Blog warning against a false 'visionary' Maria Divine Mercy and her cult


We are an international group of faithful Catholics who are concerned with the growing schismatic movement of Maria Divine Mercy's cult. 

We are faithful to the Church Magisterium and Pope Francis. 

We expose the cult and examine the messages of Maria Divine Mercy published on her website Warning Second Coming and discover a mountain of heresies, contradictions and failed predictions that can only come from another False Prophet as foretold in Sacred Scriptures. 

At the core of her blasphemies is the hilarious but schismatic assertion that Pope Francis is the Anti-Pope who will assist the Anti-Christ to bring ruin to the Catholic Church and create the one world religion right before the Second Coming of Christ. 

This blog has been set up to help Catholics discern the truth about the cult.

'Where Peter is, there is the Church' ~St Augustine