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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maria Divine Mercy followers: We warn you to protect you all!

By David Moorcroft


Officers and other ranks in the Remnant Army of Jesus. 

Did you sign up for the duration? 

Did you take time to read the 'Messages From Headquarters' which you were told to obey? No? Dear me! 

Then you may like to take a closer look at 'Message from HQ', dated 27 Jan, 2014. The 'Message' is signed 'God the Father'.

"I have waited patiently a very long time to gather My children, again, into My Holy Will."

Comment: In case you don't know, God is outside time, and in Him all things are eternally present. He willed the consummation of all things before the foundation of the world. It is nonsense to say that He needs to 'wait very patiently' for that to happen.

"When I give the world a gift of this magnitude, it is done out of a sense of duty."

Comment: God cannot be compelled to act by any obligation. 'Duty', by definition, means 'behaviour owed to a superior'. The quoted words are blasphemous.

"I reveal to you part of Me in every single Message I give you for the world."

Comment: God's essence is 'altogether simple and immutable' (First Vatican Council). Only a creature is composed of parts, and therefore needs another principle outside itself to explain its existence. The quoted words are nonsense, with implicit blasphemy.

"Be at peace, My beautiful desirable children. You are everything to Me."

Comment: Within the boundless life of the Trinity only God is everything to God. The whole of creation is as nothing compared to Him and can add nothing to His eternal happiness. Attentive readers will have noticed the earlier sentence "I Am all that is and will Be." If you were out on the front line, what would you think of a High Command that contradicted not only the truth, but itself?

"I will not let one soul be ignored by this, My last attempt, to prepare the world for the Second Coming of My Beloved Son."

Comment: God has prepared the world for the last day before the first, and nothing happens in the world without His will or permission. It is nonsense to talk of God 'attempting' anything, let alone a 'last attempt'.

The Supreme Command of your Remnant Army does not know God, and the 'messages' cannot lead you to Him. 

To claim that the author of the quoted 'message' is God the Father is outright blasphemy.


  1. More like it is the devil who is teasing the followers of MDM rather than God the Father who has already revealed Himself in His Son. As Lucifer is too proud to hide himself completely, he reveals himself - in part - with each message. As it is, the picture is taking shape and coming into a sharper focus each day. It isn’t pretty.

    Thank you, David, for your insights.

    Catechism no. 516
    “Christ's whole earthly life - His words and deeds, His silences and sufferings, indeed His manner of being and speaking - is Revelation of the Father. Jesus can say: "Whoever has seen me has seen the Father," and the Father can say:
    "This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to Him!" (Jn.14:9; Lk.9:35; Mt.17:5; Mk.9:7 ("my beloved Son"). Because our Lord became man in order to do His Father's will, even the least characteristics of His mysteries manifest ‘God's love . . . among us.’” (1Jn.4:9)

  2. “I would never intentionally frighten you, children.” Jan.27, 2014, [God the Father]

    This sounds like a lame apology, “I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention to frighten you.” God is all knowing and therefore every word which comes forth from Him is His will. He always knows His purpose, His goal and the end in view. He doesn’t accidentally do or say something He never intended. This statement confuses human bumbling and error with God. God never needs to apologize when He speaks. He knows the consequences of His words; therefore, it is impossible for the all knowing God to speak unintentionally.

  3. I just want to add that MDM ruined my life. There will be a reckoning!

  4. Sorry to hear that Mary Carberry ruined your life Rage Scientist. She is ruining many lives and relationships. Kindly join us in praying for her repentance and conversion so that her captive audience may snap out of their stupor and trace their steps back to the Good Shepherd.

    Maybe you can contact the administrator of this blog and give your testimony.You might want to check out the personal testimonies tab above. In any event, thank you for dropping us a line.

    Kindly remember us in your prayers as we promise to remember you in ours.