 2015 edition. Stupidly, Mary Carberry was caught on security cameras buying up available copies of that paper in North Dublin. That got her front page photo coverage in the Mail on Sunday's following edition. 

Writer Dexter Duggan saw the Ireland coverage and wrote a front page article for his weekly paper, The Wanderer, the oldest U.S. Catholic newspaper. Responding to the Irish Mail on Sunday articles, The Phoenix, Ireland's news/satire magazine, wrote of Carberry's financial situation and failed business dealings. In early February a popular Dublin talk radio program hosted by Joe Duffy devoted time over three days to listener comments on "Maria Divine Mercy." There's more to come. We are working on gaining interest in this story from US, Ireland and UK television news programs. 

What is your impression of the MDM enterprise key players? 

MS: My impression of key players has evolved with research. More and more I believe this is 100 percent scam from the beginning. It is a "cut and paste" operation, stealing content from many other "visionaries" around the world, including the Magnificat Meal Movement, the Little Pebble, Medjugorje, Christina Gallagher, Vassula Ryden, The Book of Kells, and Garabandal. 

An image has formed of a woman in desperate financial straits devising a scheme with her daughter to create a fictional all-internet, all-secret "visionary" with total insensitivity to the harm to the belief of Catholics. Consider the financial potential! Make-believe 'visions' made Carberry's neighbor Christina Gallagher rich. Certainly there would be similar financial rewards for Carberry with her sharp-as-a-knife communication skills.

The team has received a report from someone who was a dental patient of the Irish business partner, Breffni Cully, the millionaire retired dentist, that is too embarrassing for the team to report. Some MDM-exposure websites have shown photos taken inside Cully's home and we know what books Carberry read while researching her own vision business. The schemers should know that there is no place to hide. 

We have seen current photos of Mary drinking with friends in a local pub and exiting her home with her daughter. We will soon be publishing the report from Cully's February seminars in Poland where he repeats the nonsense that MDM was miraculously cured of cancer but found a doctor who removed her healthy breasts anyway and that this provided a free pass for hundreds of thousands of sinners to enter heaven who otherwise earned hell! These people have no shame. 

You have managed to contact the Little Pebble, a false visionary and a convicted sex offender. He is very supportive of MDM and claims he has known her from the start. Do you think the support is mutual? What might be going on behind the scenes? 

William Kamm - 'The Little Pebble'
MS: What remains "behind the scenes" is unknown to us. But we can reasonably speculate from what we DO know. Kamm, released in November one year short of a 10-year prison term for rape of two girls, has just posted a webpage matching his 'messages' with those of MDM. The book has a hand-written letter I received from Kamm asserting his early association with MDM and he claims that she also supports him. But Carberry has never publicly supported any other visionary and forbids mention of other visionaries on her 'official' social media pages. We find that these 'visionaries' are very jealous of their territory.   
In the Irish Mail on Sunday articles 1 February 2015 Mary is recorded saying she was only doing a job for somebody. Hmmm. Who, pray tell? William Kamm? 

Mary Carberry while speaking to the Irish Mail on Sunday investigative reporter Michael O'Farrell said she was being unfairly targeted by 'internet trolls.' How do you feel about being called an 'internet trol'l? 

MS:  Hmmm. I think "trolls" have been given a "bad rap" from fairy tales! I am a researcher. Are researchers "trolls"? Are investigative journalists "trolls"? Are non--fiction book authors "trolls"? Are truth-seekers "trolls"? 

What would you tell Mary Carberry if you met her in person? 

MS: Wow. "Nice to meet you" -- ? First, I'd probably make the sign of the cross to create a barrier between me and the third-tier demons that have assisted the Irish conjurer. Holding up a crucifix might help too. But really, if she were agreeably disposed to talk to me, I would want to know her motivation, her links to other seers, where the money is hidden, what help she is getting from other sources. No one on our team has any animosity towards her or Sarah or other conspirators. Only pity. And we do pray for her. Our prayers for hard-core MDM followers have achieved remarkable results. Some major MDM "players" have left the cult. They all say the same thing: "A weight has lifted.

Can you say something about your mysterious research team, or 'the internet sleuths' as they were described by the media? 

MS:  "Sleuth" is a much better word than "troll"! The research team is world-wide and just about a 24-hour operation. We live in six countries on four continents, north and south, east and west of the equator. While some sleep, others are busy 'sleuthing'! There is no 'leader.' We are men and women, young and not-so-young, single, parents and grandparents. None of us are "techies," but we do have some remarkable internet 'sleuths'! We are all practicing Catholics. 

What is the future of the cult? 

MS:  Many of these current "visionary" sects/cults have had lingering followers, despite public exposure as frauds. But in the case of the MDM sect, I believe it could totally shut down and the few lingering followers will just slither away to attach themselves to some other vision venture. 

I think Mary will "come clean." Her four "vision" years have devastated her physically, emotionally and spiritually. She'll be 60 in June. That would be a good time for her to walk over to the convent near her home and surrender before Christ. Her former beauty would return, a levity will overtake her, and she will glow with the love of God. She might even find some financial reward on the lecture circuit! That's when I want to meet her, not holding a crucifix for protection, but with arms open and a "Welcome home, Mary." 

What are your plans regarding Maria Divine Mercy's cult? 

MS:  As long as Mary Carberry continues to harm good Catholics with these fake 'visions' that aim at taking Catholics away from the organizational Church as a possible "set-up" for an anti-Christ, our team will hound her with public exposure. We know what we are fighting. 


Mark Saseen is a blogger and author of The Outing of Mary Carberry, the book that exposed the Maria Divine Mercy cult. He is one of many members of an international research team from six countries on four continents who have devoted thousands of hours discovering the truth behind the cult. He is a retired resident of a small community in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. He is not Irish! 

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