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Saturday, June 22, 2013

MDM Schism as of June 2013:: Rejecting Church Authority

Over the last 30 months since November 2010, the alleged divine messages received and spread by this false seer MDM have consistently rejected the authority of the Catholic church in exercising its  canonical mandate to make the final discernment and judgement over apparitions and private revelations.  However, a recent message appear to make a slight detour from this trend:

05 June 2013: 'Their duty is to their superiors, for I have given my church on earth the authority to assert itself over all of god's children. They, My sacred servants, must adhere to all instructions given to them by My Church, until the day My Sacraments are changed. Then, their duty will be to Me.'

This is deception par excellence. The first sentence espouses obedience alright, but it is as if MDM realized her detractors were one in putting this among the major criticisms of its messages.  Those recent messages are starting to sound more like blog posts meant to answer its critics for its disobedience to Church authority and other heresies, evidently after MDM or its assigned staff has read them in blogs and Facebook pages devoted to unmasking her fraud.

But you only need to read the second sentence to put this into context and realize another heresy. MDM's obedience is conditional, the obedience the Church espouses is not. To MDM, where any change in the Church liturgy occurs that would impact on the Sacraments, that obedience can go hang.  This is a clear schismatic BS predicated by her heresy of mocking the Indefectibility of the Church.  It presupposes that the Church would alter any of its dogmatic pillars in the Sacraments and, therefore, merits the disobedience from its flock. Even if the bishop or pontiff errs, obedience is unconditional. One doesn't commit sin when obeying an erring Bishop of Pontiff, but one sins when you disobey Church authority.

“We belong to God, and anyone who knows God listens to us, while anyone who does not belong to God refuses to hear us. This is how we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of deceit.” (1 John 4:6)

Right from the start, the alleged divine messages have clearly given MDM the license to blatantly scorn ecclesial authority with impunity.  The very first alleged divine message received in November 2010 created the preamble, the preface and the framework that defined the abomination called Maria Divine Mercy. 

08 November 2010:  (1st ever message from an impostor Mary) “My child, you have a responsible job to do and you must not let anyone stop you. The Truth has to get out. You have been chosen to do this Work. My child, stay strong. Look to God above for guidance to do my Work.”

(Same date): “These Messages are of Divine Origin and must be respected. I trust you to make sure that they are delivered effectively to a disbelieving world”

These haughty words have the tenor that could only come from a curmudgeon.  They sound as if they came from the late Margaret Thatcher, making a direct unchallenged order to invade the Falklands, not from the docile and obedient Virgin Mary of Lourdes or La Salette. The words are desperate, as if MDM needed the cash badly from eventually selling the compilation of its messages at Amazon.

Over the next 30 months, with messages being posted in her Warning Second Coming site and linked to her Facebook page in Jesus to Mankind page, devout Catholics and Church authorities have taken her to task for:
(1)   failure to submit to the local church authorities in having the messages investigated for authenticity in term so supernatural origination;
(2)   failure to comply with canonical rules that forbid any seer spreading unapproved private revelations or publishing books on matters of faith and morals without an Imprimatur from a local Bishop;
(3)   anonymity that makes it impossible to trace her presence to ensure that the local bishop can take the necessary action;
(4)   messages full of doctrinal acrobatics and scriptural misinterpretations
(5)   messages maligning and denouncing the present Pope Francis as a false pope;
(6)   prophecies that have failed to come true;
(7)   messages complete with self-contradictions and utterances clearly lifted from past messages from both approved and condemned seers;
(8)   messages that are clearly direct responses to criticisms levied on them; and
(9)   messages that elevate themselves to the level of “Holy Word” that is only reserved to the public revelations in the Holy Bible.
The three excerpted BS from MDM could never be from Mary whose Son loves obedience and whose own obedience was encapsulated in the words: “be it done unto me according to thy word” and brought Jesus to the world.

In all her apparitions, Mary has never explicitly boasted that her "messages are of divine origin," because they already are and need not be said, nor would she willingly put the soul of her seer in jeopardy be belittling church authorities who could stand in her way in investigating and making any judgement on the authenticity of these alleged messages.

Worst, the messages allegedly coming from Jesus impugn and make a mockery of such authority.

09 July 2011:  (a fake Christ talking)“It is not important whether the Church authenticates these messages because time is not on their side”

20 April 2012:  “Make no mistake, Satan and his demons, are furious because of this plan, the final Plan of Salvation. He will cause havoc with this work. He will create debate, cast aspersions on this work and will do everything he can to stop My Book of Truth, My Holy Messages from being spread. You may also expect disapproval from elements within My Church on earth and a raging argument among Christians as to the authenticity of My Holy Word.”

Apart form the doctrinal fact that there is no such thing as a "final plan of salvation" to be disucssed in another blog post, it is interesting to contrast MDM's hilarious utterances with the words from one of the most esteemed series of visions from St. Margaret Mary Alacogue, percursor to the Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion. On one occasion, Jesus had ask her to do something about His message, but her Superior did not approve. When He came again, she asked Him about her Superior's disapproval of her request, and He replied:

St. Margaret Mary Alcogue of the
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
"Therefore not only do I desire that you should do what your Superior commands, but also that you should do nothing of all that I order without their consent. I love obedience, and without it no one can please me" (Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary #47).

