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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cult Leader Little Pebble Admits in Letter: 'I have known about Maria Divine Mercy since 2011'

William Kamm - The Little Pebble
We have already written about possible ties between Maria Divine Mercy and the Little Pebble, a cult leader and convicted sex offender before. But as a further confirmation, Mark Saseen, the author of 'The Outing of Mary Carberry', managed to contact William Kamm and recieve a response (full letter below) in which Kamm admits he has known about Maria Divine Mercy from the start. 

Saseen writes: 

"In 2014 Kamm, assigned to kitchen duty during his 10-year prison conviction, posted an online profile at Justice Action, an Australian organization that assists contact with prisoners through email.

Participating prisoners receive special email addresses. Staff at Justice Action review and print the incoming email and deliver it to the prisoner who, in turn, hand writes responses that Justice Action reviews, scans, and attaches to email returned to the original writer. The author of this book, Saseen, emailed Kamm through Justice Action. On 8 July 2014 Kamm responded (...):

"I have known Maria Divine Mercy since 2011 [note: the year she first began posting messages] as I have a similar gift from God as she does....when I heard about Maria I asked Jesus. He told me she was sent by Him. I contacted her and Jesus told her I was like her."

Kamm writes that Maria's messages are similar to his and sometimes identical on the same dates. This is no surprise as Kamm, or his agents, are suspected sources of the messages. "I believe her 100 percent," writes Kamm. He signs his letter "William." 

Kamm's letter confirms in his own handwriting:

  1. He was aware of the MDM messages the year they began.
  2. He had personal contact with Mary Carberry.
  3. He agrees with our early-on observation that the ‘messages’ were the same or similar to Kamm's. 
  4. He endorses MDM's messages without exception.

Kamm gave his return address as "Kamm 389834, Long-Bay Area 3Wing14, Locked Bay 21, Matraville 2036." He did not respond to subsequent correspondence. 

Excerpts from 'The Outing of Mary Carberry' eBook by Mark Saseen, pages 63-64.
The Little Pebble's new 'official' website

The Little Pebble was released from prison in November 2014. On his new website, he continues to endorse Maria Divine Mercy as one of the 'chosen souls' - along himself of course, and stresses on the similarities between the messages recieved by him and those of MDM

Full letter and scan below:

Dear Saseen –
Greetings – it was lovely hearing from you – via the iExpress – you are the first, thank you. I would be happy to correspond with you and answer your questions if I can.
Please continue to write to me via Justice Action as it will be forwarded to me, as they are very supportive, however I am closing my e-mail because the media have once again attacked me via this avenue- also attaching J.A. for the good work they do.
However here is the answer to your question.
I have known about Maria-Divine Mercy since 2011, as I have a similar gift from God as she does – in my case I have had mystical experience – e.g. visions since the age of 16. Many people have them, the modern world calls them clairvoyance. My visions of Jesus and Mary are public knowledge – Pope JPII supported me privately, I have worked with over 300 such mystics for over 40 years from all over the world. When I heard about (Maria) I asked Jesus – He told me she was sent by Him. I contacted her and Jesus told her it was like her. She has her mission and I have mine, many of her messages are similar to the ones I have received since 1984. We sometimes get identical messages around the same dates. I believe in her 100 % -- even though some of her messages seem to contradict my messages as well as hundreds of other visionaries. However in many cases there remains a hidden meaning – so we simply leave that to God because with time all will be understood.
Saseen would you explain to me the reason you asked me this question? Do you have doubts about her! And how do you know of my support of MDM as I did not reveal this in my iExpress? Check my YouTube it may help you to know who I am.
I hope this answers some things. I wish God’s Blessings on you.
Dear Justice Action Management, thank you for sending me this letter e-mail – from Saseen. As all of this was made possible through your organization, I can not allow the cost of the set up iExpress – the mailing, etc. be upon yourself – I would like to help you in some way. Thank you.

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