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Monday, February 2, 2015

Voice analysis confirms: Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy

In a two-page spread in the 1 February 2015 the Irish Mail on Sunday reporter Michael O’Farrell exposed the central characters behind the fraud of “Maria Divine Mercy” as the public relations mother-daughter team of Mary and Sarah Carberry and millionaire retired dentist Breffni Cully.

You can listen to the voice samples here.

This is the first major media exposure of the four-year-old scam that claimed messages from heaven. The Irish scammers sold books and medals to an estimated million-plus followers with promises that wearing the penny-value trinket would assure eternal life in paradise.
Irish Mail investigative reporter Michael O’Farrell’s research included a personal confrontation with Mary Carberry, who uses her maiden name McGovern in business. O’Farrell quotes Carberry: “I’m sorry. I’m not going to get involved with internet trolls who are trying to destroy my life because of a job I did for somebody.”  She adds, “I can’t deal with this crap. I’m sorry. But if you honestly believe this shit, you can.”

Was she referring to her ‘messages from heaven’?
The Irish Mail sent the recording of Carberry’s comments to a U.S. voice analysis expert to compare with a radio interview ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ gave in 2011.Conclusion: Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy!
The complete Irish Mail story is available here in two files.
Mary Carberry page 1           Mary Carberry page 2

Following the publication of the story in the Irish Daily Mail, Mary Carberry was caught on video buying up all hundreds of papers in some parts of Dublin, including Malahide.  Read more...

Source: Midwaystreet Blog 


  1. Notwithstanding the controversy from religious point of view... though having matured in Geo-science/physics stream I've develop a keen interest on the short term global prophecies by Maria Divine Mercy most of which did unfold in time and space such as the Spain earthquake, Volcanoes,death of Gaddaffi (as I have personally confirmed with the visionary months before the event) and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to have taken place? I should appreciate her extraordinary prediction capabilities which should be encouraged rather than condemned.

    1. She predicted the death of Gaddafi? You mean he was a world leader as MDM claimed? And where are the other two world leaders who were supposedly to be killed within a month time - MDM personally wrote that on Mother of God forum :Three world leaders - one from mainland Europe and two from the middle east will be killed within a month." http://motheofgod.com/threads/the-warning-second-coming.2218/page-3 Show me a message where she claimed Pope Benedict would resign, I only see her claiming he would be 'viciously ousted' and predicted his 'demise' soon after he was to be exiled from the Vatican. As for earthquakes, she predicted most of them after they happened, still no big earthquake in Russia or China... well the list of failed prophecies are too long to mention - you can check some of them here http://mariadivinemercytrueorfalse.blogspot.com/p/maria-divine-mercys-failed-prophecies.html - the most recent ones like the Marian apparitions last spring, cancelled Christmas last year or that God would silence other seers so that MDM's voice could be heard are not mentioned even there.

    2. So here prediction score falls short of 100 out of 100 ? Or maybe she conspired with Pope Benedict who announced his resignation on 11.2.2013 exactly one year the prediction date 11.2.2012 that he would be ousted.. Do all the so called Christian /Catholic Visionaries predict all events accurately from time in memorial and if events fail to occur then it is the prayers which have diluted? MDM may not have concentrated on her prediction capabilities properly when she was not sure that Osama could have been also included as potential world leader. One has to read between the lines to interpret phases as world leaders etc. If MDM is a real fraud then I should say she's gifted exceptional fraud who has caught the attention of most with her short term predictions...

    3. Wrong, she is not gifted, the devil is who succeeds in deceiving gullible ignoramus Christians who continues to thinks she is a real prophet.

  2. I don't know that she is a fraud who set out to deceive the members of the Church or whether she fell into this sincerely believing in her voices. What we do know is that her messages are not from God because genuine prophets who speak God's truth do not make a liar or a fool out of God and Jesus would never calumniate His Bride the Church anymore than He would accuse His Blessed Mother of Satanic worship. It follows therefore that her writing is completely incompatible with piety. Her messages drip with such hatred for Holy Mother Church that she dared to curse all the servants of God, the bishops, who warned their flocks that her teachings are heretical . . . A true seer would have humbly submitted in obedience. Without a doubt, she is her own worse enemy and the foul flood of curses she wrote in the heat of anger, frustration and hurt betray a tormented soul.

