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Friday, August 26, 2016

"I Really Regret that I Was Part of the Cult. It's One Big Trap." Testimony from Belgium

It all started about two or three years ago. I've always been interested in anything to do with the Second Coming of Christ and the end times. I've always been a God-fearing believer which led me to explore the Internet, looking up prophecies about Jesus' Second Coming. 

Initially, I surfed Youtube looking up videos about the "rapture" and wondered about how it would be and whether it would happen in our lifetime. I stumbled upon a site one day that talked about the end times, which fascinated me. It also had this little online store in which I purchased a wooden Rosary. The admin of that site somehow talked me into checking out the website I had never heard about before, called thewarningsecondcoming.com. He explained to me that pope Francis was the false prophet and that I needed to follow these messages in order to prepare my soul for the Second Coming of Christ. 

So I started reading them, almost every day. I was hooked. Intrigued. I really felt as if God was speaking to us through these messages, especially since the doctrine being taught in them resembled what the Bible taught. This guy also convinced me that a lot of the prophecies in it had come true and that there was no doubt that the messages were coming from Heaven. I believed him and agreed – everything seemed to come true, except for some minor details, but he told me not to worry about them, as some things were being "mitigated by prayer." 

Around that same time I started praying on the Rosary I bought from him. I used to pray a prayer called The Secret of Happiness (allegedly dictated by Jesus to a Swedish saint). The first time I prayed on that Rosary, or the second time, I can't recall really, I felt some kind of presence in my bedroom at night. I was terrified. I really was convinced that something had been in my room with me and that it wasn't pretty. I told my grandmother that it had probably been Jesus (I didn't know what to think). At the time I was taking medication, so to this day I'm still not sure if it was the medication or some sort of spirit, or just sleep paralysis, but it was an awful experience really. It's as if you experience a nightmare while awake. Something like that. I never prayed on that Rosary again - just in case.

My new friend then invited me to start writing and promoting Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) her messages on his blog. Long story short: I wrote about and promoted her so called "The Book of Truth" for about a year and a half. I used to feel really bad at times writing those articles, and I would feel some sort of pride filling my soul. I thought God had chosen me to do His work and that I somehow assisted in preparing for Jesus' Second Coming. I was important, or so I thought. 

My friend convinced me that I was fighting the good fight and that he too was chosen by God to be an end-times messenger. Only now I realize how ridiculous it sounds, but when you're in the middle of all that, you believe everything they are telling you. And the fact that MDM's messages are so convincing didn't help either. I kept writing and more and more people began believing in a lie. I wrote about what was happening in the church and how MDM, or Mary Carberry, prophesied everything. The tone and criticism got pretty serious as time went by, and I didn't quite realize that what we were doing was actually contributing to schism in the Body of Christ. 

It's a cult really. I basically stopped praying Sr. Brigitta's prayers to devote all my time to our little group, claiming to be the Remnant Church of Jesus on Earth. 

My faith got stronger and weaker at the same time. I stopped praying Our Father and Hail
for some reason, only to think that these articles would be of more help to God and that those would be an acceptable substitute for my prayers. So I did all I could to promote the messages of MDM. I wrote for hours, days on end. 

Some prophecies were never fulfilled but my friend always managed to convince me that they were prevented by our prayers (the so-called Crusade Prayers). I was always disappointed by one prophecy in particular. In one of her messages MDM speaks about some sort of ceremony on Christmas day, when the Church would applaud the god of social justice. It never happened. 

I asked my friend about it and he came up with some excuse, telling me that maybe it would happen next year. The year after that (2015), nothing happened. I then came up with the excuse that maybe in heavenly terms it could happen some years later. We always came up with something to convince ourselves, as all the other prophecies seemed to be coming true. 

The sneaky part about them is that they contain prophecies that need to be fulfilled over a longer period of time, the ones about humanism and the one world religion for instance. You can't imagine the arguments we came up with to prove that these messages were authentic. And believe me, we made sense. We really did. Of course we never wrote about the failed prophecies, but I would keep those in mind. 

It was only recently when pope Benedict started speaking about pope Francis in a really
friendly way, that I started realizing that something wasn't quite right but seriously wrong. On top of that I started praying those Crusade Prayers, prayers I hadn't really bothered about in a long time, even when writing for that particular blog. I don't know but that didn't last a long time. 

I started praying to St.Padre Pio for guidance. I started praying the Rosary. At that point a lot of tension started to develop on our website, between the other admin and me. The pride was awful and it seemed as if we were trying to outdo each other all the time. When I made a video for instance, to publish it on the site, he would make one too. When I did this, he did that.. He started messing with my admin function and lied to me when I asked him about what had happened. I told him that I knew what he was doing and that it amounted to spiritual envy, but he didn't seem to agree and told me that I wasn't performing well enough, although at that point I had written many more articles than him. 

There was a lot of envy and pride involved, and I started to realize that. 

I kept praying the Rosary in the meantime, and I would feel some kind of aversion for anything to do with our little site that would fill my soul. I asked God for guidance and it was then that I realized that MDM is a false prophet and that Jesus warned about her 2000 years ago when He said that many false prophets would deceive many, if possible, even the elect. Our Mother showed me the Light. I started to connect all the dots. 

I started detesting everything to do with that website and I began seeing through the lies. I began realizing that I was caught in some kind of spiritual trap. Everything was a lie. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually knew more about MDM and her messages than I did about the Bible. 

I began reading the Bible again and came across a lot of Scriptures that had to do with
false prophets. I then realized that I needed to stop spreading her lies. That it was a trap. That Satan, in all desperation, is starting to contradict himself, in order to lead souls astray, away from the Faith. It takes a really clever demon to lead the hyper-faithful astray. One that knows a lot about Scripture. One that is so cunning that if it were possible, he would even deceive the elect. 

Satan's goal is to create a shism He wants to see the followers of false prophets lose the faith when prophecies aren't fulfilled. That is what Jesus warned us about when He said that in those days many false prophets shall rise. 

Thankfully I managed to delete all my content. I apologized to everyone involved and declared it a cult. Thanks be to our Blessed Mother for showing me the Truth. 

My friend is still not convinced, many people are still following this Irish woman. 

May the Church and the Pope forgive me for what I've done. I still don't agree with everything happening in the Church, but I know it's where Christ is, and we must obey the Church no matter what. I really regret that I was part of the cult. It's one big trap. Please pray for everyone still being misled by that woman, who, by now, is probably enjoying her profit on some faraway beach. I can't help butt wonder if she's still being awaken at 3 o'clock at night. 

Please stay away from "The Book of Truth" and everything to do with it. It's all a big trap no matter what is being told. It all boils down to curiosity and pride. Satan once declared the sin of pride to be his favourite sin in an exorcism, according to a Roman Catholic priest. Pride is exactly what MDM is promoting. 

If you need guidance, all you need to know will be given to you through the intercession of the Blessed Mother of God. Pray the Rosary and the rest will follow. 

Please don't put your soul at stake for the sake of some anonymous Irish woman. All we need is the Church, the Bible and church-approved prayers. That is the full Truth. 

Always remember, one failed prophecy is enough to turn the rest into a lie. God doesn't make mistakes.

Kenneth from Belgium 

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