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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Maria Divine Mercy Exposed

By Rev. John B. Wang, Ph.D., J.U.D

MDM stands for Maria Divine Mercy, a pseudonym assumed by an alleged Irish woman, who claims to receive messages from Heaven. However, this writer believes that MDM is just a front, behind which there are some ghost writers, who are enemies of the Catholic Church and of Pope Francis. Very probably the Lefebvre group or some arch-conservatives are behind this plot. These people are favorable to Pope Benedict XVI who had bent over backwards to tolerate them. But they have been attacking Pope Francis, a holy, humble person, legitimately elected to the chair of Peter, to lead the Church on our journey of salvation. 

Despite repeated condemnation by Church authorities around the world (Europe, Australia, and America), MDM
has succeeded in deceiving many souls, and continues to do so. There are MDM followers in this area too. They are persistently spreading the virus. To prevent further spiritual damage, this writer deems it necessary to expose the main errors of MDM, so that innocent souls and minds can be protected. May the archangels lead us in this battle!

Here are some discoveries from sporadic reading of the MDM messages:

- April 5, 2013: In this message, MDM claims immunity from being judged. This is a self-imposed protection. This would mean that one can freely spread weeds in the fields of wheat without being stopped. Evidently, MDM has been judged unfavorably by Church authorities. A cheap shot! 

-March 9, 2013: In this message, MDM says that the pope has to stay in office till he dies, “one pope in one lifetime.” This is wrong, because Canon 332 §2 provides the possibility for a pope to resign from his office. This statement alone by MDM clearly shows that the MDM messages are not from Jesus. Because Jesus is not ignorant; Jesus knows Canon Law.
In the same message MDM implies that Pope Francis is one of the false imposters who preside over Jesus’ Throne in Rome. What an audacious and blasphemous assertion! To call a legitimately elected pope an imposter?! Jesus would never do such things. How can one take the MDM messages seriously?

March 13, 2013. The day Pope Francis was elected and accepted his election, MDM put an outrageous message in the mouth of our Divine Savior. It is truly incredible! It is hard and painful to read such rubbish! Just think, to call the Cardinal electors betrayers, heretics, accusers of Jesus, and the new pope an impostor. How evil and wicked these fabricators of MDM can be! Yet, there are souls who believe them and blindly follow them! What stupidity! May God have mercy on them all!

-April 12, 2013: Two statements:
1. “Benedict XVI is the last true Pope on earth.” This is a ridiculous, gratuitous, unfounded, unproven, daring assertion, not worthy of rebuttal. The Church will last till the end of time and the end of time is not here, therefore, Pope Benedict XVI cannot be the last pope.
2. “The Cardinal electors are wolves in sheep’s clothing.” This would mean that the highest hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the successors of the apostles, is comprised of wolves. Readers, are you aware how heinous and abominable these MDM enemies of the Church are? They are out to destroy us. But the Catholic Church is founded on solid rock, and the gates of hell will never prevail. 

-July 22, 2-13: Four preposterous declarations.
1. “Benedict XVI was removed from office.” Totally false. Benedict himself made it crystal clear that he himself made the decision to resign after prayerful consideration, for his physical stamina would no longer allow him to fulfill the tasks required by his Petrine office.
2. “Twenty evil men controlled the church and elected a man not of God.” Twenty evil men? Who are they? There were over 100 cardinal electors, and Pope Francis needed two thirds of the votes. I’d like some proof about the existence of these twenty evil men.
3. “The pope must remain in office till he dies.” Wrong. Please see my comment on the March 9, 2013 message.
4. “Pope Francis is an imposter.” This is a vile and odious designation of a holy man. 
The above devious and foul statements are put into the mouth of our most pure Virgin Mother. These individuals who falsified these messages truly provoke God’s wrath and deserve severe punishment. 

I have just become aware that many articles have been already written and study has been done by reputable individuals about the falsehood of MDM. Hence, there is no need for me to continue this exposé. Please consult the appropriate links about this subject. 

Thank you and God bless. 
Pray for our Church and defend our faith! 
Rev. John B. Wang, Ph.D., J.U.D.

P.S. It seems that the whole MDM charade is based on an apocalyptic belief that the world is ending and that the Biblical predictions are being fulfilled. Over the years, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have had similar expectations. But these anticipations have been proven mere illusion, delusion, or hallucination. If Jesus does come, it would be His intermediary coming as portrayed in the Book of Revelation Chap. 20, not His final coming which is hidden to human knowledge.

Fr. Wang has been a priest for nearly sixty years now. He has depth of knowledge, is a well-informed scholar in Sacred Scripture, dogmatic theology, Mariology, and mystical theology as well as having a J.U.D., Doctor of both civil and canon law. He is a brilliant, humble, prayerful, and wise man truly guided by the Holy Spirit in discernment as he has investigated numerous private revelations, both past and current. 

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  1. “Were I to walk the Earth, at this time, they would crucify Me again. Those who claim to love Me and who lead My disciples in the Christian Church would be, sadly, the first to drive the first nail into My Flesh.” “Jesus” to MDM, Aug. 26, 2013.

    I agree with Fr. Wang. It is indeed 'hard and painful to read such rubbish.' Even so, MDM has taken another cheap shot at the sacred ministry of the Catholic Church. Sacred comes from the word ‘consecrate’ which means ‘holy,’ set apart for God.

    “Today the word "ordination" is reserved for the sacramental act which integrates a man into the order of bishops, presbyters, or deacons, and goes beyond a simple election, designation, delegation, or institution by the community, for IT CONFERS a GIFT of THE HOLY SPIRIT that permits the exercise of a "sacred power" which can come only from Christ Himself through His Church. ORDINATION IS also CALLED CONSECRATIO, FOR IT IS A SETTING APART and AN INVESTITURE by CHRIST HIMSELF for HIS CHURCH.” Catechism no. 1538