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Friday, May 31, 2013

Defending the Church against Maria Divine Mercy

While the Catholic Church has successfully weathered the schismatic movements dotting its 2000-year history, with every confidence that Christ will never abandon the Church He built until the end of time, prophecies about the endtime pope has become a sensational topic today. Assertions that Pope Francis is the false prophet who will destroy the Church and assist the AntiChrist foretold in Revelations has won adherents around the world that if left to fester, creates another schismatic challenge to the Church, while plunging lukewarm and cafeteria Catholics into immortal damnation if they remained in the clutches of this anonymous self-proclaimed prophet hiding under the name of Maria Divine Mercy (MDM), in sheer mockery of the Divine Mercy devotions of St. Faustina.

Her heresies know no bounds, dismissing any judgement by the Church on her revelations as immaterial, even stating that her messages are sacred and on equal footing with the Holy Bible. She further asserts that anyone who does not embrace her messages are condemned by her fake christ. While I consider such assertions laughable, its comical dimensions give way to a tragic realization that her followers defend her with the same zeal that members of cult leaders have.

And the cult is growing with deceptive "crusade prayer groups" and seminars already being held in several parishes throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Now under the guise of prayer, how can a parish priest refuse? Her messages since 2010 have been compiled and published as the "Book of Truth" in two volumes at $16 each for print and $10 for ebook (Kindle) at Amazon and translated in several languages.

Unless Church authorities do something to arrest this tumorous growth now infesting the Mystical Body of Christ in the Church Militant, the prophecies about the Catholic Church being torn asunder as foretold by MDM could just fulfill itself. And the souls of millions are now at stake. This is not just a false visionary aided by a small set of ragtag disciples we are dealing with, but a well-managed and well-funded organization that has spread its tentacles around the world. It has been around since 2010. It's now 2013. Are we supposed to wait another 3 years?


  1. Friday, May 24th, 2013

    My dearly beloved daughter, everywhere My Voice is heard, in every place, and in every temple dedicated to the adoration of God, there will be disruption. While many will pay homage to Me, to My Teachings, to My Church, when they hear My Voice, as It commands attention now, they will cover their ears.

    My Voice will fall on deaf and stubborn souls. My Voice, My Word and My Call will be angrily rejected and spit out, as I Am persecuted for the last time on Earth. This is the final calling to draw God’s children into My Bosom, before My Second Coming and yet, many people, confused by the lies spread by demons, will turn away and reject My Mercy.

    I will once again be rejected by those who reside in the House of God, the priests and all those who do not accept the Truth. The final insult to My Name will be seen by all of you shortly. Those of you who cover your eyes and walk around with blindfolds on your eyes will, eventually, see the Truth as it is being given to you at this time.

    I cannot create schism within My Church, for then I would be denying Myself. My Body is the Church and It can never die, but It will be those within it, who will reject Me. Just as I was rejected the first time, they will, this time, try to destroy Me, before I come to bring the final salvation promised to man.

    Man is weak. Man is ignorant and is not worthy of My Mercy. Man is stubborn. Man was given the Truth during My Time on earth, but still does not understand My Promise. My Return, in the Second Coming will be precipitated by the rejection of My final prophet. The prophet which has been sent to give you the final Word of God in order to prepare your souls, will suffer harshly. It is Me, Jesus Christ, you slander when you mock My Holy Word given to God’s prophet. It is the Word of God, which is being given to prepare you for the battle with the antichrist, which you reject. By doing so, you destroy souls. You prevent these souls from entering My Paradise.

    see next...

  2. Those who say evil things about My Messages cannot justify their resentment, their anger or their logic, for they are full of error, which is born of the sin of pride. Soon the Truth will be difficult to discern from the lies by the new world organisation, which will present the pagan new world religion.

    If you do not listen to Me now, you will be bullied into accept this evil substitute. It will be dressed in a glittering, gold exterior. It will impress even the most devout amongst you and it will twist your allegiance to Me and will be admired by all. This is the religion which will convert atheists into believing in a great lie. No peace will come to those who follow this pagan abomination. Fear and loathing for each other will be manifested, where brother will fight brother and where the human race will be divided into two. One half will accept the twisted truth of this new world religion, which will be presided over by many churches, many faiths, as well as a large part of the Catholic Church. The other half will consist of those who truly love Me and who will remain faithful to the Truth.

    When you do not accept the Truth – the Truth contained in the Holy Bible – you will live a lie. You will have no love left in your soul for Me if you accept the lies which will be fed to you.

