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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is the "WarningSecondComing" a Masonic Conspirary?

By David Moorcroft

Freemasonry, especially of the Grand Orient kind, is a network of secret societies which has plotted against the Church. There are parallels with the network based on the ‘warningsecondcoming’ and the alleged prophecies of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’.

(1) The base website organisation is secret. No one outside knows who MDM is. Is she a woman, a cyberspace fiction, or an organisation? The website will identify no one.

(2) The organisation plots against the Catholic Church. ‘Prophecies’ that the present Pope is the Antichrist’s False Prophet are designed to lead people out of the Church and into schism. The priesthood is judged and the Cardinals are condemned

(3) Freemasonry claims to be the supreme religion in the world, and members are promised a special ‘illumination’ denied to the ‘profane’, i.e., non-Masons.
MDM’s ‘messages’claim to give special illumination to those who believe them. Message 28th Jan 2011: “…people will understand the authenticity of My words given through you, My daughter, to save mankind.’

(4) Freemasonry teaches that man must save himself by his own efforts. The heresy of Semi-Pelagianism is taught by MDM:
Message 16th Jan 2011: “It is vital that my children understand the way in which they can prepare their souls in order to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Father.” The necessity of Grace for salvation is denied.

(5) Freemasonry rejects the Trinitarian faith and the divinity of Christ.
MDM’s ‘messages’ repeatedly show Jesus – the Risen, Glorified Lord, not only as human, but as all-too-human. Though ‘in the bosom of the Father’, he says he is ‘weary’, ‘desolate and alone’, and ‘in utter despair’. Most blasphemously, his Glorified Body is said to suffer the corruption of ‘festering’ (13th Nov 2010). His plan of salvation is said to be thwarted by the Evil One. He is unable to fulflil his plan of salvation without the sacrifice of MDM.

(6) At the core of Masonic teaching is the false doctrine that all religions lead to God.
The ‘warningsecondcoming’ agrees.
Message 21st Nov 2010: “All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind.”
“ 31st Aug 2011: “All religions, all creeds…are all so precious to My Eternal Father.”
“ 24th Sept 2012: “Many faiths lead to My Father but there is only one God.”
25 Jan  2015:  "I will embrace every person, race, creed and religion into the Light of My Son and many will see Him."

Conclusion: The ‘warningsecondcoming’ teaches Masonic doctrine.

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