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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Irish "Visionary" Maria Divine Mercy Closes Website WarningSecondComing

Mary Carberry - Maria
Divine Mercy
Four years after opening her website - TheWarningSecondComing.com - the Catholic "visionary" who took the name Maria Divine Mercy has closed shop.

On 20 March the internet-only "visionary" permanently closed her website that began in March 2011 as the source of more than 1,200 "messages" from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. "Visions were backdated from November 2010 and continued to this March. She gained millions of believers, worldwide prayer groups and more than 400,000 Facebook followers.

The immediate cause of the shut down is not known, but the closure comes seven weeks after Mary Carberry, a Dublin, Ireland, resident was revealed by the Irish Mail on Sunday as the true identity of the internet seer. 

Announcement on Maria Divine Mercy's 
official Jesus to Mankind Facebook page 
Irish Mail commissioned a professional comparison analysis of Carberry's voice recorded in January 2015 with a radio interview Maria Divine Mercy made in October 2011. Verdict: it's the same person. The secret "visionary" had only identified herself as a European business woman with children.

Security cameras caught Carberry hauling more than 300 copies of the Irish Mail to her car the morning the paper was issued. Pictures of her carrying arm loads of papers earned her front page in the following Sunday's edition. 

www.theWarningSecondComing.com website 
International bloggers had first revealed Carberry, a public relations consultant, as the secret seer in November 2013 posting business documents that linked Carberry to two promoters of Maria Divine Mercy merchandise. In February 2014, in the process of defending Maria Divine Mercy, Carberry's German business partner identified Carberry as the "seer." 

In April 2014 Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin formally condemned the visions of Maria Divine Mercy as inconsistent with Catholic teaching and forbid their promotion.

Contact: Mark Saseen
March 22, 2015 MidwayStreet.Wordpress.com/contact


  1. Check out https://filamena2015.wordpress.com/

    1. Oh we have seen this site on JTM page. But MDM's gone offline!

  2. From the Little Pebble's website regarding MDM.



  3. The history of Catholic Church shows that the condamnation by the church is not always right and that the church makes big mistakes sometimes.
    Check the story of Saint Joann of Arc - she had visions of saints and ARchangel Michael. Yet, after she finished her mission to help France in the war with England, the bishop has declared her guilty of heresy and she was burned at the stake on 30 May 1431, dying at about nineteen years of age. Twenty-five years after her execution, an inquisitorial court authorized by Pope Callixtus III examined the trial, debunked the charges against her, pronounced her innocent, and declared her a martyr. Joan of Arc was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920.

    1. Do you not know that Mary Carberry - by her own admission and according to the eye witness account of one of her own business partners - practices as a medium using an occult method called automatic writing? The Catholic Church never has and never will declare such messages are heaven sent. When God wants to write He never takes even temporary possession of anyone's free will to do so.

    2. MDM facebook page also went offline. I have read MDM messages from beginning to end, more than 20 prophecies unfulfilled, I'm expert in catholic eschatology, it wasn't hard to see that her messages were full of heresies.

    3. Anonymous, disabuse yourself of the fantasy that Carberry is a martyr fighting a crusade to save the Church from the seed of Satan which now occupies the chair of Peter. While Joan was in the front lines leading her army, Carberry has been cowardly hiding and it would seem has now abandoned her so-called remnant army of “billions.”

      St. Joan of Arc is not a fair comparison on many points. Unlike Mary Carberry whose hubris “scales the heavens” with the most pretentious of self-proclaimed titles and roles, the Maid of Orleans was untainted with conceit or self-interest. She never claimed to be a prophet, only a “daughter of God. Furthermore, the historical context with competing claims of the French and the British for the throne of France has no parallel today. The bishop who presided over her most irregular, illegal Inquisition was not acting in the interest of the Church but out of his own self-interest and his sympathies for the British. It was an act of vengeance, on their part, to burn Joan as a witch. Such was their sworn intention even before her capture because they knew it was unlawful to put a prisoner of war to death.

      Frankly, the only parallel one might draw from this sad episode is that Mary Carberry has instigated a civil war within Holy Mother Church causing much dissension through her mischief and for whatever motives. It is a wake of destruction and division she has left in her path of lies and deceit.

  4. You have stolen the Jesus To Mankind Trademark. Did you take down the website too?

    The Ship of Peter is torn apart
    Martyred in its Holy Teaching
    It sinks and sinks, no work of art
    The bottom though never reaching
    Dissidents are screaming loud
    Leaving behind an awful niff
    Pretending to be proudly stout
    Gearing the Ship into a cliff
    Jesus shows His wounded Heart
    Smitten with a deadly dart
    Peter the Rock in desolation
    Deploring severe desecration
    Wake up, you Christian Brother
    Show now your truthful face
    With Mary our Heavenly Mother
    We'll reach that Peaceful Place
    In allegiance to the Holy Father 
    United in prayer and fasting
    No victory will claim, but rather
    Satan's defeat be everlasting.

    Rita Biesemans, 01-02-2011


    1. Oh another false visionary to our collection? I could add her to this list but why give visibility to another nut preying on human naivety

  6. Visions and directives can often be misleading. It is like scripture handed down after Christ which claims to have been divulged in an amanuensis,wherein it says according to Gabriel and God,that JESUS is not the son of God. Clearly a ploy of the evil one,which today has the world in great turmoil,due to it's existence. Yet,Christ said "Many will come after me,but you will judge them by their fruits." This taken heed of and scrutinised,will create a great awareness to Christians worldwide.

  7. MDM is a fraud and should have to reimburse everyone for anything they spent money on with this FRAUD!!Some people will give their very Souls for money!! Shame on you!! Open your eyes!!