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Friday, November 22, 2013

Biblical Lessons for Maria Divine Mercy

By PocketSketch

Lesson from Gideon

“I Am gathering MY ARMY quickly now and this will swell into a group of over 20 MILLION SOULS soon. THE LARGER THE ARMY, THE MORE POWERFUL WILL BE THE HOLY SPIRIT in bringing My children together as one to fight the deceiver.” [Beloved Saviour] Aug.31, 2011.

“The LORD said to Gideon, “You have too many soldiers with you for Me to deliver Midian into their power, lest Israel vault itself against Me and say, ‘My own power brought me the victory.’ Judges 7:2 

So Gideon allowed all the men who wanted, to return home; thousands of soldiers left but the LORD was still dissatisfied, so He said, “There are still too many soldiers. Lead them down to the water and I will test them for you . . . ” Finally, God’s army was dwindled down to only three hundred soldiers because the LORD wanted it understood, that the Chosen People were victorious over their enemies by His power alone. The lesson He wanted to teach them was that without Him they could do nothing. 

Yet again, this illustrates how incredible it is that God, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, would need Mdm’s vast armies. It doesn’t follow salvation history as revealed in the holy Bible. Moreover, the Holy Spirit is God Almighty. His power will not increase in proportion to the size of Mdm’s followers.This is a ludicrous, preposterous fantasy suggested to Mdm by a megalomaniacal entity who is himself “the deceiver.”

Lesson from Moses

There are certain parallels between Mdm's defiance and calumny of the Catholic Church hierarchy, in particular with Pope Francis, and the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram against God's spokesmen and chosen leaders Moses and Aaron. What was their complaint? 
"The whole community, [God's Chosen People], all of them, are
holy; the Lord is in their midst. Why then should you [Moses and Aaron] set yourselves over the Lord's congregation?" Moses replied, "He whom the Lord then chooses is the holy one." He asked, "What has Aaron done that you should grumble against him?"

Today we ask Mdm's ragtag army,"Has God not made His choice? What has Pope Francis done that you should grumble against him?"

The story of Exodus remains a great warning for anyone who is foolish enough to think they can spread Mdm's hate propaganda and challenge God's choice. Pick up and read Numbers chapter 16. Carefully read the true word of God; listen to the real voice of God.

As for Catholics who are worried about the rebellious, schismatic voices in their own private lives and church communities, they would do well to learn this story and share it. Just tell the story; make no accusations; draw no conclusions; simply let the dissidents decide where they fit into this picture. Who knows. By God's grace you may plant a seed on fertile soil.

The Greatest Prophet?

Maria Divine Mercy makes a claim that she is the greatest prophet. I believe Jesus was the last great prophet foretold by Moses.

"A prophet like me will the Lord your God, raise up for you from among your own kinsmen; to him shall you listen." Deut.18:15

It is interesting to note, St. Peter, in a speech after his first great miracle, spoke of Jesus as this prophet who had been expected. What bothers me is that no Catholic seer has ever made such an extraordinary claim as this. Why? Jesus was the Great Prophet and in Him the prophecies of the O.T. were both fulfilled and completed. Therefore, there is no precedent in our Church history for a visionary, seer or mystic to come out and call him or herself a prophet. The seers didn't aggrandize themselves with pompous titles. Heaven gave them a message and they delivered it. In other words, they were not focused on themselves.

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