Blog warning against a false 'visionary' Maria Divine Mercy and her cult


by David Moorcroft

The ‘WarningSecondComing’ messages contradict not only Scripture and the Catholic Faith: they contradict themselves. Messages are quoted by date, British style (date of month first)

(1) 13/11/2010: “I implore all of you, especially my children who have been sucked into the Illuminati and other such evil entities. Once there you are doomed to eternal damnation.”
     “Yet I will forgive all and every single one of my children who, when their sins are revealed to them, no matter how offensive they are – instantly at the moment of confession.”

(2) 16/12/2010: “Murder is a very serious offence. Do it and you will not be saved.”
      21/12.2011: “Don’t you know that even the most grievous sin of murder can be forgiven? All sins can be forgiven if true remorse is shown.”

(3) 18/12/2011: “…those who partner the Deceiver in full knowledge…cannot be savedPray for them.

(4) 18/3/2011: “Defend these messages.
                        “Respect this most Holy Scripture. Defend it.”
      23/5/2011: “My daughter you must not respond or try to defend My word.”
      14/8/2011: “My dearly beloved daughter you continue to defend My word when, in fact, there is no need.”
      13/10/2011: “My dearly beloved daughter I must inform you of the need to refrain from defending My Most Holy Word.”
      15/11/2011: “You, My beloved faithful are now being called by me to stand up and defend My Holy Word so that mankind can be saved.”

(5)  6/10/2011: “Souls will take one, two and more steps backwards for every step they take towards Me. I ask you My daughter to tell My followers to prepare carefully for this spiritual staircase which is essential before the top step is reached.”

(6)   6/3/2011: “Go now and pray for those who question these messages. It is only right that they do. For those who come in My name must accept that they will be challenged, and rightly so.”
       24/2/2012: “Attack the true prophet and fire will pour forth from the Heavens in punishment by the Hand of My Father.”
       23/3/2013: “Those who ignore these warnings from heaven are free to do so. They will not be judged because of this rejection.”

(7) 6/10/2011: “…he [antichrist] has no soul. He was not created by the hand of God the Father.”
      “These souls come from My Father, God the Creator of all things.”

(8)  20/8/2012: “My dearly beloved daughter the Book of Life foretold contains the names of all those who will be saved.
       “However, because of my Great Mercy, more souls will be saved because of The Warning.”

(9) 12/12/2012: “I will judge the living and the dead and only those who are worthy can enter My Kingdom.”
      17/1/2013: “My New Paradise is ready, but it must be filled with every single soul alive in the world today.”

Does this really come from God's End Times
Prophet and the 7th Angel of
the Book of Apocalypse?


  1. “To My Catholic Church, even though you caused torment as a result of evil sin KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU. . .” May 7, 2012

    “Their works [Masonic forces] have led to the COLLAPSE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. . ."

    "For this YOU WILL NOW BE CAST ASIDE into THE WILDERNESS.” May 7, 2012

  2. I would like to add to point 6 where MDM says those who ignore these messages our free to do so. She did a complete about face June 15, 2013:

    “Every sign will be given from Heaven to warn those who side with the false prophet and his soon-to-be cohort, the antichrist, that their days will be numbered. THEY WILL BE SHOWN WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE TO EXPERIENCE THE ANGER OF MY FATHER.”

    1. Wow so our days are numbered? You do not mind we will post these on Facebook? Soon there might be enough material for a new post. Why don't you drop us a line at mdmtorf@gmail.com

    2. Go ahead and post them. The volume of MDM's writings makes it difficult for many of her followers to understand what she is really saying. Their reading is very selective. One would think they could pick out these contradictions for themselves but they can't. If they have a problem, they simply skip over and continue reading what they do understand. These Catholics are not ignorant; they know their Scripture and know their catechism. I know because I have asked them numerous questions. They are nevertheless, sticking together and supporting this unknown entity called MDM.

  3. “The Truth lies in the future . . .” Sept.3, 2013, [Jesus] to MDM

    Now MDM is contradicting her message, after the fallacy was pointed out, the day before, on the Miraculous Rosary blog. The correction, supposedly from the Beloved Mother,

    “He gave the world the Truth.” [Mother of Salvation] Sept. 6, 2013

    So MDM plays seesaw with the Truth. First she goes this way, then she goes that way. Normally, this would not be a problem, human nature being what it is. However, this lack of continuity, is self-incriminating in and of itself because it proves Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow is not the author of the messages from the Warning Second Coming. It defies reason to suggest either Jesus or His Blessed Mother would contradict themselves and/or one another.

