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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Joanna's Testimony

Encounter with MDM messages

My adventure with MDM messages started by accident. I was a nominal Catholic my whole life, but when my son was born I wanted it to change. 

I come from a Catholic family, so after my son was born I wanted to have him baptised - which I did when he was eight months old. This new, rather forced, encounter with the Church brought about by the situation made me think again about my faith. Unfortunately, my return to my faith was more painful than it would seem at first. They say that curiosity is the first step to hell, and I took that step out of curiosity when I came across MDM messages. 


The messages seemed beautiful at first glance, though there was something in them that made me feel afraid. As I kept reading them, my psychological condition would deteriorate. I started feeling low, I kept imagining the end of the world, and I cried a lot because I felt sorry for my child - despite all those beautiful promises that those messages contained. I felt that I was worse than others, that I was a terrible sinner, and only then did I realize how many mistakes I had made in my life. I thought to myself, 'How good it was that I came across MDM messages because thanks to them I converted'. But I was wrong. 

The messages contained numerous Crusade prayers, it was impossible to say them all during one day, least of all to pray the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet. But one day, I downloaded the prayer of the 'Seal of the Living God' and available 'Crusade' prayers. I prayed the seal of the living God a few times - maybe five times, and a few Crusade prayers at a time.  I found it was very difficult for me to pray them; I felt tired, I seemed to be out of breath as if I had just ran in a marathon. 

I had a strange feeling as if something wanted to enter into me through my forehead... I know this sounds funny but this is what it felt like. I also prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet but with so much fear that the slightest noise would set me off. In addition to that, there were dreams, and some of them were not pretty at all. 

Strange dreams

I know we should not believe in dreams, but they made me think. My first dream was like this: I was standing, surrounded by darkness, on one side I felt the power of good, and on the other side - the evil, and then someone started pulling me from both sides - as if someone fought over me which way I should be pulled. Then I turned to the evil side and I said, 'Let go of me, I believe in God!' and it let go of me and the dream was over. I thought to myself, 'That is great, it is probably the devil who is angry because I am reading MDM messages and I am a soldier of God!' 

My joy lasted till I had the next dream. I dreamed of the cross on fire, and something wanted to pull my child from my arms. I was petrified, but still it didn't really make me think. 

But the third dream did. I dreamed of my deceased father who was very angry with me. He and my mom yelled at me, they accused me of being in the cult - they told me to confess to it, but I just kept denying it. I woke up and I could not stop crying... 

Breaking free 

That same day I got a message from a woman who was a complete stranger to me. She found out that I was reading MDM messages, and she warned me against them. We talked for a long time and after that I threw away 'the seal; and I stopped praying the Crusade prayers, I started praying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. These prayers soothed me; I no longer felt afraid. I felt peace for quite some time but whenever I had anything to do with the subject of MDM something bad would start to happen. Three times precisely at 3.15 am (I know because I checked the time) I was awakened by a terrible stench of something burnt.

The first time it was really unbearable, the second it was not as bad, it seemed that something stinking was lying next to me, the third time I felt bad stench coming from my child's bed. After the first night I also found I had bruises on my right knee in the shape of a hand. I thought it could be mine son's hand, but his fingers are tiny so it could not be him.

And there was a night, not so long ago, around 4 a.m. my son woke me up, as he usually does, so I took him to my bed and laid him next to me. After five seconds I closed my eyes and I heard the hissing sound and I felt a bump on my head, and this bump seemed to have gone right through me with this hissing sound. I cannot explain what it felt like, it was like this invisible bump on my head, and I could not sleep till morning.

I know that there are more people who have had similar experiences. Maybe it'd be good to talk about it.
(Joanna, Poland) 


  1. I have studied psychic phenomena for many years, reading many books,mostly out of curiosity. Notably, according to famed researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren (Accredited Demononoligists) 3:15 AM is the hour of the Anti Christ. It is the height of demonic activity, this is because it is said that Christ died for our sins at exactly 3:15 PM. The Satanic mocks this by doing precisely the opposite, hence 3:15 AM. I can't say with any certainty that that is the case here, but it seems suspicious, the demonic will manifest fouls smells. Working in a pattern, basically, infestation (Ouija Boards, Tarot cards, Satan Worship,) the Devil thereby gains permission to enter your lives, 2nd stage, oppression to break your will, such as loud rappings throughout your home in the night, bad smells, horrible dreams, financial ruin, etc...3rd stage their goal: possession of God's Child, last stage Death.
    Jon A.

  2. Thank you for your testimony Joanna....what a terrible experience you had!. I pray that more people will waken up to the truth that demons are behind the MDM messages

  3. Well in my opinion the devil has succeeded to gain control in you for letting you to stop praying. The rosary was given by mama mary to a saint so thus the divine mercy chaplet....it was just been promoted by mdm....i was like you then but the lord told me in mydream to just Trust Him....i pray the seal of the living God and you can read the testimonies from the people praying the seal. GODBLESS US ALL.

    1. I admit I have read a few testimonies of people who pray the seal and who experienced demonic oppression. I do not know what is the big deal though, you people like to be harrassed by the devil?