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Monday, March 30, 2015

Maria Divine Mercy Closes Shop; Walks Away From 'Vision' Business

By Mark Saseen
Official Maria Divine Mercy's Facebook page 
Jesus to Mankind featuring 'laughing Jesus'
closed down on March 27 

Step by step the vision empire known as "Maria Divine Mercy" is crumbling. On March 27, one week after closing her website TheWarningSecondComing, the anonymous seer closed her companion Facebook page that served the visionary's world community.

The closures come less than two months following articles by the Irish Mail on Sunday that offered conclusive evidence identifying Ireland's Mary Carberry as the visionary.

Carberry opened her website of visions in March 2011 working from her home in upscale Malahide, north of Dublin. In four years she accumulated millions of followers and more than 400,000 Facebook "likes." As an anonymous and completely internet-based operation, the 59-year-old former public relations consultant found special favor in the United States, continental Europe, and third world countries such as Nigeria and the Philippines.

She published three volumes of visions with a fourth anticipated when she unexpectedly shut down her website. The surprise departure was likely influenced by exposure in a serious of articles in the 1 February 2015 Irish Mail on Sunday. Investigative reporter Michael O'Farrell managed to record comments from Carberry that were scientifically matched to the voice of the woman who claimed to be "Maria Divine Mercy" during an interview with a US Catholic radio program broadcast in October 2011.

A week later, the Irish Mail pictured Carberry on Page One hauling hundreds of copies of the previous Sunday 'exposure' edition. Security cameras caught Carberry in early morning hours at a number of newspaper vendors attempting damage control in her North Dublin community.

Carberry's closure of her companion website and Facebook pages earned another full-page notice in the Irish Mail on Sunday's March 29 edition.

The Irish Mail on Sunday, March 29
Carberry's vision quest was detailed in the book "The Outing of Mary Carberry," that posted online in early January, the work of a team of Catholic bloggers. The book included copies of business documents linking Mary Carberry - using her maiden name McGovern - with "Maria" business partners millionaire retired Irish dentist Breffni Cully and German national Heinrich Martin Roth, who utilized unattended mail drops for business addresses. Carberry's daughter and son are also implicated with management and web design and maintenance.

Maria Divine Mercy's messages - issued almost daily - spoke of end time events, false prophets and the emergence of the anti-Christ with assurances to followers that by wearing her magic medal they would be protected during the tribulation and transition into a thousand years of peace. Medals sold in packages of 25 at $1 each.

Her messages were condemned by Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin during Easter week last year. Still, the Dublin seer lost no speed continuing her operation that included seminars in more than six countries offered by her Irish business partner Breffni Cully using the name Joseph Gabriel.

Breffni Cully
The sudden shut down of the MDM operation came while Cully was in the Philippines conducting MDM seminars with Australian Tony Murnane.

With the initial website closure on March 20, MDM's closest followers and Facebook administrators quickly assured followers this was a sign that the end was near and that future messages would be communicated through the official Facebook page - Jesus to Mankind. The following week that Facebook page closed and followers initiated several alternative websites and Facebook pages that disappeared with days.

Mary Carberry
There is no direct explanation for the apparent closure of the MDM enterprise. Irish Mail on Sunday investigative reporter Michael O'Farrell reached Carberry at her Malahide home on 26 March for comment on the new developments. The door was shut in his face.

During a late January in-person contact with Carberry, O'Farrell recorded several comments. Carberry was quoted saying, "I was only doing a job for someone" and "If you want to believe this s--t, you can." The nature of the "job" and the "someone" were not identified.

Joe Coleman
Carberry was well-known in Ireland's media world, owning her own public relations business McGovern PR before embarking on a number of other business ventures. While her $ million-plus home was threatened with foreclosure, Carberry, using the name Mary Egan, offered her public relations talent, free of charge, to Irish "psychic" Joe Coleman. Years later Coleman wrote, "In 2009 this lady came along. Never knew her from Adam. She decided to promote me with my work as she knew all the media people out there. She was Mary McGovern. Then she was Mary Egan. Then she was Maria Divine Mercy. So this is where it stopped with me."

Christina Gallagher
Carberry, who claimed to be an angel sent by God and the Last Prophet of all time, lived in the same community of Malahide where another Irish visionary claimed residence -- Christina Gallagher. Gallagher managed a 20-year vision career later exposed in a book by Sunday World reporter Jim Gallagher. Carberry's messages matched Christina's vision business with medals, seals, prayer groups and favors for followers. The MDM messages also took content from Medjugorje, Australia's "Little Pebble," the Magnificat Meal Movement, and other "visionaries" both approved and unapproved by the Catholic Church.

Using only the internet for communications and never identifying herself as other than as a European business woman with children, she was largely unknown in her own country. In 2013 an international research team formed to discover the identity of the mysterious angel-prophet. Their research was published in several MDM exposure websites and earlier this year in book form.

Mark Saseen is a blogger at Midwaystreet.wordpress.com and the author of the book "The Outing of Mary Carberry"

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