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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Concerning ‘Maria Divine Mercy’, Pope Francis, The False Prophet – and Dr. Kelly Bowring

By David Moorcroft.

In his article ‘Concerning “Maria Divine Mercy”, Pope Francis and the False
Dr Kelly Bowring
’, Dr Kelly Bowring represents himself as ‘a Catholic theologian and author of best-selling books such as “The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph” and “The Great Battle Has Begun”. So we have a Catholic theologian who rakes in the shekels and puts ‘Dr’ in front of his name. We should be in for a real treat concerning the alleged revelations from heaven to ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ (MDM).

His first sentence reads:
‘The messages of Maria Divine Mercy(MDM), which she is reportedly receiving from heavenly sources, are plausible.’

Here is the definition from the Oxford English Dictionary:

‘Plausible - specious, seeming reasonable or probable; persuasive but deceptive.’
After this promising start, Dr Bowring tells us:
‘I have examined all the messages, as we as all of the published evaluations and criticism of her messages, and have not found them to establish a single error in her reported messages…I have not found that her messages contradict any doctrine, or that they contain an actual error.’
Already, in his second brief paragraph, this learned theologian confesses himself unable to see any doctrinal error in the following alleged messages from ‘Jesus’:
(1) 6th Feb 2011: ‘Dearly beloved daughter, this is one of the finalmessages to be inserted in My first piece of Sacred Scripture contained in theVolume “The Warning”’.
The messages of the‘warningsecondcoming’ are here claimed to be ‘Sacred Scripture’, and therefore binding in divine faith. The church teaches that the Canon of Scripture was complete at the death of the last Apostle. Divine faith may not be given to any private revelation, however strongly approved.
(2) 12th May 2012: ‘It will take strong faith and acceptance of the Truth contained within these messages from Heaven to stay on the true path to eternal life.’
We must, then, believe MDM’s messages if we are to be saved. They are thus claimed to be public revelation.
(3) 21stNov 2010: ‘All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind.’
31st Aug 2011: ‘All religions,all creeds…are all so precious to My eternal Father.’
If our learned Doctor agrees with these words, he must believe that animism, spiritualism, headhunting, thuggee, devil worship, Freemasonry, witchcraft and Marxism lead to God, and are so precious to the Father.

‘But, as is Our Apostolic duty, we wish your Episcopal solicitude and vigilance to be aroused, so that you will strive as much as you can to drive from the mind of men that impious and equally fatal opinion, namely, that the way of eternal salvation can be found in any religion whatsoever.(Pius IX, ‘Singulari quadem.)
(4) 18th Dec 2010: ‘The Book of Truth is being presented to mankind to help them redeem themselves in My heart’.
We have no power to redeem ourselves in the eyes of God. This falsehood is repeated many times in the messages.
‘In Adam’s sin all men lost their natural power for good and their innocence. No one can of his own free will rise out of the depth of this fall if he is not lifted up by the grace of the merciful God.’ (16th Council of Carthage.)
(5) 24th Jan 2011: ‘It is harder to achieve My special graces than it is to avoid sin in any form.’
This is not harder; it is impossible. A grace, by definition, is a free gift of God’s love.
(6) 7th Nov 2011: (Jesus to MDM) ‘Without your sacrifice I could not fulfil My promise to save mankind.’
It follows, then, that Jesus is not God omnipotent, and MDM is necessary to our salvation.
(7) 21st May 2011: ‘My love, after the act of Redemption takes place, will flood your soul.’
A Catholic theologian who does not know that the act of Redemption took place once and for all time on Calvary is in trouble.
(8) 14thApril 2011: ‘Many Christians ignore one of the most fundamental promises I made during My crucifixtion [sic] where I would be present in bread and wine and leave a permanent mark to help nourish souls’.
If Dr Bowring has ‘examined all the messages’, he must have read this one. Perhaps his eyes were glazing over at the time – a common condition after prolonged exposure to the ‘ warningsecondcoming’ messages. It is perhaps understandable,then, that he overlooked the following facts:

(a) Jesus never made any such promise.

(b) Christ is not ‘present in bread and wine’ after the Consecration. The substance of these elements is no longer there, having become the substance of the body, blood, soul and divinity of the Lord.

