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Friday, May 31, 2013


Fr. Carlos Martins
(His message was lifted from the Mother of God forum dealing with MDM dated 29 April 2013))

There is an abundance of people spreading these messages on the internet. More and more people are sending me emails containing them and asking me to promote, “Maria Divine Mercy”.

Stay away from this absurd and false prophet. “Maria Divine Mercy” is not receiving authentic messages. Many ignorant and gullible people are jumping on her bandwagon, or at least entertaining her absurd messages, to their own harm.
Fr. Carlos Martins is among the Catholic priests
and other defenders of the True Church
who have been maliciously slandered and
maligned by MDMers.  None of them
can defend the indefensible heresies of their cult leader
who knows this and have conveniently instructed
 its followers not to defend them, to make
them look meek, humble and persecuted.
But ofcourse, as sly as the devil, its followers
are discreditng the people trying to correct
and restore them to the right path.

It is clear that the nature of her messages are to place a wedge between the faithful and the Church, specifically between the faithful and the Holy Father, Pope Francis. One of the “revelations” received by this very misguided person is that Pope Benedict will be the last Pope on earth, that he will be ousted from office, and that Pope Francis is a false pope. All three claims are false and individuals who believe them show they do not believe Our Lord's words in Matthew 16:18-19. In questioning Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ on earth, they are questioning Jesus Christ himself. It is for such people that Hebrews 13:9 was written: "Do not be led astray by various kinds of strange teachings." Furthermore, name for me ONE Saint in the Church's long history that placed a private vision or revelation above the word of the Pope and of the Church? You won’t find any.

“Maria Divine Mercy” states that she has received messages from “the Holy Trinity as well as by the Virgin Mary.” Name for me ONE visionary from the Church's list of approved apparitions that described himself/herself as a "visionary", "prophet", or "seer"? None exist. The seers at Fatima, St. Bernadette, St. Catherine Laboure, etc., all submitted their visions, received messages, and interpretations of both, to the Church. This is not only a recipe for spiritual health, it is also the mark of holiness. “Maria Divine Mercy” lacks both.

The hooded cloak called anonymity protects scam artist and frauds
from the  probing eyes of authorities on their nefarious and/or
fiduciary agenda.  This is the hallmark of the devil who mush hide
from the light the better to ensnare unwary victims.  This anonymity
 is in and of itself enough to betray the deception behind the 
MDM messages. It's very convenient for her to have her 
fake Christ say that his seer must be anonymous to preserve 
her protection for his evil purposes. Only from the devil.  
There are no prophets from God who is anonymous.  
Finally, “Maria Divine Mercy” writes anonymously. No one knows who she is. This, in fact, should be the first thing to set off alarm bells. Name for me ONE prophet that hid himself/herself in secret while slinging out "revelations" without accountability and without subjecting himself/herself to the authority of the Church? There are none.

In giving credence to “Maria Divine Mercy”, devotees are disobeying the laws of the Church, are promoting an evil which is sowing discord among the faithful, and are leading people away from the Church, the same Church for which Christ shed his blood.

Those who subscribe to or spread these messages need to repent, for one day they will come under the judgment of God for doing so.

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