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'The Book of Truth' and 'The Warning Second Coming'. Analysis

By Annalisa Colzi, Italy

The action of the devil, as you know,  is very subtle. The perfect deceiver
knows how to mislead the souls of those of good will. And that’s what is happening with certain messages that are being spread around on the internet.

The messages of dubious origin in question were published on the blog “Messages from Jesus Christ”, the recipient of those messages calls herself Maria of Divine Mercy:
“It was November 9, 2010 when I  suddenly woke up at three in the morning and after seeing the face of Jesus moving from a photo, I felt the desire to write what I felt as if I had dictated in a soft but authoritative way . Every word was formed in a clear, precise  way and without interruption when my pen touched the paper."
These words are very reminiscent of automatic writing known in spiritualism.

"Jesus said to her who she was. He told her that she was the prophet of the end times (a term that she had never heard before) and that she  had been selected. Had been sent as a seventh messenger to reveal, in the name of Jesus, the seals in the Book of Revelation to prepare the world for his Second Coming."
“It was not  her choice, but she was just sent.”

Does that mean she came directly from the sky like an angel?

Let us now analyze some of these messages.

"Many believe that my Second Coming indicates that the end of the world has arrived. This is not the case, because it will mean the End Times, in which Satan and his followers, creating untold suffering in the world, will be banished from the earth for 1,000 years. My child, I will rule the land for 1,000 years."
This idea of  the thousand years of Christ’s kingdom on earth is not new, but and it is related to the history of the Church. We read in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (676), "The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism"

“My prophecies are accurately communicated to you, My daughter. Days of My beloved Vicar are numbered. He will leave  the Vatican before  the warning take place. Trust in Me and Obey."
Journalist Antonio Socci predicted
 the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
in September, 2011
I suspect that behind these posts there is someone that behind the scenes is making fun of Catholics. After all, everything those messages say is already known to all of us: the millenarianism (which has been condemned), the abdication of Benedict XVII announced a year earlier by journalist Antonio Socci, the microchips, the New World Order, the evil powers in the Vatican, etc.  All these things can be found on the internet and they have been in circulation for several years.

“For anything  that you felt worried in some  of the messages, simply ask for an answer, and you will be given. Do not ask for an opinion from anyone else, because they are not qualified to comment on the My Divine Word."
These words are of enormous gravity. According to this, nobody  is suitable  to comment on those words, then we can deduce that the Congregation of the Faith and Doctrine is not qualified to comment either! I hope that we can realize the disobedience that those messages foment. And we know who the disobedient one par excellence really is. 

“Do not let yourself get  involved in prophetic messages of others. This is very important because it could harm your work “(1 June 2011).

I have no words!

“This New Heaven on Earth is now being prepared for all My children. It will last one thousand years on earth and no one should be excluded because this would break my heart. My beloved Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are trying hard to get you back in my loving embrace so that Paradise, created at the beginning, may again emerge as the greatest gift of all, so that My children can enjoy it. This Heaven will be a place of love, beauty, glory and will be the home of all the pure in heart and soul. This is for  every soul on earth and it is meant for every  souls on earth, including those who do not understand it “(25 June 2011).
But where is it written that there will be a new heaven on earth? There will certainly be a period of peace but certainly it will not be an earthly paradise.

“My new Paradise is magnificent, Sons. So much preparation has been completed, with the same wonders offered to Adam and Eve which they refused because of sin. Everything is ready. You, my  followers can enjoy the beautiful new Paradise on earth in which I shall reign. My children, be aware, however, that the false prophet will try to let you believe that he is preparing for you a place similar to Paradise."

And here is the attack on Pope Francis, who according to these prophecies, would be the false prophet.