(c) Reception of the Eucharist does not leave a permanent mark’ on the soul.

(9) 13th Sept 2011: ‘Never allow yourselves to accept any truth other than that contained in the Holy Bible.
(a) Doctor Luther’s proposition ‘Scripture only’ was condemned at the Council of Trent.

(b) Catholics have an obligation to the truth as such, whether found in the Bible or elsewhere.

(c) The 'messages' of MDM are not contained in the Holy Bible.

(10) 25th May 2011: [God the Father] ‘This New Paradise on Earth is now being planned for all My children. It will last 1,000 years on Earth.’
The Church has consistently rejected this belief, known as ‘Millenarianism’. The Catechism of the Catholic Church condemns it as ‘the Antichrist’s deception’. (CCC, no 676.)

The above is a short list, but it should be enough to expose the credentials of MDM as the voice of heaven for our times.

On the other hand,’ our Doctor continues, ‘several of her prophecies have been fulfilled, and her messages are congruent to the other related legitimate sources of prophecy being given in these times.’ With admirable self-control, he forebears to mention any prophecies or sources to flesh out this claim, so let us look at MDM’s record so far:
(1) 17thFeb 2011: ‘There will be three world leaders assassinated shortly one by one.’
Message 20th Oct 2011 claims,absurdly, that the murder of Gaddafi fulfilled this ‘prophecy’. No other ‘ world leaders’ have since been assassinated.
(2) 31st May 2011: ‘The prophecies given at Garabandal will now become a reality. Prepare now for this event [the Warning] for you have only a few months left to prepare your souls.’

(3) Flyer placed on website 16th June 2011:

Screenshot of the archived website

Shortly before the end of 2011, this flyer was removed from the website.

MDM thus confesses her knowledge that this prophecy was false. This abject deception speaks for itself.'

(4) 11th June 2012: ‘This month is designated to the conversion of many nations.’

Can Dr Bowring point to any nations that have been converted?

(5) 6th June 2011: ‘Pray for My beloved Pope Benedict…Prayer can help delay his imminent departure when he will be forced to leave the Vatican as foretold.’
(6) 19th Feb 2013: ‘They must not fear, because though the Crown of Thorns has descended on My Holy Vicar, appointed by Me, Jesus Christ, to rule My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, has been viciously ousted…I now come at last to bring you peace.’
MDM’s ‘Jesus’ has difficulty with English grammar. This sentence is incoherent. Apparently it is the Crown of Thorns that has been viciously ousted! Pope Emeritus Benedict, of course, is still in the Vatican, if Dr Bowring is wondering.

(7) 20th Feb 2013: ‘This great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome.’
This ‘prophecy’ is out of sequence. An earlier message says:

(8) 3rd March 2011: ‘The Great Persecution [i.e., the Tribulation of Antichrist] will follow the Warning.’
20th July 2011: ‘…the Great Tribulation will commence as I have said before the end of 2012.’
25th Dec 2012: ‘My Plan of Salvation for the world, began in My Time, on 22nd December 2012…This period of the Great Tribulation will last some time.’

Our learned Doctor has some explaining to do. Why didn't the Warning happen before 22nd Dec 2012?

(9) 28th Feb 2013: ‘So sorrowful will they [the ‘sacred servants’, the priests] be in the next few weeks after the demise of My Holy Vicar, that they will not know where to turn.’
In case Dr Bowring hasn't noticed, at the date of writing (6th Nov 2013) Pope Emeritus Benedict is still alive.

(10) 29th Mar 2013: ‘The reign in the House of Peter will be short and soon My Beloved Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile.’
Do we need to point out to Dr Bowring that this ‘prophecy’ was given ‘a few weeks’ after Pope Benedict’s demise was foretold?
(11) 14th Mar 2013: ‘There is to be a particular insult, which will be inflicted upon My Holy Name, in an effort to desecrate Me, during Holy Week.’
Why state the obvious, that nothing happened? Because so many people, including Doctors of Theology, don’t see it.
(12) 16th Mar 2013: ‘The timing of the arrival of the false prophet will coincide with the declaration of wars all over the world. These wars will be triggered instantly.’
Obvious conclusion? The false prophet has not arrived – not in the Vatican at any rate.