    This self - described high flying business woman and agnostic does indeed have exceptional talent but she has not used it to glorify God. She has used it to sew confusion, division and deception. All over the Internet we can see the weeds which have sprung up on so many sites propagating her lies. The good Catholics who have imbibed this poison can scarcely rid themselves of her. Michael Voris aptly called it spiritual pornography. Thanks to her success, so many can not look at Pope Francis or bear to listen to him without cackling MDM's line that he is a Free Mason placed on the throne of Peter by a pack of wolves. They are "in the know."

    She would do well to remember the fate of Queen Jezebel who cursed and hounded God's servant Elijah and led the Israelites into worship of Baal just as Carberry has hounded Pope Francis. It is a terrible thing to suffer the justice of God. Even King Ahab, Jezebel's husband, the most wicked of kings, had the sense to repent and humble himself before the Lord. Would that she would forget the books of prophecy, Daniel and Revelation long enough to read and reflect on the historical books of Kings. Just as she loves to tell everyone that history repeats itself with the Catholic clergy imitating the role of the Sanhedrin and Pharisees today so should she take note of that page in the Old Testament. If not for herself, for the sake of her family.

  3. 1 Thessalonians 5:20. Yeshua is his name,and one does forget the prophetic words of Saint Simeon about this God-man. Was any prophet of God ever welcomed,in ancient days? Why would these days be any different? The rhetoric on these comments show us that like the Pharissees & Sadduccees those puffed up with pride,to spew venom on the undertakings of those anointed with the Holy Spirit since before birth to be Yah's prophets,to warn his people of their unrighteousness. Did anyone know John the Baptist before he came baptizing in the Jordon? He lived in the desert! Did not those same fore- Fathers of ancient times know better than Yah,and chop off John's Head? Has Yah ever chosen the wise of this world to announce his secrets, his words, his truths? Yeshua, himself said he came to divide! Wheat from the Chaf (Good from Evil)! The Jews of the 1st Century ancient believers lost their Temple and the Glory & Presence of Yah in their Temple,for making the costly mistake of not Truely knowing their time of the Visitation, "which left no rock upon another." Are we really that arrogant enough as the 'Synagogue of Satan' did in 70 a.d. to thumb our putrid noses yet again to Yah and say "Mankind is in Control." This time the Master says, we'll be Chastised with fire! Wonder how hot these modern-day enemies of Yah will withstand the purifying fires of his Indignation and Wrath against these modern-day enemies of Yah's Holy Spirit via his end-times prophets. The Good Book says these self-same men will be held accountable for the Blood of Innocent Abel to the Last Prophet & Saint today (Matthew 23:33-36)! My guess is, that they have no clue who they are Truly messing with (Matthew 23:37-39), if they did, they would have been warned by just reading 2 Timothy 3, and truly understood the workings of the Lord, when he truly comes before men?...humility...lowly Shepherds heard the Tidings of great joy,1st! Not the Sanhedrin! Listen to the prophetic words of our Lord indicting the Pharisees and Saduccees...Matthew 23:13-32). You see, nothing has changed! These 2,000 years....the enemy of Yah,again wants to silence God's messenger. But this time, they best think,again, Yah won't act?! The Boom-a-loom is coming. Have you noticed something about Yah's enemies, they keep getting blows and still they're ticking. But even our Lord warns them from his own mouth, this time..."Touch my prophets guys, this time....and see how I will deal with you...now in ancient times the Prophets were mostly men! Yah has a soft spot for Women (and Children)... I'm just saying! Not only has this apostate generation dissed God's own Mother they want to make "holy war" with the prophet of Yah's own choosing!!! The gonads of these Luciferian wanna-bes!!!!