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Friday, December 20, 2013

Renowned Exorcist: Maria Divine Mercy's Visions Undoubtedly False

Father Elija Vella, an exorcist from Malta
Father Elija Vella was asked about Maria Divine Mercy during a Radio Maria program. Below is the transcript of what he had to say on the subject:

Question sent to Fr Elija: "For someone to say she is Maria Divine Mercy and that Jesus is appearing to her and He tells her the Pope is False. How can we find out if this person is genuine or not? Because a number of persons, some of them go to Mass every day, are believing these messages. What do you think?"

Fr. Elija: Thanks for asking because this way I will have the chance to reply to
several doubts which were also raised on these, let us call them "private revelations".

Today there any many who say that Jesus appears to them, Our Lady appears (...). And many times we start to doubt the authenticity of these visions.

A vision can be deceptive, from the part of the person who without even knowing wants to have attention brought upon her. She wants everyone to talk about her. So this is deception coming from the person. 

It can be psychological (a cause), i.e. the mind makes you see and your ear makes you hear that which in truth is not real, but you are convinced that it is real. Naturally, psychiatry calls these hallucinations or illusions. Thus, many are those who often are convinced of seeing or hearing, without any deception from the person. In reality, they are themselves being deceived, because what they see or hear is not real and is just psychological.

The third case involves the devil making use of one's fantasy and imagination, and sometimes also uses visions. In reality this is deception .Because in this way, he will be giving messages in the name of Jesus or Mary, but the messages will really be against what Jesus and Mary want. Thus the evil one will be doing his part.

Then we have those who have authentic visions, like at Lourdes and Fatima. These are authentic because after many studies even from the part of the Church, they are declared (by the Church) as being real and there is the Divine hand behind them.

The Church takes its time to examine before arriving at a conclusion. The Church is very prudent and will not rush to tell you something is authentic.
On the contrary it will declare it as false more quickly than to declare as authentic, because it does not want to allow even a doubt of deception.

Now how to tell if in the case of a private revelation, if the person is truly authentic or not? You can notice from various factors. The first factor is obedience. When you notice disobedience towards (church) authority, you start to doubt whether this is really authentic or not. Probably it is not authentic. Recently I had a case in Sicily where we had some private revelations and I was involved to determine the authenticity and the testing which is done on these persons is about obedience. If you do not obey the Church, then that means there is no authenticity. This Sicilian case was declared not authentic because those who were claiming to receive visions, as soon as the (church) authorities gave them some directives or orders, they did not obey them. That is a clear-cut case which is not authentic. 

One also has to check whether the messages are agree spiritually and evangelically with the Bible. Here we have a case which is very very clear: Jesus tells her (Maria Divine Mercy) that the Pope is false. Jesus will NEVER tell something of the sort to any person. When we start to see that the visions spoke against the Bishop, against priests, against the Pope... Here immediately you can tell that DECEPTION is involved in this case, (Maria Divine Mercy) visions which are not authentic.

If you were to tell me Jesus told this person to pray a lot for the Pope because he needs prayers, then such a vision could be authentic. If the vision tells you pray for the conversion of Priests and for the Bishop to be filled with the Holy Spirit, then yes that could be an authentic vision.

But if the vision talks against the Pope, against Priests, against the Bishop, we can be 100% certain that they are not authentic. There is DECEPTION involved, perhaps from the part of the devil who uses these things, or 
the visionary (Maria Divine Mercy) herself is being deceived.
She is being deceived in one way or another. We see that here we have to be careful. One cannot go beyond some rules or directives. This is one of the things that make us not just doubt, but we can be certain that these (Maria Divine Mercy's) are FALSE VISIONS.

So this person claiming to be Maria DIVINE (Mercy), even here the very name is DECEPTIVE as nobody is DIVINE except for God. Not even the Madonna is divine. 

When we say DIVINE, only God is divine. How can a human person say I am Maria DIVINE? Not even Our Lady can say something like this. Divinity belongs to God only. As you can see, there are many clear signs that these visions are not authentic. We do not condemn those who believe (in these visions) as surely they do not do this out of evil intentions, they do it out of ignorance and somewhat excessive enthusiasm.

They are in error, and let us pray with God's help to discern private revelations so as not to be deceived.That was a very important question, thanks to whoever asked it as I could say a word on this topic.

Below is the recording of the radio program with English subtitles:

Fr. Elija Vella was born in St Paul's Bay. He is a member of Franciscan Conventual congregation. Fr. Elija graduated in theology in 1965 from the Lateran University, Rome and has thought theology for some years. He has written various books including "Satana" and "Diavoli e esorcismi". He was nominated by the Archbishop of Malta Mgr Joseph Mercieca as Official Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Malta. He is also president of the Archdiocesan Commission on Occult and Satanism. Father Elija leads prayers, seminars, retreats and spiritual exercises in several countries across five continents.


  1. O dearest Jesus help me to remain true to your most holy word at all times. Give me the strength to uphold the truth of your church in the face of adversity fill me with the grace to administer the holy sacraments in the way you taught us. Help me to feed your church with the bread of life and remain loyal to You even when I am prohibited from doing so. Cover all your sacred servants with your precious Blood at this timeso that we will remain courageous loyal steadfast in our allegiance to you our beloved Saviour Jesus Christ F or the clergy crusade prayer book MDM

    1. If you only were loyal to the Word of God which you abandoned for MDM trash.
      This is a useless prayer given by Mary Carberry.

  2. Sorry Elizmary, It is not the Precious Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who covers you but a pile of dung you are sitting in. Pick yourself up; get to the sacrament of reconciliation and confess that you are under the influence of a woman who has taught you to hate, distrust and slander Pope Francis and His Bride the Church. Until and unless you do, it is doubtful your prayers can be pleasing to God. An obedient and humble heart offers prayers pleasing to God, not a soul in "secret" rebellion against an anointed servant of the Lord. Give the Child Jesus the gift of your fiat this Christmas.

  3. I tell you on the of judgment people will account for every careles word they speak for by your words you willbe justified and by your words you will be condemned

  4. So will you. And so will Mary Carberry aka Maria Divine Mercy - if she does not repent

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  6. ..thanks for expunging the spiritual oxygen of the faithful of this poison...this inane provender which MDM offers her spiritually proud flibbertigibbet followers is sowing discord in the Church...ignorance is no excuse glad u are helping out of charity to lead people away from this obvious deception

  7. however the DIVINE MERCY--GOD and not "MARIA"--DOES encourage that very type of prayer--you evidently ARE RELYING ON HEARSAY AND HAVE NOT THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED THE MESSAGES--thereby making that conclusion of yours FALSE: by your own logic.+<3--she also as well immediately went to the church and AS JEREMIAH has A MESSAGE FROM GOD FROM WITHIN CRITICIZED BY THE PRIESTS: you would make JEREMIAH false!!

  8. however the DIVINE MERCY--GOD and not "MARIA"--DOES encourage that very type of prayer--you evidently ARE RELYING ON HEARSAY AND HAVE NOT THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED THE MESSAGES--thereby making that conclusion of yours FALSE: by your own logic.+<3--she also as well immediately went to the church and AS JEREMIAH has A MESSAGE FROM GOD FROM WITHIN CRITICIZED BY THE PRIESTS: you would make JEREMIAH false!!

  9. ...there is no parity in your argument..since the priests of old were not commissioned by Christ...the new covenant fulfills the old and so surmount the old in authority...the prediction must be cast on the correct qualification of the object otherwise you go to war with arrows and bows against the rock which is Peter...you have an undistributed illict major premise