  4. “Every single Sacrament will be changed beyond recognition. So cunning will the enemies of my Son be, that the holy ceremonies will be seen to have changed only a little.”
    Sept. 5, 2013, {Mother of Salvation}

    Comment: “Changed beyond recognition” to “changed only a little” is a complete about face in only two lines. A real ‘tour de force.’

  5. Jesus to MDM Sept.19, 2013, "it is the souls of the faithful, the loyal followers of Me, Jesus Christ, who will be misled into grave error . . . Many will be afraid to show disloyalty to the Church, even when My Teachings, My Holy Doctrine, and all the Sacraments have been altered. . . Only the Church of God, which remains faithful to My Teachings, is infallible."

    Everything will be so completely changed into Satanic rituals, signs and symbols that people will "run for their lives" according to this last message. So much for the little changes the Mother of Salvation spoke about Sept.5.

    The faithful who are loyal to the deposit of faith which is so clearly written in the new Catechism of the Catholic Church are in absolutely no danger of being "misled into grave error." The Catholic Church is the church founded by Christ. There is no other. Pope Francis alone is infallible when he speaks on faith and morals. MDM is not infallible, neither is her version of scripture nor her church which she presumes to call the Church of God. Call it what she may, it is schismatic and her teachings are erroneous.

    Does anyone believe there were six thieves that died on Mount Calvary with Jesus? Did Jesus institute the sacrament of the Eucharist from the Cross? Does anyone really think Jesus doubted His own divinity? Does anyone think the devil can still toy with them after they die a holy death in friendship with God?

    1. Just to add, MDM's fake christ asks people to pray for those who die in the state of mortal sins. The catechism (CCC1033) is quite clear on what happens when a person dies in this state.

  6. “My most agonising {sic} moment was when I lay on the ground on My side, having being {sic} kicked in the back again, and saw My beloved Mother looking at Me.

    She was heart broken and had to be held up by TWO OF MY DISCIPLES.” March 29, 2012

    “I only had FOUR LOYAL DISCIPLES– my cousin Mary; Martha; Mary Magdalene and John – to hold me up and help me in my agony as I had to witness my Son’s terrible torture.” Mother of Salvation to MDM, Sept. 25, 2013

  7. “My Throne will be placed upon the renewed Earth” [Jesus to Mdm] Oct.12, 2013

    “When anyone who comes in the future, and claims to be Me, Jesus Christ, know that he is a liar. I WILL NOT COME in THE FLESH A SECOND TIME.” July 31,2013

    Did Jesus lose His body when He was resurrected? Not according to the eye witness accounts in the Gospels. How is Jesus to occupy this throne in the new Paradise on Earth? Mdm has repeatedly taught He will never set foot on earth again.


    "For I know that after His resurrection, too, He still had flesh, and I believe that He has flesh now." St. Ignatius of Antioch, Letter to the Smyrnaeans

    1. "When I [Jesus] come back it will be to Judge." MDM, April 26, 2013

      This message from Mary Carberry says Jesus is 'coming back to judge.' Even so, she insists this will not be the General Judgement at the end of the world. Here she is, defending herself some seven months later:

      "Some will think that it is the end of the world, but it will not be. It will be the Final Warning . . ." Nov.16, 2013

      In whose book is Judgement Day not the end of the world?

  8. “Why do you feel the need to question the Gospels now, when they have existed for so long? Who gave you the authority to misinterpret My Word given to My apostles? Why are you twisting them and why do you not believe what I said? My Word is very clear. When I speak, I mean what I say. If I say one thing, I do not mean another. Why would I, for example, contradict Myself and especially now in this Mission?” [Jesus] Oct.26, 2013

    This whole message is a contradiction in itself because Jesus commanded His Apostles to go out and spread the Good News. The Gospels are the Good News. Every time Mdm berates, insults, accuses, derides the Catholic Church, her Magisterium, her pastors and the faithful she berates, insults, accuses and derides Christ. Whereas “Sacred Scripture is the speech of God as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit.” (Dei Verbum9) every word of Mdm is written under the breath of Satan.

