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Monday, March 30, 2015

Maria Divine Mercy Closes Shop; Walks Away From 'Vision' Business

By Mark Saseen
Official Maria Divine Mercy's Facebook page 
Jesus to Mankind featuring 'laughing Jesus'
closed down on March 27 

Step by step the vision empire known as "Maria Divine Mercy" is crumbling. On March 27, one week after closing her website TheWarningSecondComing, the anonymous seer closed her companion Facebook page that served the visionary's world community.

The closures come less than two months following articles by the Irish Mail on Sunday that offered conclusive evidence identifying Ireland's Mary Carberry as the visionary.

Carberry opened her website of visions in March 2011 working from her home in upscale Malahide, north of Dublin. In four years she accumulated millions of followers and more than 400,000 Facebook "likes." As an anonymous and completely internet-based operation, the 59-year-old former public relations consultant found special favor in the United States, continental Europe, and third world countries such as Nigeria and the Philippines.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Irish "Visionary" Maria Divine Mercy Closes Website WarningSecondComing

Mary Carberry - Maria
Divine Mercy
Four years after opening her website - TheWarningSecondComing.com - the Catholic "visionary" who took the name Maria Divine Mercy has closed shop.

On 20 March the internet-only "visionary" permanently closed her website that began in March 2011 as the source of more than 1,200 "messages" from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. "Visions were backdated from November 2010 and continued to this March. She gained millions of believers, worldwide prayer groups and more than 400,000 Facebook followers.

The immediate cause of the shut down is not known, but the closure comes seven weeks after Mary Carberry, a Dublin, Ireland, resident was revealed by the Irish Mail on Sunday as the true identity of the internet seer.