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Friday, November 29, 2013

How Doomsday Prophecies Affect Our Children. Testimony

A few words from a person whose family members are involved in the cult of Maria Divine Mercy. 

I have been talking again with Mary McGovern's, MDM's disciples who continue
on their mission to spread her “bad news” rather than the Good News of Jesus Christ. True to form, they run away whenever the legitimacy of this controversial seer is challenged. Any criticism of their cult leader is anathema to them. (So much for following the exhortation of St. Peter to be prepared to give a reason for the hope that lies within you.) Their obstinate resistance and complete disregard for all the thoughtful, very Catholic reasons for rejecting their pet prophet, suggests a strong diabolical influence. 

It is obvious, MDM’s “Books of Truth” have become their new canon of Sacred Scripture. Whatever their counterfeit Messiah proclaims from the heavens of cyberspace is unquestionably true. Do MDM'ers need proof? No. It is all about their feelings and a whole pile of conspiracy theories starting with Pope Paul VI being replaced by an impostor according to Veronica Leuken, the late Bayside seer of New York. 

Cult followers repeatedly fail to make any distinction between private and public revelation and yes, they routinely refer to these books as an addition to the Holy Bible. Somehow, even citations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, fails to penetrate their hearts. There is the morality of relativism and then there is the theology of relativists. 

Accordingly, the heretics are none other than all opponents of MDM; they must be “liberals”; have their “heads in the sand,” or are simply too fearful to face reality that Holy Mother Church has already completely “disintegrated,” having been disemboweled by the architects of evil who have destroyed her from within. 

Bottom line, her cult followers do not care who MDM is. They believe the messages because they want to. They are comfortable in their tight little "prayer" groups and do not want to be excluded from them. No matter that their allegiance to MDM is alienating them from their true family, the Church. Meanwhile, MDM opponents, do all the hard work of comparing and contrasting MDM's counterfeit Jesus with legitimate Catholic sources to verify if what "he" says coincides with the deposit of faith. All too often, the dissimilitudes are remarkable. There is just no way that Our Lord and the Blessed Mother could be spewing forth the nonsense and vitriol so characteristic of the W2C website. Why M&M disciples continue to consume all the offals from this website, like so much junk food served at a circus carnival, is a mystery: the mystery of iniquity.

Why? How could this happen to so many good members of the Church? The most adamant of them, have been reading end time prophecies about the hidden "Third Secret of Fatima," the chastisement, 'the Warning' most of their lives; worse yet, they have been spoon feeding these to their children. The cold war may be over but they still preach humanity will be wiped out by nuclear war and that Russia was never consecrated to Our Lady. Such parents, see no harm, even after their children leave home and are no longer practicing Catholics. Play the blame game. Their faith was not entirely lost because of corrupt or diluted teaching from so-called Catholic institutes of learning. Maybe, just maybe, it is time these parent's took some responsibility because their brand of Catholicism was so centered on sensationalism and doomsday scenarios that religion left a bad taste in the mouths of their children. 

Before their children ever realized the marvelous plan God had prepared for them in this life, their disgruntled relatives, had already replaced their rightful heritage, joy and hope, with terrible end time prophecies. Rather than live as children of light, in awe and wonder of God’s great act of creation and redemption, they were taught to constantly monitor for signs of the end times. Is it any wonder, they lost faith when these prophecies failed to come true? Is it any wonder these children turn a deaf ear to their parents, even today, whenever they start talking about God? 

Surely, it is one thing to live in a state of grace and another to live in a constant state of anxiety with no hope of a future apart from mass destruction and annihilation.Mary McGovern/ Carberry, a.k.a. Marie Divine Mercy, isn’t the first seer to announce the angels of the Apocalypse pouring down fire from the heavens on the heads of God’s children. Sadly, she won’t be the last.

Moreover, why would the offspring of these homes want to build anything with their lives when the hand of God is already to reach out and destroy it all? Why direct oneself to solve any of humanity’s problems if one is waiting for direct divine intervention to set mankind straight once and for all? How many of these insular groups are out on the streets protesting the greatest human rights issue of our day: abortion? On no. They are too busy spreading the end of the world prophecies to bother with anything that mundane. 

At some point, one has to recognize that too much curiosity about the end times is simply unhealthy. Taken to its logical conclusion, one who follows MDM would have to think Jesus had left behind unfinished business. Worse yet, MDM is constantly preaching we must redeem ourselves in God's eyes. Is a Catholic still Catholic when he thinks Jesus had not fully accomplished His Father’s mission? Let God decide when these misled members have passed a point of no return. It isn't too hard to imagine, they are out on a limb on this one and the longer they hang on the more likely it is this branch will break and they will fall. 

No. We are not called to be spectators in life. God doesn't want us to sit around to view the unfolding of human history; He wants us to actively cooperate with the life-giving gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to build a civilization of love - now. We are called to spread the kingdom of God, in the Mystical Body of Christ, to all people and to all nations. If Jesus decides to come while we are thus engaged, we will have nothing to fear.

“Well done, my good and fai thful servant. . . Enter into the joy of your Master.” (Matthew 25:21-22)

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  1. I don't think the Cult you proclaim MDM out to to be is no longer in session. I have noticed that the many Users who speak about Prophets and Apostles are forwarding themselves toward a Website called www.thecallofthebride.com

    I'm not Catholic, but I have been checking out this Website and have noticed plenty of People orchestrated towards this Website which is showing thought that Fatima is a Demon to the Catholic Church and that anyone from the Catholic Church should not be trusted.

    I have also noticed that there are many links that feature many People who're claiming to be Apostles & Prophets are posting messages onto this website: http://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/

    I understand that you are still rationalizing about how true or false the MDM's Messages are, however, the person has mentioned a lot of dreams lately that have not happened prior to statements made on the home page that tells of the made mentioning to watch for a 'Glory Cloud' and is posting up Videos of People mandating that a Rapture is to occur in Days, then a change of Videos being listed in similarity that it'll happen soon when it is quite clear for Christians that there is no Rapture.

    They have also made it clear that when the three days of darkness show up, they are to run outside. I can guess that these people might have Psychosis or Schizophrenia, however, I cannot exactly be the Judge of that, for I am not at all concerned as they are claiming that the Church is the Bride of Christ, is posting that a Bride is to be unveiled soon, but is actually turning their Messages all to themselves, and that many of the Users who are backing these specific sites are instigating that we ought to be foolish for believing in anything else but these Videos & Site's Messages.

    They are boycotting that many people should not listen to Little Pebble & MDM, but should focus on them, instead. They are claiming to be the judges as Prophets and that when Christ comes back, they will judge along with him.