The‘warningsecondcoming’ website has claimed fulfilled prophecies, in spite of the above unimpressive record. Such common events as earthquakes, heat waves in the Mediterranean, volcanic eruptions in Iceland and floods in the most frequently flooded area in France are held up as fulfilments of prophecy. A prophesied earthquake in Norway didn't happen.

As well,’ Dr Bowring adds, ‘the Crusader Prayers of Maria Divine Mercy are in the same status as her reported messages, as stated above, and thus, it would seem that it is permissible to pray them.’

One Crusade Prayer, no. 100, begins:
‘O dear Jesus, we beg you for the skills to survive in the trials we now face, as the last True Pope finishes his Mission for you.’
Our Doctor once again speaks truer than he knows: this ‘prayer’ is indeed ‘in the same status as her reported messages'. If he believes that Christ’s promises to St Peter have expired with the election of Pope Francis, Dr Bowring confesses that he is no longer a Catholic theologian.

His next section is headed, without any evidence of irony, ‘Caution Needed’. ‘Still, we must be cautious,’ he says; and abandons all caution at once. Any reader familiar with the strange world of unapproved private revelations – UPR – will expect a reference to ‘the words of Pope Urban VIII’, and Dr Bowring duly obliges:
‘In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe,and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed…If you believe,and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true.’
If Urban VIII gave this unwise advice – it is not certain that he did – he was not
Pope Urban VIII
speaking as Pope, but merely venturing an opinion on a particular alleged revelation. It is certain that when writing as Pope, Urban said this:
‘…no one can print anything on alleged private revelations without the consent of the Local Bishop.’ (Urban VIII, ‘ Sanctissimus Dominus Noster’.)

It is of course never better to believe than not to believe UPR which may lead people into error or into schism from the Church. There is no defence for Dr Bowring’s claim that ‘we may meditate on and spread the messages of MDM’, while remaining faithful to the Magisterium and accepting the legitimacy of the election of Pope Francis.

Time will tell’, our author says portentously. 

We must wonder how many prophecies have to fail before he will see that time has already told.

His next section is headed ‘Important Questions and Clarifications.’ Can we expect some clarification at last? Apparently not.

The most common question people are asking’, he says, ‘is whether a validly elected Pope [is there another kind of pope, Dr Bowring?] could even be the false prophet…The answer is – YES.’

He refers to Pope Paul IV’s Bull ‘Cum ex Apostolatus’: ‘if anyone was a heretic before the Papal election, he could not be a valid Pope, even if he is elected unanimously by the Cardinals.’

Pope Paul IV

Cum ex Apostolatus’ was a disciplinary Bull, and some of its provisions were taken for a while into Canon Law. The latest was the 1917 Code, which Dr Bowring quotes. It is possible to be so learned that memory fails. The 1917 Code was superseded in 1983, and ‘Cum ex Apostolatus’ no longer applies.

He refers to several saints on the opinion – it is no more, never having become dogma –concerning the possibility that a pope may become a heretic. E.g.., St Alphonsus Liguori:

‘If however, God were to permit a pope to become a notorious and contumacious heretic, he would by that fact cease to be pope.’
This has never happened in the history of the Church, and the question remains a matter of academic opinion. ‘We might ask’, he asks, ‘whether it is ever acceptable to criticise the Pope,’ and refers us, predictably, to Galatians 2:11-14, where St Paul corrected the CONDUCT of St Peter, not his teaching. It is, of course, permissible to criticise - with all due respect to the successor of St Peter - a pope if his conduct, and non-infallible teaching, are considered to present a danger. If, however, the pope has indeed vacated the chair through heresy, you are no longer, in fact, criticising the pope. Clarification, Dr Bowring!

We must wonder, in view of Dr Bowring’s professed inability to find any doctrinal errors in the messages of MDM, whether he would notice if any pope fell into heresy.

We may refer Dr Bowring’s questions back to him. Could a professionally qualified theologian be the false prophet? The answer is – YES. Satan is a consummate theologian, as Scripture shows. He will need to have a prophet on the job with the right testimonials. Is it ever acceptable to criticise a theologian? To resist him when he promotes heretical material which attacks the body and endangers souls?

I hope the reader will find some answers to these questions in this article.