  9. Here is another variant on Point 4. “Do not defend My Word.”

    “Engage with My enemies and you will not win. Ignore them.” [Jesus of Mdm] Nov.4, 2013

    This is yet another technique of a cult master who does not want her disciples to listen to anyone who may experience difficulties with the innumerable chronological, doctrinal or scriptural errors that saturate her writings. If one is a deceitful entity anxious to circumvent any difficult questions this is good advice. Ignore pastors, friends and family and throw them all into the camp of the enemy: Satan. Guess if one is convinced Pope Francis is the great impostor working with the Antichrist to destroy the Church, it is really easy to assassinate the character of all your loved ones, too and throw them into the devil's camp. Little wonder, long term relationships are cracking under the strain of so much suspicion and invective. The early Christians met with much opposition but did St. Peter advise they simply ignore it? No. He taught:

    “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope but do it with gentleness and reverence.” (1Peter 3:15)

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  11. “Give all of us the strength to remain firm to Your Holy Word when we are forced to reject the Truth, which has been proclaimed to the world through the Most Holy Gospels.” {Jesus} Nov.20, 2013

    So which one is it? Either a Christian, when faced with persecution, will remain firm to the truth, if he has courage, or he will renege on the truth. Why assume we will be “forced to reject the Truth?”

  12. “No matter who scourges you, mocks you or persecutes you, just remember the punishment, which befalls all those who spit in My Face. Then, ignoring the taunts, you must pray fervently for each of these poor souls. Be generous in heart ...” {Jesus} Nov.20, 2013

    This is a non sequitur. It doesn’t logically follow, to first ask readers who feel mocked, to “just remember the punishment” which Mdm has so graphically described elsewhere and then to do a complete about face and remind them to “be generous in heart.” The true Son of God taught, “Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy.” (Mat.5:7) He never encouraged anyone to take comfort in imagining the suffering of the damned and there is no doubt Mdm has cursed all the faithful who remain loyal to the Catholic Church, to Pope Francis and who denounce her infernal scuttlebutt.

    “When you spit at Me, YOU WILL BECOME BLIND and will never see again.” {Jesus} May4, 2013.

  13. “During The Warning, all those who have redeemed themselves in My Eyes WILL NOT SUFFER the pain of Purgatory.” {Jesus} May 24, 2012

    “THE FIRES of THE PURIFICATION and SUFFERING WILL BE FELT BY ALL sinners.” {Jesus} May 24, 2012

    Anyone who thinks they have "redeemed themselves" forgets the Redeemer. Like it or not, they are still sinners. "If any say, 'We are without sin' we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us." (1 John1:8) Furthermore, purgatory is synonymous with purification. There is no getting around it, this "prophet" speaks with a forked tongue.

  14. “You may deny Me, Your Jesus, or the Divine messages given to you by My Beloved Mother and you will be forgiven.” {Jesus} Aug. 8, 2012.

    This gentle discourse soon proves itself to be very disingenuous because this unknown entity, talking through the seer, proceeds to give an entirely antithetical warning to his original proposal:

    “However, when you REJECT THE HOLY SPIRIT and publicly BLASPHEME against IT {sic} this is an eternal sin and only a miracle, sanctioned by God the Father, can save your soul.” Aug.8, 2012.

  15. “Others [priests] will not give in and they will provide the Food of Life to all those who seek out my Son’s True Presence.” {Mother of Salvation} Nov.25, 2013

    If these priests Mdm are in schism with the Catholic Church, disobedient to the legitimately elected Pope, they will be hard pressed to find a bishop willing to give them permission to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass. Unless of course, they find some self-made priests and bishops to deceive the faithful. The false prophets seem to have them made -to-order.

    “Let only that Eucharist be regarded as legitimate, which is celebrated under [the presidency of] the bishop or him to whom he has entrusted it.” (St. Ignatius of Antioch)

    If the faithful want to continue to partake of the Sacred Mysteries of the Most Holy Eucharist they need to remain in communion with the Church. In other words, it is a built in contradiction.

  16. Pope Paul VI touched on the issue of unity in his encyclical Mysterium Fidei. A timely reminder for the faithful today.

    “St. Cyprian too, in the course of laying stress on the Church's unity in opposition to schism, said this: "Finally the Lord's sacrifices proclaim the unity of Christians who are bound together by a firm and unshakeable charity. For when the Lord calls the bread that has been made from many grains of wheat His Body, He is describing our people whose unity He has sustained; and when He refers to wine pressed from many grapes and berries as His Blood, once again He is speaking of our flock which has been formed by fusing many into one."

  17. Message listed as 12/4/2013

    These are the only Messages, which publicly declare the Truth of the unholy two, who will tear the world in two through the great apostasy. You will not hear the Truth anywhere else, in relation to My Second Coming, for not one amongst you has been given the Authority to speak to the whole world on behalf of the One Who created you.

