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Monday, January 27, 2014

Maria Divine Mercy For-Profit Company Selling 'Medals of Salvation'?

Mary McGovern's Signature
on the company's documents
A publicly available document has come out showing the purpose and ownership of a brand new Irish company (for-profit) called Merdel Limited. The stated purpose is to sell religious medals. In my opinion, this will be the vehicle for Maria Divine Mercy to produce and sell the "Medals of Salvation" spoken about in her fake messages from "jesus" and the "blessed mother". The description of the medal is diabolical. It depicts Mary wearing a crown of thorns twisted from her crown of stars. This is a blasphemous twisting of the meaning of the Scripture verse, Revelation 12:1, "A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars."

Here is the portion of the Maria Divine Mercy message from July 18, 2013 describing the medal, "My Image is to be created and a Medal struck where, on one side, I am to be placed with the sun behind my head and where twelve stars woven into a crown of thorns sits on my head. On the reverse side of the Medal, I wish to depict the Sacred Heart of my Son with the Two Swords of Salvation, which are to be crossed on each side." This is clearly satan mocking our Holy Mother, wanting her depicted wearing a crown of thorns!

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  1. Just wondering, what will be on the back of these medals?

    The Miraculous Medal of St. Catherine of Laboure obtained the permission of the archbishop of Paris before it was struck in 1832. On the other hand,we know that the archbishop of Mary McGovern Carberry has already reviewed her messages and found them unworthy of credence. It is a given, many priests will refuse to bless these unauthorized medals, especially wherever the bishops have already given instructions not to bless her "Seals of the Living God." We know she circumvented their interdict by asking a Canadian Catholic priest, Fr. Dominic LaFleur, to give his universal blessing from the Internet on downloaded and printed copies. It is a moot point. Regardless of whether they are blessed or not, Mary McGovern promises miraculous results. As she would like every single person in the world to receive her medal she stands to make a bundle from her target market. To this end, this one message alone of Jan. 20 has four warnings not to reject this medal in a single message.

    Seriously though, Catholics already have the Miraculous Medal which has been authorized; better yet, the seer who saw Our Blessed Mother has been canonized a saint. There is a history of well known miracles attributed to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. In our day, we have the example of Blessed Mother Teresa who always had handfuls of them in her pockets and gave one to whomever she encountered. Bottom line, why would Catholics want to wear the talisman of a condemned seer, who was thrown out of the Knock shrine and who began her "mystical career" with a tarot card reader, spiritual healer, medium and visionary?

    This is playing with fire. Moses told the Chosen people of God to separate themselves from the rebels in their midst, Dathan and Abiram and not to touch anything of theirs lest they perish with them.(Numbers 16) It is one thing to mess around with our Pope and call him the "head of the Serpent" and every vile name imaginable but to dishonor the Mother of God is really inviting trouble. What good son wouldn't defend the honour of his mother?

    "O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee."

  2. Does anyone know why there are two swords? Any guesses? Brings the image of skulls and crossed swords to my mind. Even if the Sacred Heart of Jesus is depicted on the reverse, the fact remains, His heart was pierced once and it was with a lance, not a sword. This seer has already changed Gospel accounts so many times that it would be no surprise if she did say two Roman soldiers pierced the heart of Our Beloved Saviour. Interesting to note, Mary McGovern is only now speaking about the double-edged sword after she announced her two swords of salvation which suggests she is responding to negative feedback from confused devotees. (See message of Jan.31, 2014.)

    Every Catholic who meditates on the mysteries of the Rosary knows these words well, “ . . . (and A SWORD will pierce through your own soul also), that thoughts out of many hearts may be revealed.” Luke 2:35

  3. This may sound a simplistic suggestion, but we all understand that Our Blessed Mother suffers with her son, there for why not show this in a medal ?

  4. As a professional Accountant with experience in Financial Reporting for a Fortune 500 Corporation; I can tell you MDM is NOT making any profit on the Medals of Mercy. Are you familiar with Cost of Goods Sold? It is the cost of raw materials and labor required to produce a product. Do you perchance think that medals produce themselves at no cost? The price for these medals barely cover the cost of production. You should quit whining.

    1. If that were the case then all that Mary Carberry would have to do is to get rid of copyright and let anyone strike this terribly overpriced cheap trinket. If you are really an accountant then do some maths here: 1000 orders/month x $25 = $25,000. That will cover Mary C's mortgage payment and a lot more. 40,000 orders = $1 million.