Maria Divine Mercy ridiculously denounced Pope Francis
as the 'False Prophet' thus encouraging
schism in the Catholic Church

His lies will fascinate a group of naive followers Catholics. He will show a wonderful and loving external charisma and all my children in the Catholic Church will be confused. The clue to watch out for  will be his pride and arrogance hidden behind a false  external humility. So deceived, they will be, My children, they will think that he is a pure soul and outstanding. He will be treated as a living saint. Not a word out of his mouth will be challenged. He will also seem to have supernatural gifts and immediately people will believe that it can do wonders. Anyone who opposes to  him will be criticized and considered as an heretic.
All these souls will be accused of being heretical rejected and fed to the dogs.
The whole truth, as regards My teachings,  will be distorted. Everything will be a lie. At first, the persecution will develop slowly and subtly.
My true servants will celebrate Holy Mass privately and in many cases not in a Catholic Church.
They will offer Masses in shelters. Children, when that happens, do not lose hope. All this will end within a short period of time.Just pray for those souls who, in their commitment to the false prophet, they forget that the Holy Trinity is the very foundation upon which are built the Catholic Church". (21 January 2012).
Jesus said, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail.” God will never allow that Vicar to be  the false prophet. Perhaps it is possible for the Vicar to be a sinner, as was the case with Alexander Borgia was, but never, ever will God allow the Pope to teach heresies.

The Church is founded on Peter and Peter is also Francis.

Those who follow these posts and believe in them  are committing a mortal sin because they question the action of the Holy Spirit and it is good to remember that 'every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.' (Mt 12: 31) 

“I’ll give him this plenary indulgence to allow him to bring my flaming torch so that it can spread the conversion. They must recite this prayer for seven consecutive days and will be given the gift of absolution and the total power of the Holy Spirit. “
In practice, according to these teachings, we can obtain the remission of all sins reciting a prayer for seven days. How absurd is that! And where is the sacramental confession?

“The New Era will be announced by My Second Coming. Time is short. “
New Era? Doesn't it remind you of something like New Age?

“You must never reject private revelations without possessing the qualifications or the humility necessary.
“Even then you can never judge these claims. Be still."
Not only  it  is not obligatory to believe private revelations, but it is not required to believe even in the apparitions approved by the Church. It is not a sin to disbelieve the latter, let alone other unapproved private revelations!

"Finally you will be threatened by some sacred servants within My Church asking you to stop what you are doing because they are offended by your work. It will be said  that these messages do not come from God. They  suspect that they come from an evil force. They will say that these messages are contrary to the teachings of My Church. To them I say this. Beware of the man who you are challenging, on which you spread poison, deceit and denigrate because I did not give to you My Church or the authority to do so. My priests, do not insult me by stating that I am a liar. When the day will come when the truth will be revealed, you will feel great shame. Now you have to put your weapons down and eliminate all the hate and anger that is tormenting you . Then look at what happened to you. Satan has deceived you in such a way that your verbal and written attacks on this work go far beyond what was expected of you as priests."
The Church has a sacred duty to be vigilant. Only just reading  these statements make us understand where these messages come from: either from Satan or a cunning mind that wants to discredit the Church, the priests and the Holy Father.

Now let's take a look at some other 'prophecies' of the lady in question.
“Every human interpretation regarding the 1000 years is not reliable. You have to believe only the Word of God”
Oh no, my dear Ms. Maria, I’m sorry but you can not remove all the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. And ‘The Church has a mandate to discern -  and millenniarlism was condemned.

How can you believe this message that discredits the whole Church, the Magisterium, and the Catechism?

And how can you believe a writer who claims we should 'only believe the word of God'? Do you know who said that? The Protestants. How can you not see all the evidence against MDM?

“It breaks my heart to feel the pain that the souls in anguish because of my last flight of the Pope, My beloved Benedict.”
Are you kidding me? Last Pope? 

"You must not listen to those voices of condemnation, which will grate on your nerves"
'On your nerves'? And this is the language of Jesus? How can I really believe you, MDM?

"Not for one moment will you be allowed, My followers, to rest, topray, or to contemplate upon My Most Holy Word"
Can some “followers” of these messages please explain the meaning of these words? What do you mean you can not pray even for a moment?

