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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fr. Owen Gorman speaks about Maria Divine Mercy

Fr. Owen Gorman wrote this article for his column on the March 2012 issue of the Alive newspaper in Ireland after making a review of the alleged divine revelations from an anonymous Irish visionary hiding behind a false name 'Maria Divine Mercy'.  Below is the article:

Many faithful Christians at present believe that the world has gotten so bad that God will intervene directly in human affairs to bring us to our senses. Something big will happen, they say, and soon!
This view is central to a website, ‘the warning second coming’, that is popular with some Catholics. It is associated with an anonymous European seer’ who goes by the name, ‘Maria Divine Mercy’.
The website claims that since November 2010, ‘Maria’ has been receiving messages from God the Father, Jesus and Our Lady. They speak of a worldwide warning from God, the need for conversion and the Second Coming of Christ.

In judging private revelations, the Church rightly proceeds with great caution. If any “revelation” contains a substantive doctrinal or moral error it can be dismissed as being ‘not of supernatural origin’.

Applying this standard to ‘Maria Divine Mercy’, we  find a number of doctrinal errors in her writings. Here are sample messages followed by responses based on Church teaching:

Fr. Owen Gorman
(1) Message (20 May 2011): Many people believe that My Second Coming indicates that the end of the world has come. This is not the case, for instead, it will mean the End Times when Satan and his followers will be banished from earth for 1000 years.
Response: The revelation of Jesus’ passion is found in the four Gospels, which are inspired by God.   To claim that the events around Jesus’ crucifixion have not been revealed as they were meant to be belittles Biblical revelation. It implies that the Gospel accounts are defective. But this cannot be, for God Himself is the author of Scripture which manifests his mind and will. Maria Divine Mercy has not got this point right. Is anyone sniffing heresy here? 

(2) Message (7 May 2011): My Passion the Cross and the atrocities committed by man at My crucifixion have not been revealed to the world in the way they were meant to be.
Response: The revelation of Jesus’ passion is found in the four Gospels, which are inspired by God.  To claim that the events around Jesus’ crucifixion have not been revealed as they were meant to be belittles Biblical revelation. It implies that the Gospel accounts are defective. But this cannot be, for God Himself is the author of Scripture which manifests his mind and will. Maria Divine Mercy has not got this point right. Is anyone sniffing heresy?
(3) Message (31 January2012):  I grant them [my disciples] [a] plenary indulgence to enable them carry My torch of ?re so that they can spread conversion. They must say this prayer for seven consecutive days and they will be given the gift of total absolution and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Response:  Private revelations often contain promises of special rewards for faithful followers. But there are two big problems here.
(a) Jesus does not grant plenary indulgences. He has delegated the dispensing of indulgences to Church authorities. They decide what pious practices merit a plenary indulgence, and the conditions.
(b) total absolution of sins comes through the sacrament of penance, not from reciting a particular prayer over a 7-day period, however meritorious that prayer may be.

This small sampling of messages should make it clear that the views on the ‘warning’ website contain serious doctrinal errors and are not a reliable guide to the Catholic faith. 

Above was lifted from Following the Shepherd's Voice blog site, posted 17 January 2013.


  1. Thank you for posting this. There is some confusion with point one about the Second Coming. The response by Fr.Gorman is the identical response for point two about the Passion narrative. Any chance you would be so kind as to find some time to double check that? This is an important point that even the followers of MDM do not understand. They can't figure her out either; nevertheless, they have put their support behind her.

  2. I found the correct response at the Shepherd's Voice.

    Response: This “message” contradicts Church teaching, where the Second Coming will indeed mean that the end of the world has come. Our Lord’s Second Coming will signal that the history of the world has run its course.

    The earth and the cosmos will be renewed and evil will no longer tarnish God’s creation. The ‘new heavens and the new earth’ and the renewed creation will be free from Satan’s power not for 1000 years, but forever.

  3. Could the negative response to the LORD's Messages through MDM just be our naturally created minds of limited understanding of the Mystery of the Bible? I'm no theologian just a simple Catholic faithful trying to discern the signs of the times through the Bible. I see no contradiction just a seamless weave to one tapestry of HIS Plan of Salvation for all as HE indicated in the Book of Revelation - the symbols of which HE finally reveals in detail through this humble woman.

    1. Humble woman, huh? This is the email she sent to Susan Stewart:

      Gerety Stewart
      This is an email that was sent to me by Maria this afternoon. She has asked me to make this known and to share it. I have chosen to post her exact words.
      Let me make it absolutely clear.

      JESUS TO MANKIND facebook is ours. It has always been ours. It was set up by me at the start of this mission - we created the NAME, the LOGO and WROTE THE RULES. It has been used solely to promote the messages in accordance with my instructions from Jesus.

