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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Absurdity of MDM Cult and Utterances Against St. Peter (Pope Francis)

I have being reading Maria Divine Mercy's utterances against the background of the Sacred Traditions of Holy Mother Church, her long standing sound teaching imbued with the wisdom of the sacred scripture, the wisdom of the Saints and the Church Fathers, and found they are absurd, unthinkable, and unimaginably targeted to cause schism by means of her demonic and heretical utterances. MDM Cult is not only instigating the people of God to turn away from the Pope with her end time erroneous massages, but equally and gullibly insulting the Chair of St. Peter, and calling the Holy Father "impostor." 

Unfortunately, many Catholic Christians all over the world are feeding from her end time heresies and adhering to her call to pray for the timely death of the Holy Father. It is unthinkable to me, and I am terrified alongside so many other concerned men and women who are on the fight to stop the devil prowling around like a Lion, devouring souls of the faithful and the elect (1Pt 5:8-9) in so far as we in the Church have allowed things to deteriorate at all levels.

Let me be very clear and to the point here, going through the utterances and heresies of MDM, I no doubt can declare that she and her followers have no other mission other than to cause confusion, panic, division, suspicion, and delusion and ultimately to incite and to destroy, and these are no works of Christ but the smoke of the devil, and the devil himself.

Claims concerning the Utterances: (what you need to know)

Since 2010, this Maria Divine Mercy has been claiming to be speaking to Jesus and Mary who call people to prepare for the doomsday ahead. Her utterances and private revelations run contrary to the revealed truth of the sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church. The voice though speaks of prayer and fasting and the sacraments etc. Nonetheless, the subtlety of the speaker and his identity is evidently un-ambiguous. And like I said in my earlier writing, it is the handiwork of the evil one, the primordial enemy of the Church. Because everything about MDM undermines the Pope, undermines the Universal Catholic Church, and the public revelations which ended with the death of the last of the apostles, St. John. Private revelations are not articles of Catholic Christian belief, and as such, have no binding force on anyone. 
But the attack on the Church by this false endtime prophet and her misled followers on anyone who tries to question them or disagree with them is often threats of punishments quoting the very messages in question. At no time in history has the Church ever succumbed to such silly threats, and not at this time, will she either.
A Clarion Call to Arms to All Catholic Christians. (what you should do).

This is a time for duty call, therefore, wake up from slumber and resist the devil and Defend the Catholic Faith against the visible and invisible aggressors. Our Solemn Duty is to Defend the Universal Catholic Church at all levels, because her enemy the devil is prowling around like a roaring Lion, looking for someone to eat. (1Pt 5:8-9) and, in fact, has already devoured some people. Resist MDM's teaching.

Our first task is "to stand up to him, strong in faith". In other to do this, we must deepen our faith by growing in the knowledge of Christ and his Church, which he entrusted to St. Peter and the Apostles. Trust no other teacher(s) accept your Bishops and priests and those authorized to teach the Catholic faith that comes to us from the apostles. Accept no message other than those Holy Mother Church received from her Divine Spouse.

  • Be committed to make findings, and expose the work of the devil-prowling MDM, by watching over the various groups and gatherings in your parish, and their teachings, and dutifully alerting relevant parish authorities.
  • Report to our Priests, our Bishops and the Catholic populations all over the world; the work of the Devil in teir midst, and warning them to stay away from dangerous teaching and from joining cult and heretical groups like MDM. The Parish priest are to help in this regard. And we should report to the Bishop should we find out that a priest is teaching MDM or related massages.

Obviously, more than half the population of Catholics all over the world have lukewarm faith and ignorant of Church teachings, and, therefore, are easily misled by error. It is our task and duty as Defenders of the Catholic Faith, to help these brothers and sisters of ours, first with prayer, second by dissuading them, and third by letting our Bishops know. 

Encourage your brothers and sisters to believe in Christ and his body the Church; to hold firm to the public revelations (the scripture), the traditions and teachings of the Universal Catholic Church, to love the Holy Father, the Bishops and priests and to pray for them. To follow the voice of the one shepherd of the Church, (the Pope, Francis), the Cardinals, the Bishops and priests and all those who have the mandate to teach and transmit the faith. Every other voice is from the evil one. 


  1. Thank you for your clarion call to Catholics. My parish priest reports seeing these followers of Marie -dm distributing her "literature" in the church parking lot without his consent. He has tried to no avail to dissuade them from this cult and knows well how obstinate they are. In fact, they have invited back a woman who calls herself a writer and who supposedly received direct messages from Jesus to her while on her "mission" in Kibeho, Rwanda in 2002. Her name is Monique Dupuis Roy, a French Canadian now living in the diocese of Cardinal Collins of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Bonaventure Muremyangango who is the psychiatrist who examined the seers of Our Lady of Kibeho, has her listed in a file of unrecognized seers. (There seems to have been a few such false seers from Canada in Kibeho. Paulette Vinet, Mary Mac Aurey and Thérèse Malette alias Fleur de Printemps.) I have listened to Mme.Dupuis on two occasions and neither one impressed me. To the contrary, I was shocked by her unbridled attacks on Pope Francis. For some reason, she has taken it upon herself to travel and spread the messages from the W2C website. Unfortunately, she is coming back to our area this week and even more souls will be drawn into this huge dragnet of M-DM apostles. As this meeting has been arranged in a private residence there is no way to stop this. The woman inviting her is an innocent who trusts the judgement of her older sisters and has obviously bought the lies. Her turning point was the chat Pope Francis gave on the return trip seemingly welcoming "gays." Incredible but true. Once suspicion has taken root in one's soul they are ready to believe the worse.

    1. This is horrible what you are writing, I had no idea it is that bad in Canada! It's a pity really that the Church authorities are not warning the faithful against this cult.
      Btw, thank you for your wonderful comments you have left on our blog. If you'd be interested in writing an article, or sharing the story how MDM affected your family etc, you're welcome to do that, we would gladly publish them here - as separate posts. The least we can do to warn other Catholics really.

    2. The devil triumphed on the feast day of the Assumption of Our Lady. That is the day when Catholics gathered to hear the traveling apostle of M-DM, Monique Dupuis Roy in the diocese of Bishop Ronald Fabbro. Apparently, she had more success on her second tour to Southwestern Ontario Canada than her first one six months ago. It is all very sad, as many of the attendees belong to my parish. These people are very confused and they still talk as if they believe themselves to be the best of Catholics and faithful to the LORD. Objectively speaking, they are in grave danger of schism. Subjectively though, these are very simple, trusting people who really believe they are praying up a storm and saving souls as M-DM promised. I pray the LORD will look on them with compassion and forgive them. Rather reminds me of swimmers who take floats out on the lake; close their eyes, lay back and relax; meanwhile they are drifting far, far away from shore into dangerously deep water. All the onlookers, standing on the beach are yelling and waving desperately trying to get their attention to wake up and paddle back to shore but they are too far away to hear. What a tragedy is playing out before our eyes.