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The Outing of Mary Carberry: Exposing the woman behind the secret "visionary" Maria Divine Mercy

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The verdict is in: HOAX.

The Outing of Mary Carberry tells the story of a 'European' public relations woman who devised a scheme to gain fame and fortune as a secret all-internet visionary who receives messages from Jesus. This book exposes the background and business maneuverings, the small cadre of "players" who created and promoted the fraud, the strange association with a convicted Australian pedophile, and the explosive confession of a key player. A team of international researchers devoted thousands of hours to discover the 'visionary's identity.

Here is the their body of work.

The book reveals
  • a hand-written letter sent from prison by William "The Little Pebble" Kamm
  • admitting ongoing contact the 'seer'
  • the name she used during her apprenticeship with 'psychic' Joe Coleman
  • the real name and role of seminar promoter 'Joseph Gabriel'
  • the German owner of the companies selling the 'seer's' books and religious items
  • the claim of the miraculous cancer cure
  • the 'seer's' 15-year history of business failure
  • the conflicting versions of her early vision history from a spoken interview
  • and written documents
  • the references to a 'secret prophet' - who is he?
  • the role of family members assisting the scheme
  • the 'mail drops' -- false addresses used to conceal the location of operations
  • the sudden disappearance of a key player and the explosive confession of another
  • the strange links to fake and defrocked priests and a condemned 'religious' order
  • the mixed references to her husband John
The woman who claims to be a one-of-a-kind visionary, the last prophet chosen by God, an angel with the ability to read souls, a victim soul who suffers for others, who hides her name to protect her young family...
...is the invention of the creative mind of a public relations/marketing consultant!


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