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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daniela's Testimony

An important note about the crusade prayers based on personal experience from all my family members: 

When the first crusade prayer came out in November 2011, my family and l started to pray it every evening after our daily Rosary. 

As time went by, more and more prayers came. I remember how impressed we were by many of the prayers. To give an example, where 
l live, explicit sex education is becoming obligatory by law from the age of 4 and up. One can imagine how appalled we were as parents of 2 small children, also my parents, their grandparents. 

One of the prayers was especially dear to us in this regard: we prayed with the words of the crusade prayer to 'cover our children with the precious blood of Jesus, to protect them from the lies of Satan.' l can give many more examples of how these prayers seemed to offer protection against the awful moral degeneration in our world today.

Even when the so called prophetic messages at times seemed outrageous, when we prayed our crusade prayers each evening, they continually convinced us over and over again that these prayers were a custom made gift from heaven for our world falling into total chaos. We were promoting the prayers everywhere as we were, in hindsight rather embarrassed by the messages. 

The prayers on the other hand managed to convince others. We passed them on to 3 priests and they too were rather impressed at the start... Prayers that promised to ward off nuclear war, mitigate chastisements in the form of natural disasters, prevent liberal abortion laws from being passed, special prayers for the salvation of souls: we truly believed that next to the chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Most Holy Rosary, Heaven was blessing us with special graces through these prayers. 

So we ended up spending more and more hours in prayer, less time critically discerning the messages until prayer 100 was issued: one family member refused to pray this rather strange prayer stating that Pope Benedict was the last true pope. In the following days, an enormous argument broke out, causing division in our family prayer group. 

By the grace of God we sought spiritual direction, at the same time pledging our obedience to our new Pope. Our spiritual director put our hearts at ease when he told us that the many hours spent praying these prayers were not in vain as we prayed them sincerely, with purity of intention. 

Here comes the amazing conclusion: whatever we had prayed for, if it was in line with the will of God, those prayers were answered in Heaven, EVEN if the author - and this is the hard part to understand- is not from Heaven!!! 

All l would like to underline here is that the prayers are the real trap for most of the followers because of the many special graces and favours they promise to bestow. When we realized Pope Francis was a blessing from Heaven and therefore the messages false, we immediately stopped praying these prayers but continued with our daily Chaplet and Rosary. 

Guess what? 

Peace returned to our family, and our prayer time once again turned into real quiet time with the Lord instead of a vocal marathon, impossible to keep up with!

Daniela, Holland


  1. Daniela I see you are from Holland, so I can continue in Dutch.
    Ik vind dit een heel bijzondere getuigenis. Proficiat.
    Hebt U mogelijkheden om zowel de Engelse als misschien ook de vertaling in het Nederlands
    op meerdere plaatsen te publiceren.
    Ik wil er graag mijn Facebook en ook mijn
    blog voor openstellen.
    Mijn emailadres is natuur.ria@gmail.com

    Dank bij voorbaat,

  2. I had a similar experience with another false visionary (Holy Love in Ohio). That visionary herself is divorced because of her messages as was the woman in Conyers GA. Division and divorce come from the evil one and visionaries who promote division in the Church and disobedience to Church shepherds cause this type of 'bad fruit' to occur. The friend who intoduced me to the Holy Love messages is also now divorced from her husband of about 20 years. He was a devout Catholic and K of C leader and prayed all 4 mysteries of the Rosary of the Unborn with his wife after Mass each Sunday regularly. He suddenly abandoned his wife and marriage. A good Catholic would never violate his Sacramental Covenant in that way. In my own family I have had serious moral and spiritual issues with two of my daughters since beginning my devotion to Holy Love. Then I started reading some of the mdm messages as well and the devil put thoughts into my head that at least led me to consider that they might be true in regard to the heresies being promulgated against Pope Francis. I realized with Jesus' guidance that mdm was pure heresy in promoting disobedience to the Pope and Magisterium and causing disunity in our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Then I realized that Holy Love was doing the same thing in opposing their bishop and talk about two churches liberal and traditional. That is the sign of the false prophets - DIVISION and DISOBEDIENCE ! Then I began to see all the bad fruit both with my friend and in my own family and with others I know who follow Holy Love. They all seem to ask for prayer for family members who have left the faith etc... While yes these are attacks by the evil one, we open the door to these attacks when we promote disunity and heresy against the Church and do not follow the guidance of our shepherds. It is a vicious circle how we open the door to the bad fruits of the devil and put our salvation in jeopardy by following these schismatic heresies. With me I was wrapped up in praying the Rosary of the Unborn as I am a strong pro-Lifer, but I was falling away from my basic Catholic faith and so were my family members and friends and I was becoming critical of bishops and priests whom I perceived were doing things in error. We shoul NEVER criticize our shepherds - because that is the same thing as criticizing Jesus Himself. Remember these two words... UNITY and OBEDIENCE and do not follow any visionary that violates these principles. It will endanger your immortal soul to do so!

  3. Here is a good question, which I don't know if we can answer or not... Is mdm married? And if so, has she been divorced? I can't imagine any rational husband going along with her spiritual psychosis.

    1. In the beginning she wrote about her family (4 children)I think it was a normal family and she was a succesfull businees women. That is what I readed by start on a dutch site. bye