    And while My Word may seem like heresy today, as it was during My times on Earth, many of you will devour these Messages when you are starved of the Truth, when the antichrist will control your nations. You will crawl on your stomachs and scream out for Me. You, who blasphemed against Me, will want to cut out your tongues, for you will realise then how your words have insulted Me. I await this day patiently, but should you stand before Me and prevent Me from reaching out to souls, I will cut you down. Should you continue to blaspheme against Me, by declaring My Messages to be the work of the devil, then you will never be forgiven. For this is the greatest sin against God.

    Remember that I come to God’s children this final time in order to fulfil My Father’s Covenant. His Will, can now be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Not one amongst you can stop this from happening. Not one amongst you, though some of you hate Me, can prevent My Second Coming. Those who scream at My Word in anger and declare that it comes from Satan will reside with the beast for eternity.

    Your Jesus

    1. Elizabeth - You are wasting your time posting these 'messages' from MDM. If you have read the material on this blog, you will know what we think of them. I have already read them. They are verbose, badly written, silly, judgmental and vengeful. I know how Jesus speaks. He speaks to me in Scripture, in the Liturgy and in private prayer. I know his voice, and this is not him.
      Please take some time to reflect. Go into a quiet place, read some of Jesus's discourses from the Gospels; then read the above 'messages' and ask yourself: Is this the same voice speaking?
      If that doesn't convince you, look up the following piece of stupidity from MDM's website, dated 6th Oct 2012:
      "Souls will take one, two and more steps backwards for every step they take towards Me. I ask you My daughter to tell My followers to prepare carefully for this spiritual staircase which is essential before the top step is reached."
      How long would it take you to reach the top step, Elizabeth? You haven't got much time left if MDM is a true prophet.

  3. Linda Vardaro Cooper All of this is bringing out such negativity towards sincere, honest, and faithful "Catholic" children of God. The Catholic Church never "attacks" the people of faith. She only builds them up. Satan is very much at play here. Why not go out and preach the gospels to the ends of the earth and spread The Good News, His Love, HIS Truth and HIS Mercy and teach The Children of God how to PRAY. Some God's children might have been led to listen to "another" so called "PROPHET" who RARELY gave a few messages about a coming "false prophet" amongst literally hundreds of other messages. FAITHFUL PRAYERS are always encourage for THE WORLD. Even disastrous prophecies could be lessened through many such Holy Devotions. Most of you are following "other prophets" past and present. But True Catholics are very wise. They pray, love, and wait with patience and humility. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE NOR CAST THE FIRST STONE. There have been many wolves in the Catholic Church for many years especially since Vatican ll, before SACRED TRADITIONS were trampled upon. The ONE THING that made The HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH stand tall throughout many many centuries. And WHO are they who planned this? Mark my word in the Holy name of Jesus, if you believe that there is NO JUDAS in God's Holy Church (whoever they may be) then you are deceiving yourself. History does repeat itself. It happen many times in The Old and New Testaments. The church has FAILED to teach about the end of the world, the Second Coming and Judgement Day and THE MAJORITY of CATHOLICS are ignorant of that because "The Church" HARDLY EVER Preaches about it. WHY? Because even OUR PRIESTS have been dumb down in pitiful Seminaries in the past ON PURPOSE! No wonder why Our Precious Lord Jesus has to tell these things about The End Times, for WHERE ARE HIS HOLY DISCIPLES? They are hiding in sheep's clothing all over the world, ESPECIALLY in The Vatican. SOME SO CALLED SERVANTS OF GOD ARE PURPOSELY MISLEADING THE FLOCK. They ARE THE SECRET ONES out to destroy the Holy Catholic Church. The Book of Revelation is at the end of the bible. Reread those SACRED PAGES and "GO OUT" and spread that. Pope Francis is a DETERMINED STAUNCH believer against HOLY TRADITION who is INSISTENT on TRAMPLING OVER THE SACRED TRADITIONS OF THE HOLY LATIN MASS EVEN AFTER POPE BENEDICT THE XVl PUT TIRELESS EFFORTS INTO BRINGING SUCH HOLINESS BACK INTO THE CHURCH. Sadly this is so true and HAS COME TO PASS ALREADY. Where is HIS RESPECT for ALL POPE BENIDICT XVl has done for God's Children? THERE ARE TOO MANY WOLVES JUST LIKE HE WARNED US. JESUS IS COMING! Prepare the WAY! Jesus WILL FULFILL EVERYTHING THAT IS WRITTEN BY HIS WORD ALONE. HE is The WAY, The TRUTH and The LIFE!

