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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Warning on the "Warning"

Some messages in the "warning" do not correspond with the teachings  of the Church, such as talk of "the Christian churches."
A plain text of Bishop Andreas Laun about a controversial private revelation

Days ago I received a call from a man with the question of what to make of "The Warning". I replied "I can not say anything, I do not know what you're talking about!" At his insistence, I had a look at the first pages of the "Warning" on the Internet. But as for the content, my verdict is: "warning before the warning!"

Austrian Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun: 
"Ridiculous is the message 
that the "preparations" for 
the second Coming of Jesus were 
"in full swing" - as if it would be
a campaign or a great journey
that Jesus had to 'prepare' for!" 
And this for the following reasons: The woman who get these "messages" claims have not been certified by heaven, as for example in Fatima through the miracle of the sun was the case, and other private revelations by other characters. And: Some things in the "warning" do not correspond to the teaching of the Church, such as talk of "the Christian churches."

According to Catholic teaching, only the Catholic and the Orthodox community are a "church," all other "churches" are only "Christian communities". That "God Father" of the "Hierarchies of Heaven" will fight the battle of Armageddon, sounds like "Lord of the Rings" and not by a private revelation that will recognize the church! Puzzling is the message of Jesus, that he is now more than twice as heavy suffering than during his Passion - the same Jesus of the Church teaches that it sits "at the right hand of the Father"?

Ridiculous is the message that the "preparations" for the second Coming of Jesus were "in full swing - as if it would be a campaign or a great journey that Jesus had to "prepare“ for!   In addition, there are a number of messages such as:  who is faithful, will go to heaven!  Or that we have free will, that God loves us even in difficult times, that the Church will never "go under" and is another of this kind! Louder "messages" that Catholics have known for a long time! The author of this "messages" knows how to accommodate over and over again allusions to biblical texts in their messages and uses particularly the Book of Revelation, which is particularly well suited to obscure content and at the same time to give them a bit of the Bible's authority. Of course, this serves "the warning" and the fear-mongering!

That we have reason to be worried regarding all that the future may bring, we know from revelation, but to a great extent it is enough even to read the daily newspapers! And so on! The truth in these "warnings" we know already, the other we can safely ignore.  So warning before the warning!

The original pastoral 
admonition in German 
can be found here

She could confuse some, they change the subject from him to what God really wants from them, others just "steal" time, then missing them somewhere! Moreover, if God is trying to tell us something important currently, he has ways and means to do it so that we also learn it without guessing games and hide-and-seeks with cleverly laid "tracks".   And finally: If I wanted I could also invent such "revelations" every day!

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