      People need to be made aware that we own it. It does not belong to anyone else. Some time later Dez came in and offered to expand on the groups and he did a great job and I have thanked him many times. But he wanted to change the rules against my wishes.

      The messages from Jesus stress the importance of not commenting or discussing other visionaries as they distract from the mission. I must remain obedient at all times to what Dez has used his admin access to block me, and those who work extremely hard in this mission, and present a 'new mission' to the world. All under the name of this mission. This is completely inappropriate and i will no longer support it.

      The message from Jesus is on the front page of the website.

      I'd say her ego is as big as the Eiffle tower, she treats the whole affair as her own playground, some mystic! LOL

    2. Rainy day, you have a false understanding of the book of Revelation. It is first and foremost a revelation about Jesus Christ, not about predicting the end of the world. (See: Rev.1:1) She is way outside of the original setting and the original audience this book was intended for. “Apokalypsis” literally means to pull back the veil or the covers. It is bridal language. Jesus is the bridegroom and the Catholic Church is His bride.

    3. To Rainy Day who says she is a "simple Catholic." It you are sincere you will humbly set aside your pride and admit that you need the guidance of Holy Mother Church on such matters.

      When one follows the writings of Mary McGovern one is interpreting Revelation according to a modern, relatively recent phenomenon in the genre of the Rapture craze.(See: June 25, 2013) Her idea of the Pope gutting the Catholic Church to morph it into a new one world religion is a regurgitation of Tim LaHaye “Left Behind” ideas. (See: Jan.18, 2012) It is no new revelation. If you are Catholic, Rainy Day, you should know that any system of mitigated Millenarianism has been condemned by the Church. McGovern teaches premillennialism meaning that the Second Coming will happen first and will be followed, afterwards, by a thousand year reign of peace. Even on that point, she is inconsistent because she has numerous messages concerning the Day of Judgement and the end of the world. (See:Dec.3, 2013)

      “The doctrinal errors of Millenarianism claim in various ways, that – when our Lord will come again – there will be exactly 1000 years of peace before Christ returns once more for the Final Judgement. A temporal millennial Empire on Earth is predicted and regarded as a paradise on Earth. This earthly paradise is claimed to be the realization of Messianic hopes in the world. This interpretation of Rev 20:3 was condemned by the Catholic Church as heresy. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 676) St. Augustine pointed out that the millenarian Empire is the time between the first coming of Christ (His work of salvation and the foundation of the Church) and His Second Coming to the Final Judgement at the end of times. This would mean that we already live in the ‘millenarian Empire’. ‘1000 years’ is no definite measure of time but a number which points to ‘completion’ – meaning the completion of the Church as the mystical body of Christ.” (Col 1:24) {Source: warningsecondcomingblogspot -errors and criticism}

  4. i agree it is best for all to listen keep silent and pray to god for guidance no one of us have the authority to judge only god, to attack this lady is not what god would want or to pick holes in any of her messages to be angry, hateful or critical of her are feelings that do not come from god only love comes from god.

    1. We do not need to pick holes in her messages., They are full of holes themselves., It is the stupidest attempt to fake private revelation.
      Nobody is judging Mary Carberry but false prophets should not be tolerated as the Bible says. So unless she comes out and repents we will keep exposing her.

    2. Mags magsmac. I would keep silent too if I believed what McGovern preaches.

      “The False Prophet ...his powers will not come from God... They come from Satan. The Evil One.” March 24, 2012

      Silence only serves the devil who wants to devour as many unsuspecting strayed sheep as possible. Your statement not to judge is rather a contradiction in itself because you have already judged that God would not want anyone to "pick holes in any of the messages." Forgive me but you have turned your back on the chosen and anointed servant of God to follow a false prophet who hates and vilifies him so much that she has already cursed and cast him into the everlasting lake of fire. Don't you think defending Mary McGovern, a sworn enemy of the Catholic Church rather puts you on the side of the wicked, the hateful and the disobedient?

      Do you understand English or are you reading bad translations?

      “When you try to advance towards the gates of Heaven to boast of your allegiance to Satan, you will be cut down, chained and cast into the abyss, without any Mercy shown to you.” (Jan.2, 2014,message from McGovern)

      “Respect for the reputation of persons forbids every attitude and word likely to cause them unjust injury. He becomes guilty:
      - of rash judgment who, even tacitly, ASSUMES AS TRUE, WITHOUT SUFFICIENT FOUNDATION, the moral fault of a neighbor...
      - of calumny who, by remarks contrary to the truth, harms the reputation of others and gives occasion for false judgments concerning them.” (Catechism no.2477)

  5. my comment is in response to rainy saturday thank you