    1. Linda Vardaro Cooper - First of all, no one here, except you, is judging persons. We are under orders from Our Lord to judge actions, such as promulgating unapproved 'private revelations', which is disobedient, therefore sinful. 'Faithful Catholics' do not believe and promote heretical 'prophecies', or condemn and withdraw their submission to the Supreme Pontiff. That is an act of schism, a serious sin which incurs automatic excommunication. That is in Canon Law, which is a part of Tradition. If you obey Tradition, you obey the First See, which is judged by no one. That's in Tradition, too. Your remarks against Pope Francis are outrageous, judgmental and schismatic. If Jesus is coming in our time, which I do not believe - authentic prophecy does not support it - you will answer to him for reviling his Vicar.
      'The one thing which has made the Holy Catholic Church stand tall throughout many many centuries' is Our Lord's promises to St Peter, and his guarantee that the gates of hell will not prevail against her. Sacred Tradition is one part of the revelation Christ gave his Church. Traditionalists turn it into an idol. The Church is infallible and indefectible. That is in Tradition. If you don't believe that, and your own words tell me you don't, you need to take a long step back and do some hard thinking. Please read my article on the 'Heresies of MDM' and do some thinking on those. Any Catholic who knows the Faith as a Catholic should could see most of them at once.
      You also need to drop the heretical 'revelations' of MDM right now. If the Warning comes and finds you trafficking in those, you will be very sorry indeed.
      You do well to urge us to pray. What makes you so sure we don't? But stop and think. The Church Fathers said that the prayers of the disobedient are not heard in heaven.

  4. Linda Vardaroo Cooper, you said this: "The church has FAILED to teach about the end of the world, the Second Coming and Judgement Day and THE MAJORITY of CATHOLICS are ignorant of that because "The Church" HARDLY EVER Preaches about it." Where were you when the Church taught about the four last things: Death, JUDGMENT, Heaven and hell? Were you sleeping through Catechism? To say that majority of Catholics are ignorant of the Judgment or of the Second Coming is sweeping and downright arrogant. What is your proof for that aside from your baseless assumption? Yes, I have met poorly catechized Catholics, and they usually come from MDM's camp. For your sake, get a Catechism and stop blaming the Church and her pastors for the ignorance of some. The CCC explains well The Four Last Things. Moreover, everything we need to know about the end times: The Second Coming and the Final Judgment, is already revealed in the Word of God: Scripture and Tradition as interpreted by the living, authoritative, and authentic magisterium. In certain areas of the faith where the magisterium is seemingly silent, we leave that to the magisterium alone and as faithful Catholics, we can't do anything more that offer pious opinions. The Popes and the Saints had also written about The Judgment. Approved private revelations may complement our understanding, but never had they contradicted what the Church had always taught. Finally, to say that the Church "has FAILED" is heretical. THE CHURCH IS INDEFECTIBLE, and that is something that MDM doesn't want you to know.

  5. To all of you...your wake up call is coming soon. Rejecting the word of God because you think something is silly? you are putting human reason behind your attacks, and not allowing your hearts to open up to the Holy Spirit. I hope you all wake up before you loose sight of the cross.

    1. 'Unknown' - YOU need to wake up. If our wake-up call - I assume you mean the 'warning' - comes soon, and finds you spreading heretical 'messages', leading Catholics into disobedience and schism and blaspheming the Holy Father, you will be very sorry you ever heard of MDM. And how arrogant and prideful of you to claim a supernatural knowledge denied to us! Who told you the 'messages' of MDM are 'the word of God'? 'Maria Divine Mercy' did. They are 'messages from heaven' because she says so. If God has given you a special gift of supernatural discernment, it is strange indeed that you cannot see the obvious false doctrines, factual errors, blasphemies, self-contradictions and stupidities of the ludicrously-named 'Book of Truth'.
      And who gave you the authority to judge that our hearts are not open to the Holy Spirit? Or that we are losing sight of the cross? Christ sent the Holy Spirit to lead his Church into all the truth. That truth is Christ, who is God's Word, and God will speak no other word. He will never abandon his Church. If you don't know that, I am not surprised that you are losing your way. The 'Book of Truth' is ANOTHER GOSPEL. (See Galatians 1:6-9.) Follow that 'gospel' and you will be lost. God gives his Holy Spirit to those who obey him. (Acts 5:32.)