“I also wish that you receive the Sacrament of Confession or any other form of reconciliation at your disposal. Please, if you are not able to receive this sacrament, then accept the gift of My Plenary Indulgence, which you have received some time ago.”
But do you realize what this message is saying? It does not matter if you go
to confession or at least do not worry, just pray the prayer given in these messages to receive total absolution. Terrible, but how can you fall into this trap? I have read many books on spiritualism and I can tell you that these are the messages meant to trick the children of God.

I beg you with all the love, my brothers and sisters of God, so do not despise the Holy Father.

I will stop here, although there would still be much to say, I hope with all my heart that those who have been deceived by these falsehoods will revoke their decision.

Although it is true that the Church is going through a critical moment, that so many doctrinal errors are also being promulgated by priests, we must never judge our Holy Father as the false prophet because this is purely the work of the evil one, the deceiver par excellence.

May the Lord always gives us His wisdom.

Annalisa Colzi


  1. Very good points. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights.

    I would like to point out that M-DM has recently posted that we choose our own suffering before we are born. Therefore, to follow her own logic to its own conclusion, she did choose to be the seventh messenger "angel" to open the seals of Revelation. It is incredible how many of the faithful are sucking up this poison from an unknown entity rather than choosing to quench their thirst at the well of eternal life.

    (BTW I have been accused of exaggerating, lying and downright fabricating all these doctrinal blunders but I always back up with documentation. The only authority MDMer's invariably use is the angry god, created by M-DM. That acronym stands for Marie minus Divine Mercy.)

    1. I do not think you are exaggerating, I have been following your comments on Miraculous Rosary blog and it is an honour to have you comment here no our blog too.

      As for 'choosing', this is what a friend posted on our Facebook page not so long ago:

      There seems to be confusion as to whether the seer has been SENT or is CHOSEN. In the introduction to the book (pg 5) it is reported that Jesus has told MDM “she was the end time prophet and that she had NOT BEEN CHOSEN. She had been SENT as the 7th Messenger.” (She was also the “7th Angel” who would “announce to the world the contents of the seals in the book of Revelation”).

      Then in the first message (pg 10) Mon Nov 08 2010 Jesus says “you have BEEN CHOSEN to do this work”

      Again in (pg 17) message Fri Nov 12 2012 Jesus says “you have BEEN CHOSEN to do this work for me”

      So there is a contradiction here. In the introduction she has been sent and NOT CHOSEN but further in the book Jesus says she has been CHOSEN. (I don’t think Jesus would get confused as the whether He had sent an angel to earth or chosen a woman to do His work)
      Sounds to me like MDM is just blowing her own trumpet

    2. Whoever is saying that the message given to Maria of the divine mercy does not come from God is wrong. Anyone who who worship the Lord in truth and in the Holy Spirit can see clearly that Pope Francis is an anti Pope and the false prophet. The true Pope is Benedict the xvi and like any other Pope before him his mission finishs ehe he dies. Also his so called reforms of the church are satanic in nature as only s free maçon can support them. They will only be according to the Will of the world not according to the will of God.

  2. When the time has come and you know the Truth it would be to late for your soul. I am following to the website. These messages are similar to those of St. Faustina. The trademark of Jesus when He send his messages are "please" and "thank you". These are also found in the Diary of St. Faustina. I encourage you to pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and pray the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet daily.

    1. These messages are not similar to St Faustina in any way - they are mockery of her diary. A

      nd thank you but you as a blind person are giving advice to others. Make sure your eyes your open first or it might be too late for you too. Some people never leave cults once they were sucked in by them - as you obviously were by MDM lies

    2. He only encouraged. You don't need to castigate him, judge or be hostile. Maybe he sees things you don't. Think of it this way, what if someone thought you came from the devil to use logic against mariadivinemercy. Now, I wouldn't say that you came from the devil. You just have different beliefs like other people do. There could be greater harm in telling people to ignore these messages than telling people to pray, like what Nirvana Rupali just did.