At the end of Dr Bowring’s article, he says:
‘For a summary of the heavenly revelations and signs of our times, including those from MDM [so he has decided she is a true prophet after all!], read “The Great Battle Has Begun.”’

Clarification at last! 
The whole article was an advertisement!


Many prophecies from Saints, Blesseds and Doctors of the Church over the past 1,500 years speak of a Lesser Chastisement which will be followed by three days of darkness, the rise of a Great Monarch or King who, aided by a great and holy Pope, will conquer the enemies of the Church and unite all believers. All this must happen before the Great Chastisement of Antichrist. Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi had an outstanding gift of prophecy. Here are some of the prophecies given to her in the early 19th century:

‘God will send two punishments; one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and dangers originating on earth [this may have been
Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi
fulfilled during the twentieth century], the other will be sent from Heaven. There will come over the whole earth an inner darkness that will last three days and three nights. Nothing will be visible, and the air will be pestilent and foul and will harm, though not exclusively, the enemies of religion.’
France shall fall into a frightful anarchy… Then the Pope will send to France a special Legate…In consequence of the information received, his Holiness himself shall nominate a most Christian King for the government of France.
St Robert Bellarmine
‘After the three days of darkness, St Peter and St Paul, having come down from Heaven will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity,then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm.’

Apart from the wars and revolutions, none of these prophecies have yet come to pass. They are wholly irreconcilable with MDM’s claim that Benedict XVI was the last true pope.

St Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church and great authority on Eschatology, said that the many prophecies of the Great Pope and the Great Monarch were so unanimous that to deny them could be heresy. 

It should be needless to say that if they are true, the prophetic claims of MDM are beneath contempt.


  1. Dr. Bowring is clearly avoiding the issue of the glaring doctrinal errors in the MDM messages. His go-to phrase is, "The messages are PLAUSIBLE." Well so is Santa Claus climbing down chimneys. It is plausible that a man could visit rooftops and shimmy down chimneys. However, it is in no way PROBABLE.

  2. It is hard to believe any Catholic, let alone an educated Catholic could take this woman seriously when she writes:

    “Peter the Roman, is My Peter, the ORIGINAL APOSTLE who WILL RULE MY CHURCH from the HEAVENS under the command of My Eternal Father. Then, when I come to reign, at the Second Coming, he will rule over all of God’s children when all religions will become one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.” April12, 2012

    If this is understood correctly, according to this seer the true pope guiding the Catholic Church today isn't Pope Francis but St.Peter after the untimely removal of Pope Benedict? He, meaning St. Peter, is in charge once again until the Second Coming. Could this possibly be what Mdmer's believe or have they ever bothered to figure this out. (This is more evidence that they are too busy praying the hundred plus Crusade Prayers to give any of this malarkey serious thought.) Surely, Dr. Bowring can explain how this scenario fits into God's plan of salvation. To date, there have been no messages from "the heavens" of cyberspace signed by St. Peter himself. Mark this down as yet another unfulfilled prophecy.

  3. He also missed the false prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, telling us that Peter founded the Church...and Peter created the Church. If he hasn't read the Book of Truth then how can he possibly evaluate them? No I think Dr Bowring just flipped through it, picking and choosing which message he should add to his own book. No wonder then he won't come out in the open and condemn the false prophet!. Dr Bowring in order to sell your own book you are leading the faithful astray..Shame on you!!

  4. Apostles spoke in many words to the faithful--grammar differs from one to another--and prophets differ from one to another in how they receive and relay WORDS FROM GOD--CORRECTION; Jeremiah; others; WARNINGS FOR THE TIMES; the words are not their own; they are to be believed. I refer you to Aquiness for many persuasive arguments against: nevertheless, I have not seen one argument yet persuasive against--the objections above are also off-the-mark; note that they are pulled out of context to convey a different meaning from that originally.

    Kelly Bowring has used certainly one meaning of the above--the second--in the Oxford English--a dictionary of which I am a fan and which does NOT indicate use of all three definitions AT ONCE AS YOU KNOW.

    Use at least accurate rebuttals--none of the above is valid; acknowledging I am SOME reject but THE DISCIPLES OF JOHN IN THE FIRST CENTURY VOUCHED FOR MILLENARIANISM--FROM THE DISCIPLE. What think of that???


