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Friday, July 12, 2013

Reply to Dr. Kelly Bowring

This is Tee Brown's reply to Dr. Kelly Bowring's comments on Great Battle Has Begun blog post Tee, for some reasons - technical or otherwise, was not able to comment under the article.
Dr. Kelly Bowring

Dr. Bowring is wrong on a number of points. 

His reliance on a supposed quote of Pope Urban VIII (It is better to believe than not to believe. If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true.) is laughable as no one has ever found an actual source of this quote though it is often cited by those trying to spread bogus private revelations. And in any case, it does not matter as we are now under the 1983 Code of Canon Law which requires prior censorship as Cardinal Ratzinger made clear long ago:
"A reminder, therefore, that for the diffusion of texts of presumed private revelations, the norm of the Code in force, Canon 823, para 1, which gives
pastors the right "to demand that the writings of the faithful which touch faith or morals be submitted to their own judgment before publication," remains valid." (From Regulations regarding publication of presumed private revelations)

As "Maria Divine Mercy" has admitted in a radio interview she did submit these messages to her bishop and he rejected them as false. Thus, neither she nor Dr. Bowring have any business circulating them. She is in disobedience. The audio interview may be found here.

The messages claim that Pope Benedict did not resign but that he was "viciously ousted" by a masonic conspiracy! That of course is also absurd, Pope Benedict stated on two public occasions that he was renouncing his office voluntarily and he has embraced his successor and pledged his obedience to him. 

The messages also state that Pope Benedict "fled" the Vatican, this is also absurd as he is still in the Vatican. 

The messages claim that Pope Benedict is the last pope, but the First Vatican Council solemnly defined that there will be perpetual successors of St. Peter until the end of time: 
"Therefore, if anyone says that it is not by the institution of Christ the Lord himself (that is to say, by divine law) that blessed Peter should have perpetual successors in the primacy over the whole Church; or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in this primacy: let him be anathema." See First Vatican Council (1869-1970)  

The messages base this silly contention on the supposed "prophecies of St. Malachy" which are not taken seriously by scholars as they are likely a 16th century forgery. The Church has never approved them nor connected them with St. Malachy. See: Be Not Afraid: Catholic Families and the Prophecies of St. Malachy

Update. The original article 'Great Battle Has Bagun on CatholicMom.com has apparently been removed. Here is a link to Cheryl Dyckow's another post where we could not post our reply either, and after some of our comments have been removed we found this note:

(NOTE FROM CHERYL: I've disabled the ability for comments on this article but do suggest that the lively conversation be taken to Dr. Bowring's site www.twoheartspress.com where Dr. Bowring will be able to more directly answer questions etc. Thanks! Blessings, Cheryl).

We have contacted Dr. Bowring too, but we have not heard back.

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  1. In The Great Battle Has Begun, Bowring relies heavily on two unapproved seers: MDM and Locutions.org. MDM's Mary calls Pope Francis the False Prophet. Locutions.org's Mary calls Pope Francis a child of her heart. These both cannot be true. Which is lying? And will Bowring recall his book because it is based on the lies of a false prophet? This is the danger of following unapproved apparitions!

  2. Hi. REGARDING "The messages claim that Pope Benedict is the last pope, but the First Vatican Council solemnly defined that there will be perpetual successors of St. Peter until the end of time," I must point out that :) THE POINT IS that time will be ending for this age.

    That would not apply to said messages, if one has read them, true prophet or not.<+3 -- Bowring has withdrawn, yes.

  3. When I checked out some of Bowring's proclamations it appears that he is either confused or is trying to confuse others with his vitriolic commentary. The Maria Divine Mercy site warns ominously about cataclysmic global devastation and Satanic influences leading to the end times and schismatic separation of her followers from the institutional church. Such total nonsense is defended and even promoted by our Theologian Kelly Bowring, when it is roundly condemned by our church!Bowring also promoteds the archaic and discredited idea of "millenarianism" which received condemnation by the Church. http://refutingmariadivinemercy.blogspot.ca/2013/08/the-millenarian.html

    R. Fernandes

  4. As seen by these comments, the deception of the Church has already begun ....

  5. Kelly Bowring is right, Bergoglio's actions prove it, he's the False Prophet. Why this page is denying the truth? Are you masons too?

  6. You talk about approved seers, you seem to forget that Fatima was not approved for 60 years, and yet people still went, miracles happened and people were converted. Isn't that the point. I agree 100% with Benedicto XVI Papa Legitimo, you must be Masons or Neo Catholics who love the direction the Church is going. This is prophecy folks found in the book of Revelation and it must be fulfilled.

  7. Anonymous - You should check your facts. Fatima was approved by the Catholic Church within 13 years, in 1930. If you believe Pope Benedict XVI is still legitimate Pope, you are disobeying him. He has publicly confirmed his resignation from the Papacy. He is no longer the Bishop of Rome, therefore no longer Pope, and he has confirmed his support and allegiance to Pope Francis. The direction the Church is going is God's business, not yours. The false prophecies of "Maria Divine Mercy" contradict Scripture and Catholic teaching, and are not found in the book of Revelation. We are not Masons - what do you know about Masonry anyway? - or "neo-Catholics. We believe and obey everything which the Catholic Church teaches as revealed by God. If you believe MDM's ridiculous "Book of Truth", you do not. It is the false scripture of a new gospel (see Galations 1:6-9.}
    As for Masonry: if you knew anything about this subject, you would know the core doctrine of Freemasonry is the heresy of Religious Indifferentism, the belief that it doesn't matter which religion you follow. Here is Masonic
    Grand Master Carl Claudy on this subject:
    "Many paths may go up round a mountain, but they all meet at the top."
    Here is "Maria Divine Mercy":
    Message 21st November 2010: "All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind."
    If you believe that, you have turned you back on the Faith.

  8. Pray, go to mass, protect the Eucharistic and the Holy Sacrement, go to confession, let the Holy Spirit guide us, be humble, be charitable to the poors, elderly, pregnant women that needs us,
    if you are faithful you have nothing to fear, heaven will be your final destination