    3. Carmina, you could just as well say the same thing to Nirvana Rupuli who suggests that it might be too late for our souls if we do not accept the messages, e.i. we will go to hell for that. Has he not judged and castigated us here?

      What if we see the things he doesn't (that MDM is nothing like St Faustina for one thing).

      I do not say you come from the devil either but yes I am saying MDM and her messages are from the devil - either directly from hell or from disobedient and fraudulent people cheating their naive followers.

      I see it almost every day how MDM followers curse the Pope, call him names and spread lies about him only because an invisible woman MDM told them he is 'the false prophet' (nice fruits, right?) so Carmina, spare yourself your lectures since they sound hypocritical. Why don't you talk to THEM about judging and being hostile?

      'But I am afraid that, just as the snake with his cunning seduced Eve, your minds may be led astray from single-minded devotion to Christ. Because any chance comer has only to preach a Jesus other than the one we preached, or you have only to receive a spirit different from the one you received, or a gospel different from the one you accepted -- and you put up with that only too willingly.'
      1 Corinthians 11: 3-4

  3. "but never, ever will God allow the Pope to teach heresies"

    So instead, God has sent us Francis, with the following statements: "Atheists can go to heaven too", "Church Is ‘Obsessed’ With Gays, Abortion and Birth Control" "Who Am I to judge gays?" not to mention his "Muslim brothers" after muslims executing people directly because their Christianity... Really are you saying that this is normal, that the leader of Church, "chosen by God" is saying "we speak too much about abortion"??

    I am not a blind follower of MDM, but you can not say that the statements above are totally normal from the pope, a leader of billions

    1. You're not a blind follower of MDM? Then you must be a selective one at least.

      According to MDM 21/11/2010: ‘All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind.’ So why find fault with what the Pope said? Atheism according to MDM leads to God! Islam too

      As for being obsessed with abortion etc:

      "We should not allow our faith to be drained by too many discussions of multiple, minor details, but rather, should always keep our eyes in the first place on the greatness of Christianity. I remember, when I used go to Germany in the 1980s and '90s, that I was asked to give interviews and I always knew the questions in advance. They concerned the ordination of women, contraception, abortion, and other such constantly recurring problems. If we let ourselves be drawn into these discussions, the Church is then identified with certain commandments or prohibitions; we give the impression that we are moralists with a few somewhat antiquated convictions, and not even a hint of the true greatness of the faith appears. I therefore consider it essential always to highlight the greatness of our faith - a commitment from which we must not allow such situations to divert us."

      Pope Francis? Nope, Pope Benedict said this...I see no difference.

      As for gays you must have missed this message http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/never-judge-other-religions-creeds-or-sexual-preferences/

  4. MDM writes...."......You cannot say that you love Me and then condemn others. You cannot hurt another person, through harsh words and then say that you love Me, at the same time. Who amongst you is free of sin? Which one of you exalts yourself before Me and then speaks cruelly against another? You will never be able to say you speak in My Name when you slander another.".....".....When you slander another, in My Name, I will cast you away. It will take much penance on your part to seek My Favour again and even then, until you beg Me to forgive you, it will be a long time before you are fit to come before Me again." Sept 5th 2013

    This supposed 'Jesus' warns about slandering another yet the messages are actually causing the followers to "slander another"

    MDM "The cunning imposter, who has lain in waiting in the wings, patiently, will soon declare his reign over My poor unsuspecting sacred servants."