    Message listed as 8/22/2013

    I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times, are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

  18. Yes, she is setting herself up in opposition to other prophets.

    “Woe to all of you imposters [false prophets], for you do not come from Me. When you come to Me and say: “But, Jesus all we wanted to do was spread the Good News.” I will cast you out and you will be exiled. You have betrayed Me by lying about missions, which were never given to you." Dec.4, 2013

  19. “Punishment will befall all those who claim to come in My Name and who serve only one purpose. That is to tamper and interfere with the Word of God.” [Jesus] (Message of 4 Dec. 2013)

    This from the same person who is footloose and fancy free whenever she references the Word of God under the pretext that:

    “MY TRUE PROPHETS . . . ARE IGNORANT OF HOLY SCRIPTURE . . .They do not need to quote extracts from the Holy Bible . . . MY HOLY BIBLE IS SACRED. To EXTRACT SECTIONS OUT OF IT, in order to endorse any divine revelation, IS NOT AUTHORISED.” Ap.28/13 message allegedly from [Jesus]

    Just remember this:

    “While in the Church we greatly venerate the sacred Scriptures, the Christian faith is not a “religion of the book ”: Christianity is the “religion of the word of God,” not of “ a written and mute word, but of the incarnate and living Word. ” Consequently, the Scripture is to be proclaimed, heard, read, received and experienced as the word of God, in the stream of the apostolic Tradition from which it is inseparable.” (Benedict XVI)

  20. “Know that those who defy Me in every way, still fill Me with Love for them, for how could I deny them? They are Mine. I love them. I cry for them. I pine for them. I AM SICK WITH WORRY FOR THEM.” (Message 844, July 14, 2013, “I Pine for Them, Without Them I Cannot Feel Whole”

    “Don’t ever attempt to stand in the way of God’s Ministry . . .you must move aside, right now, for if you do not, you will face the Wrath of God and NO MERCY will be shown to you.” (Message of Dec. 4, 2013, Woe to all you impostors)


      “Pray for God’s Great Blessings and for the Great MERCY, which my Son holds, in great abundance, for each one of God’s children.” Dec.22, 2013

    2. "I come only as a God of Mercy . . .but My Patience is limited." Nov.18, 2013

  21. “He, the antichrist, will twist the Truth and declare the lie that he is Me and that he comes to bring you salvation. The lie will be declared that he comes in the flesh. He will never allude to Jesus Christ . . . ” {jesus} Dec.9, 2013

    If the Antichrist ‘declares he is “Jesus” how can Mary Carberry immediately contradict herself, “He will never allude to Jesus Christ?” Furthermore, the authentic Jesus doesn’t talk about Himself in the third person as if He wasn’t there. Jesus said, "I am the Resurrection and the life." (John 11:25) Whereas, in the parlance and formulation of the “Jesus” of MDM he says, “Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the life.”

  22. “And when he {the Antichrist} walks upon the altars with My other enemies, who will be dressed as holy servants of God, he will be fully accepted by both divisions in the world – the true believers and the heathen.” Dec.9, 2013

    That will be the day when “true believers” see their ordained pastors climbing on the altars to desecrate them and the faithful, the “true believers,” will just sit back calmly. It is sacrilegious to speak thus of the “holy servants of God” His anointed. This is an attack on the Catholic Church.

    “Sacrilege consists in profaning or treating unworthily the sacraments and other liturgical actions, as well as PERSONS, things, or places CONSECRATED to God. Sacrilege is a grave sin . . .” (Catechism 2120)

    “Today the word “ordination” is reserved for the sacramental act which integrates a man into the order of bishops, presbyters, or deacons, and goes beyond a simple election, designation, delegation, or institution by the community, for IT CONFERS a GIFT of THE HOLY SPIRIT that permits the exercise of a "sacred power" which can come only from Christ Himself through His Church. ORDINATION IS also CALLED CONSECRATIO, for it is a setting apart and an investiture by CHRIST HIMSELF for HIS CHURCH.” Catechism no. 1538

    1. “I will never desert My Church, for It is impenetrable against the devil.” Dec. 21, 2013

      The Antichrist will walk on the altars in God's house, all the tabernacles will be desecrated and removed and yet this seer now proclaims the Church is "impenetrable against the devil." God alone is forever faithful to His promises. Satan, on the other hand, makes promises out of both sides of his mouth.

    2. “His throne {Pope Benedict’s} has been stolen. His power has not.” March 13, 2013

      MDM has said an evil plot, within the Vatican, succeeded in forcing out Pope Benedict. How can she possible think such a successful takeover was not a seizure of control, authority and hence, power? Yet, she had the insolence to say the Church is “impenetrable.” How did the “throne” get stolen in the first place, if it is impossible to penetrate or enter?

  23. “Only THE FEW, the elect, will serve Me up to the final Day. . .By then, they {priests} will have lost Me BILLIONS of souls ” {jesus} of Mary McGovern Carberry, Dec.10, 2013

    What? I thought her army would be billions?

