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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Response to Arthur Policarpio's Response to Dr. Mark Miravalle

By David Moorcroft 

Mr. Arthur Policarpio graduated from Catholic University 
De La Salle,  and holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in 
Business Management. He heads the local Mobext mobile 
marketing company. He promotes Maria Divine Mercy 
on his website Totus Tuus, Maria
The theologian Dr Mark Miravalle has published an article condemning the alleged prophetic messages to an anonymous ‘seer’ who calls herself ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ (MDM). The article has provoked a response from Mr Arthur Policarpio on his website ‘Totus Tuus, Maria’. 

Mr Policarpio claims to be a Catholic writer. There are many like him, taking up space on the Internet and representing every strain of ‘Catholic’ thought abroad in the world. If we were Anglicans, we could call ‘Catholic writers’ a Broad Church. So where in this Latitudinarian profession do we place Mr Policarpio? 

At the beginning of his ‘Response’, he accepts without question ‘the prophecies and messages given by Our Lord to the Irish seer “Maria Divine Mercy”.’ It is as well to get this clear: no time-wasting chit-chat about being objective. He says:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seal of the Living God According To Maria Divine Mercy


Maria Divine Mercy claims, absurdly, that she is the Seventh Angel of the Apocalypse who will declare the seventh seal in Revelation 7. She claims that her 'Seal' prayer is the seal which will promise protection to her believers during the persecution of Antichrist.

The seal is actually a reference to Ezekiel 9: the seal, or 'mark' upon the forehead, would in Old Testament times have been the Hebrew letter 'Tav', which looked like a cross. This prophecy, as the Fathers made clear, is fulfilled in Baptism, when we are sealed with a Cross on the forehead, and given a permanent sacramental 'mark' on our souls. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can Satan Seduce Souls After Death?

By PocketSketch

"If only people knew the Truth of life after death. AFTER THE SOUL LEAVES THE BODY, WHETHER IT IS IN A STATE OF GRACE or not, SATAN TORMENTS THROUGH THE POWER of SEDUCTION. HE TRIES, EVEN THEN, TO DRAW SOULS TO HIM.” Sept. 26, 2012 (caps added by PocketSketch)

This is a horrible, terrifying and false teaching about life after death. Catholics have always believed that anyone who dies in a state of grace will be safe in the arms of

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Maria Divine Mercy Exposed

By Rev. John B. Wang, Ph.D., J.U.D

MDM stands for Maria Divine Mercy, a pseudonym assumed by an alleged Irish woman, who claims to receive messages from Heaven. However, this writer believes that MDM is just a front, behind which there are some ghost writers, who are enemies of the Catholic Church and of Pope Francis. Very probably the Lefebvre group or some arch-conservatives are behind this plot. These people are favorable to Pope Benedict XVI who had bent over backwards to tolerate them. But they have been attacking Pope Francis, a holy, humble person, legitimately elected to the chair of Peter, to lead the Church on our journey of salvation. 

Despite repeated condemnation by Church authorities around the world (Europe, Australia, and America), MDM