    "He has carefully manipulated his position and soon his pompous demeanor will be seen amidst his splendid court. His pride, arrogance and self-obsession will be carefully hidden from the world in the beginning. To the outside world, a sigh of relief will be heard as the trumpets peal out to announce his term as head of My Church. "

    "His loyalty is to the beast and how he will laugh and sneer at My sacred servants who will support him. He who dares to sit in My Temple, and who has been sent by the evil one, cannot speak the truth, for he does not come from Me. He has been sent to dismantle My Church and tear it up into little pieces before he will spit it out from his vile mouth." March 8th 2013

    The followers of MDM know that Pope Francis has not changed the teachings of the Church, yet in their eyes he is guilty of a crime he hasn't yet committed - if we search throughout scripture we will not find one place where God condemns someone while they are still innocent - not that we believe for one moment that he will ever do anything to harm the Church.

    "I have told you, My followers, how you will be deceived. This will be very difficult for you because you will question this imposter who sits in My Father’s House." March 13th

    Some comments from the faithful followers of MDM....

    "I would like to up slap the back of frankie's head here and knock that white cap off the top of his head...and then ask him "What are you thinking???" I mean it's not like he's the pope or something...."

    Some followers are actually praying for the death of Pope Francis.

    Follower..."Dear Lord, thank you for protecting us and for exposing anti-Pope Francis for who he really is; an emissary from hell. 'Keep us safe from him, make his days few and his life short, for the sake of thine elect. Amen.'

    A follower speaking of the Pope and Cardinals..."I'd like to kick their a**** out of the Vatican"

    MDM..."When you slander another, in My Name, I will cast you away."

  5. The theology of indulgences expressed here is all wrong too. Indulgences apply only to already forgiven sins, and in no way can replace Reconciliation. I would have thought Our Lord would know things like this...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Dearest people,

    Build your own relationship with God and He will show you the truth. Ask Him and it shall be given, He love's us all. Do not jugde, we are all equal and not without mistakes. Be honnest to yourselfs. The real truth is within us all, go search it and you will find it. Live your life. Blessings to all off you

  8. Why, oh why, have you deserted Me? Why do those of you who believe in Me and who know Me, hurt so many of your brothers and sisters? Why does hate thrive in your hearts? Why do you feel the need to question the Gospels now, when they have existed for so long? Who gave you the authority to misinterpret My Word given to My apostles? Why are you twisting them and why do you not believe what I said? My Word is very clear. When I speak, I mean what I say. If I say one thing, I do not mean another. Why would I, for example, contradict Myself and especially now in this Mission?

    What is given to God’s prophets is the Truth. Anything which contradicts these Messages, from the mouths of those who claim that I speak with them, must be rejected by you. I would never compete with My Own Voice, because I must ensure that you are given the Truth.

    What must I do to make you listen? What must I do to stop your wandering and seeking out other forms of titillation? Why will you not trust in Me? You waste so much precious time seeking out fortune telling, which flows like venom out of the mouths of so-called mystics and sensation seekers, that you insult Me by turning away from Me. I Am here. These are My Words. What else do you seek, for you will only find the Truth from My Mouth? I spoke the Truth when I walked the Earth. I left a legacy of great hope and salvation. I speak the Truth now, as I bring you My Final Words, at this time, for the Great Day will dawn and soon the world without end will begin.

    1. You realize that this is almost over? Her true identity has been revealed, and we know that she started having visions after hanging around Joe Coleman, a man who called himself a Medium at one point before it was pointed to him that this term is used in New Age spirituality. Anyway, follow the links under Conte's blog post if you want to find out more though I suspect you will be in denial for some time http://ronconte.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/the-identity-of-maria-divine-mercy/

  9. I have known the lady who is getting these messages for years, and I can tell you , the assumptions you are making about her, are all wrong.

  10. So the Holy Bible is not TRUST WORTHY anymore??? Should we believe this book or the Holy Bible?

    1. We should believe the Holy Bible. Not Mary Carberry's writings

  11. If the fruits are more prayer, why worry.

    1. So you mean for you it's ok if someone is in a cult as long as they pray a lot? Little Pebble's followers living in his compound had to pray every 15 minutes from 6.00 till 5.30. And then they had personal prayer. Maybe this is something for you? I mean the guy is a pedophile but look how much they pray!