    "My army now consists of over 25,000 dedicated soldiers who receive My Crusade Prayers each day...Hold on to My Hand until we reach the army I desire of 20 million which will spearhead the battle against the antichrist. When the 20 million in My army has been reached I WILL MULTIPLY THIS NUMBER INTO BILLIONS. And when this happens the beast will finally be destroyed.”” [jesus of MMC] July 30, 2012

    1. “This is My promise. For in GREAT NUMBERS God’s children, filled with His Divine Love will destroy evil.” July27, 2012

  24. “The Church, created by Me, Jesus Christ, was built upon a firm Rock and no matter how much My Church – My Body – is attacked, the gates of Hell will never destroy It.” Dec. 21, 2013

    “My Son’s Church will become the seat of the antichrist . . . My Son’s Church will be persecuted, destroyed, desecrated – until eventually, it will house the throne upon which will sit the antichrist.” Oct.29, 2013

    Only Satan could speak with such a forked tongue.

  25. “Then as the king of the Earth – THE EVIL ONE . . .” (Dec. 4, 2013, Woe to all you impostors)

    The “evil one,” also known as Satan, is quickly pulled down from his throne in the following message.

    “While humanity’s weakness . . . makes every person vulnerable to the temptation by Satan, you must never believe that he holds all power, for he does not.” Dec. 20, 2013

  26. "But man, tempted by Satan . . . became enslaved by Satan and forged a pact with him, where sin will continue to separate all God's children from Him." Oct.31, 2013

    “YOU DO NOT BELONG TO SATAN.” Dec.22, 2013

  27. “I come only as a God of Mercy. I do not come to frighten you, for I truly love each of you, no matter what you have done, but MY PATIENCE is limited.” Nov.18, 2013.

    “My Patience is endless.” Dec.26, 2013

  28. "I have given the evil one the last chance to infest those who are drawn to him. I do this so that by the Mercy of My Son, souls will defy the beast. They will do this because of their loyalty to My Son.” Aug.25, 2013

    This is gibberish. We are asked to believe it is God’s mercy to permit Satan to win more souls for himself. How then will these poor souls prove loyal to Jesus? Who is drawn to whom? On the other hand,she speaks of another who will remain loyal to the beast.

    “His loyalty (the successor of Pope Benedict) is to the beast and how he will laugh and sneer at My sacred servants who will support him.” March 8, 2013

  29. “Soon, they will be deceived even further, when they are fed a new watered-down doctrine, which will be introduced by My enemies.” Dec. 29, 2013

    This isn’t a prophecy. According to the seer, the watered-down doctrine has been taught since Vatican II.

    “They {evil sect of Free Mason within the Vatican} HAVE DRIVEN THE TRUE DOCTRINE from the CATHOLIC CHURCH and in its place, a lukewarm, watered down version has been force fed to Catholics, over the last forty years.” [Mother of Salvation] Jan.18, 2012

  30. “When I was dying on the Cross, TWO THIEVES were close by, they too being crucified at the same time.” Nov.10, 2011.

    “The jeers, screams and roars from the crowds of hundreds could be felt from the ground I lay on and it took six hundred soldiers to organise and supervise the crucifixion of Myself and SIX OTHERS.” Jesus to M-DM, March 29, 2012

  31. “Some will think that it is the end of the world, but it will not be. It will be the Final Warning, however, which will be given to humanity to help them redeem themselves before God.” Nov.16, 2013.

    “And then {after the Warning} there will be My Second Coming . . .This will be the day I come to judge the living and the dead.” March 31, 2012

    Yet her disciples are most adamant that there is nothing to fear because their seer is not talking about the end of the world. The Catholic Church has always taught that "the living and the dead" will be judged on Judgement Day which will coincide with the Second Coming of Christ.

    “The eternal retribution received by each soul at the moment of death, in accordance with that person’s faith and works (“the particular judgment”) (CCC 1021-1022). The “LAST JUDGEMENT” is God’s triumph over the revolt of evil, after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world. Preceded by the resurrection of the dead, it will coincide with the Second Coming of Christ in glory AT THE END of TIME, disclose good and evil, and reveal the meaning of salvation history and the providence of God by which justice has triumphed over evil (Catechism 677-679, 1021, 1038). (Glossary of the Catechism)

  32. Interesting, the phrase "redeem themselves" before God appeared 6 times in several messages in 2013, and 7 times in 2012. The nincompoop dictating to Mary Carberry obviously has no idea that no man can ever redeem himself before God as this has already been done on the cross.