    PETER THE ROMAN as John-Baptist operated BY THE HOLY SPIRIT--"in the spirit and power of ELIJAH," THE HOLY SPIRIT; such do all Holy-Spirit led prophets... I tell, certain words may be unintelligible--TO SOME; I invite: LISTEN WITH THE SPIRIT... When ones "listens," as one listens to a person one loves then one KNOWS WHAT IS MEANT; if one's dear relative spoke ONE WOULD FIND MEANING--"the crucifixion" general time? or specific? READ WITH LOVE AND VULNERABILITY AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BRAIN BEHIND. Do not afraid TO LOOK FOOLISH--the wisdom of the world is foolishness to GOD. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BRAIN BEHIND yet do not let it lead BUT LET THE SPIRIT LEAD--AND NOTE that the church "led from the heavens" IS THE TRUTH WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL CATHOLICS because wolves call themselves catholics SO NOT ALL AGREE. I note you. There is a truth that leads to Father; he is accessible by TRUTH--Jesus; TRUE prophecies are TRUTH; all PEOPLE in all creeds ARE LOVED--AND GOD IS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE thus the origination point for ALL not evil himself, I clarify... Pardon my disability in writing; I Pray you give me grace--different from A grace as received oftentimes by visionaries and saints pleasing to our father in pursuit of him not given to others... HE IS THE GREATEST GRACE, AS I AM SURE YOU KNOW; the LAST thing meant is "scripture alone," BECAUSE THESE MESSAGES REQUIRE HOLY SPIRIT-RECOGNITION-OF-THE-VOICE-OF-THE-SHEPHERD... The very nature of the trinity is three-in-one; BOTH are true... <+3--Yes, three world leaders were killed; yes, apparitions began in the spring; yes, months are few in the time of GOD, etcetera-if-you-search-rather/meaning is understood '[he] has been viciously ousted' UNLESS ONE IS BEING A GRAMMAR-NAZI; I point to the flags at the right and note many nations representing the converted; the "next few weeks" (obviously come after the real death of "Benedict")/"subtle" (not SO subtle) use of Lucifer during sainting/"puns," degrading in foot-washing/RAFFLE-ceremony DURING CHRISTMAS/true CHURCH-WITH-PETER following Jesus OUT OF THE TEMPLE IS NOT A NEW THING; buildings/wolves-in-"chairs" (even high ones) do not a church make and later explain earlier writings as in the bible OR VICE-VERSA except for one twisting and interpreting to suit one's fancy RATHER THAN THE SPIRIT

    1. wdischler@mail.com
      I have just come back here and read your comments. Thank you for confirming that "Maria Divine Mercy" is a false prophet. No true prophet would need defending by such an extraordinary display of desperate pleading.
      (1) I have given dates for all my quotes from MDM. The context of the messages does not change the meaning, which is heretical in any context.
      (2) Millennarianism was popular in the early centuries of the Church under persecution. It was fiercely rejected by St Jerome and St Augustine for its this-worldly assumptions. Since then, the Church has always rejected it. The Catechism condemns it as "the Antichrist's deception".
      (3) Daniel 10 tells you what "the Book of Truth" is.
      Daniel 10:21: "I shall reveal to what is written in the Book of Truth. After that I have to return to fight against the angel of Persia."
      Daniel 11:2 "But now I shall tell you the truth." He goes on to tell what is written in the Book of Truth. At the end he says -
      Daniel 12:4: " And you, Daniel, keep these words secret and have the Book sealed until the time of the end." The time of the end refers to the end of the persecution under Antiochus Epiphanes IV, when Daniel was written.
      Sorry, but the real Book of Truth is already in the Bible. It bears no relation to the absurd and heretical writings of MDM.
      (5) To call John the Baptist "Peter the Roman" is nonsense. His name wasn't Peter, nor was he a Roman. Peter the Roman refers to the last Pope in the miscalled Prophecy of the Popes, by "St Malachy". There is no such prophecy. The document of that name has been exposed as a late-16th-century forgery.
      (6) To imply that I am not listening with the Holy Spirit is arrogant and presumptuous. To imply that the Holy Spirit would confirm the heretical, blasphemous and foolish messages of MDM is', quite simply, the sin of sacrilege. I have not left my brain behind. If your are intellectually incapable of seeing the obvious falsehoods of MDM, I seriously wonder what you are doing with yours.
      (7) The Church says that God has revealed something of his truth to people of other religions. That is quite different from saying the "All paths lead to God." That is not only rank heresy in all Christian traditions; it is self-evidently absurd. "All paths", by definition, include Freemasonry, Marxism, witchcraft and satanism. MDM says they all lead to God.
      (8) Three world leaders have NOT been assassinated since the quoted message. MDM herself has claimed no apparitions in spring. God does not give misleading prophecies. If he says something will happen in a few months, he will mean a few months in human language. The Warning didn't happen before December 2012, as foretold.
      (9) I don't need to be a "Grammar-Nazi" to point out the quoted incoherent message. MDM has said on her website that her messages are published exactly as she received them, that they are word-for-word messages from heaven. It is the sin of sacrilege to put bad and stupid writing into the mouth of God and the Blessed Mother.
      (10) Sorry, but the message about Pope Benedict's death clearly says that the sacred servants will be sorrowful "in the next few weeks after the demise of My Holy Vicar", clearly meaning that the death of Pope Benedict would happen in a few weeks' time. If it meant what you suppose, it would have been phrased differently. See my comments above about putting bad grammar in Jesus' mouth.
      (11) Your comments about Pope Francis are prideful, ignorant and near sacrilegious. Who are you to sit in judgment on the Supreme Pontiff? So you think your are the true church following Jesus out of the temple. thank you for confirming that are in schism from the Church, and therefore automatically excommunicated.
      (12) I am pointing out what your false prophet said. The only "twisting and reinterpreting" going on here is yours.