“Tell your Superior that I shall render thee more useful than she thinks, but in a manner known at present only to Me. Henceforth, I shall adjust my graces to the spirit of thy Rule, to the will of thy Superiors and to thy weakness; so that thou must regard as suspicious everything that might withdraw thee from the exact observance of thy Rule, which it is My will that thou shouldst prefer the will of thy Superiors to Mine, whenever they may forbid thee to do what I command thee. Suffer them to act as they please with thee; I shall know well how to find means for the accomplishment of my designs, even though they may appear to be opposed and contrary thereto.”

What does the Church say about this?

Canon 823 §1 
Pastors of the Church 
have the duty and the right to demand that 
where writings of the faithful touch upon
matters of faith and morals, these be 
submitted to their judgement. Moreover, 
they have the duty and the right to condemn 
writings which harm true faith or good morals.

Canon. 826 § §3 
Prayer books, for either the 
public or the private use of the faithful,
are not to be published except by permission 
of the local Ordinary.'
The real Jesus Christ never boasted that Divine Will was superior to human authority in matters of private revelation. What He said to St. Margaret Mary was clearly an admonishment to simple OBEDIENCE to her superior, and doing so opened the best means to following the Will of God. Obedience would be instrumental to the fulfillment of Christ’s designs so that even if a relevant authority declines His wishes, Christ will not be thwarted when He said  “I shall know well how to find means for the accomplishment of My designs.”  

That's how God works.  Not like MDM's fake Christ whose usefulness clearly depends on MDM publishing his messages without any Imprimatur, as if MDM is the only conduit to whatever He wants accomplished, and that Christ wouldn't be able to think laterally to overcome any objection.  

In the Diary of St Faustina Kowalska we read:

"...Jesus says; 'Obedience. I have come to do My Father’s will. I obeyed my Parents, I obeyed My tormentors and now I obey the Priests' ...I understood that our efforts, no matter how great, are not pleasing to God if they do not bear the seal of obedience.... I understand, O Jesus, the spirit of obedience and in what it consists. It includes not only external actions, but also one’s reason, will and judgment. In obeying our superiors, we obey God.."  (Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska)

And elsewhere in her diary she writes:

"Satan can even clothe himself in a cloak of humility, but he does not know how to wear the cloak of obedience." (Diary, par. 939).

Other Saints and Doctors of the Church have opined theosophically in the same light. We quote from two more: 

“The more we see that any action springs not from the motive of obedience, the more evident is it that it is a temptation of the enemy; for when God sends an inspiration, the very first effect of it is to infuse a spirit of docility.”  (St. Terese de Avila, Doctor of the Church)

“He who follows his own ideas in opposition to the direction of his superior needs no devil to tempt him, for his is the devil to himself.”  (St. John Climacus)

We can quote many other statements from scripture and the Saints such as St. Bernadette of Lourdes or St. Juan Diego of Guadalupe on the issue of docile obedience to ecclesiastical authority that could easily fill a book.  But the contrast in the content and tenor of the messages between MDM and what the saints and theologians of the Church said clearly establishes how MDM's messages cannot be anything but outright deceptions from the devil or mere human contrivances from someone who is clueless about what the Church teaches on obedience.

Neither the real Christ nor Mary could be speaking to MDM.  Even the slightest hint at disobedience betrays what is so pervasively made plain in all condemned messages.  What we have from MDM is a blatant rejection of Church authority and an arrogant self-righteous disobedience that can never come from the Holy Persons it purports to take messages from. Plain and simple. 

We end here and let the readers to distinguish for themselves these quotes from both sides of a yawning chasm about obedience.  You may also want to note the sublime character in the language  of Christ in St. Margaret Mary’s visions compared to the crass vernacular that can only come from a contrived uninspired writing of an uncouth person behind MDM. 

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  1. “Obedience to My Church is important. Obedience to the Word of God is what determines if you are a Christian” Jan.14, 2014

    In other words, obedience to the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scripture, “Bible Alone” is more important that obedience to the Church. Don’t forget, “the Word of God,” in Mary McGovern’s mind, means her messages. She has said so. How can she fail to see that her entire reputation and following is based on rebellion against the authority of the Catholic Church? Within this context, her sanctimonious words are meaningless. Unfortunately, “obedience” is a code word meant to placate the disturbed consciences of Catholic Mdmer’s who are having difficulty with so many hateful, spiteful, vengeful and blasphemous messages.

    This is nothing more than a piece of candy to keep them happy. Children don’t examine if their candy is arsenic laced; they eat it all up. Would that they would listen and obey Holy Mother Church who has told MDM her messages lack credibility. Moreover, numerous bishops have warned they are corrosive to the faith. The choice is clear. Either one is a member of the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ or one leaves it to join this new church founded by Mary McGovern. She has said it. You have read it. Now believe it:

    “My Gospels will be preached by My Remnant Church in every corner of the Earth. MY REMNANT CHURCH WILL BE INSPIRED BY THE PROPHET ENOCH and this will create hatred everywhere My Holy Word is heard. The Holy Spirit will ignite the faith of My Remnant Church who will never give up proclaiming the truth of the Gospels till its dying breath. Go now and prepare My Remnant Church by following My instructions.” M-DM, May 8, 2012