Blog warning against a false 'visionary' Maria Divine Mercy and her cult

Friday, August 26, 2016

"I Really Regret that I Was Part of the Cult. It's One Big Trap." Testimony from Belgium

It all started about two or three years ago. I've always been interested in anything to do with the Second Coming of Christ and the end times. I've always been a God-fearing believer which led me to explore the Internet, looking up prophecies about Jesus' Second Coming. 

Initially, I surfed Youtube looking up videos about the "rapture" and wondered about how it would be and whether it would happen in our lifetime. I stumbled upon a site one day that talked about the end times, which fascinated me. It also had this little online store in which I purchased a wooden Rosary. The admin of that site somehow talked me into checking out the website I had never heard about before, called thewarningsecondcoming.com.