  5. AWAITING THE REDEMPTION OF OUR BODIES...REDEMPTION REQUIRES AN ACT ON OUR PART--REGARDING SALVATION...ON AND ON. Would you twist the scriptures as you do these...<+3 Anonymous/wdischler; however-you-wish

    1. wdischler@mail.com
      Christ's redemptive act on Calvary is applied to us by faith and baptism. MDM says we must "redeem ourselves" by "achieving grace". That is the heresy for which the Semi-Pelagians were condemned at the Council of Braga.
      You can lose your salvation by believing and defending heresy and false prophecy, as well as by the sin of schism. If God sends a Warning, and it catches you in schism, following the many heresies of MDM and blaspheming his Vicar on earth, you will be very, very sorry indeed. You may even wish you had never been born
      So who is twisting Scripture? Not I, at any rate. Scripture confirms this.
      Psalm 49:7 "Truly no man can redeem himself, or give to God the price of his life."
      By the way, I publish here under my own name. You hide, like your false prophet, behind a cloak of anonymity. Why? Haven't you got the courage to use your proper name?


  6. Unanimity is not the way to determine true prophecies--prophecies are to be determined: by agreement with the word of God; true prediction even if after the death of the prophet as for ISAIAH of Christ Jesus; confession that Jesus-YAHshuah came IN THE FLESH... 1 John 4:2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations
    2 John 1:7 Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh; any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist!

    Deuteronomy 18:18-22New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (NRSVCE)

    18 I will raise up for them a prophet[a] like you from among their own people; I will put my words in the mouth of the prophet,[b] who shall speak to them everything that I command. 19 Anyone who does not heed the words that the prophet[c] shall speak in my name, I myself will hold accountable. 20 But any prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, or who presumes to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded the prophet to speak—that prophet shall die.” 21 You may say to yourself, “How can we recognize a word that the Lord has not spoken?” 22 If a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord but the thing does not take place or prove true, it is a word that the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; do not be frightened by it.


    1. wdischler@mail.com
      The Church teaches that "moral unanimity" on a teaching among the Church Fathers has the force of doctrine. The Fathers taught unanimously as I have said in my article. So you think you know better than St Robert Bellarmine, a great eschatologist and Doctor of the Church? Is there anything else you want to tell us?
      Once again, many thanks for posting the Scriptural passages above. From the absurd, foolish, heretical and blasphemous messages of Maria Divine Mercy, it is self-evident that God has not spoken to her. All her prophecies so far have been proved false. She will answer to Christ for her presumption, and for any souls that are lead astray by her.