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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Papal Watch: So what is wrong with Pope Francis? Part 1

Below are the words of the discredited 
doomsayer Maria Divide Mercy 
regarding the Pope who followed 
Pope Benedict XVI.  
Now who else could he be?:

3/13/13 "My beloved Pope Benedict XVI was persecuted

and fled, as foretold.I have not appointed this person,

who claims to come in My Name,"

3/14/13 "...the imposter (sic), who sits on the throne
in My Church on earth, does not come from Me... 
The time for the schism to be laid bare is close,and 
already, a terrible unease is being felt in Rome,"

3/15/13, "You must pray for all those who run
the Catholic Church. Please includethe man who sits in
the Chair of Peter... Pray that he will accept the 
Truth of the death of my Son on the Cross. 
So infested are they, those who roam the corridors of
Rome, that the biggest sign will be seen in the chaos, 
which will ensue, as they adhere to the command 
of the imposter,(sic)"
Papal watch from the evil eyes of MDM: Part 1

Have the followers of Maria Divine Mercy any reason, besides what they've been told by the false prophet, to doubt that Pope Francis is a true Pope?

Since the canonical papal election of March, 2013, those witless horde of MDM followers with the nerve calling themselves Catholics while rejecting the newly elected Pope Francis have been on a spying mission to find fault, signs
and slips in words and actions that would somehow betray the Pope to be a false one who, according to a clueless MDM,  would lead the Church to crumble.  Apart from the serious heresy and schism that have caused these infernal hypocrites to have a reserved place in the lowest pits of Hell, so far they have managed to identify truly unique traits of the new Pope that only make their claims worthy of submission in Comedy Central.  We now look and examine one of them:

"The Pope doesn't wear the red shoes."

It has been the tradition of the Church that popes wear red shoes. The color red commemorates the blood of Christ and the martyrs of the Church, while signifying the fire identified with the Holy Spirit, according to theology professor Lawrence Cunningham of Notre Dame. Since the 16th century, papal shoes and slippers had been handmade in red satin and embroidered with gold thread.

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope John Paul II broke off from this tradition when he wore brown leather loafers from his native Poland and during his Pontificate between 1978 and 2005, there has never been any picture of him wearing the traditional red shoes. On the other hand, Pope Emeritus Benedict had revived this age-old Vatican tradition when he wore red shoes during his tenure between 2005 and 2013, prompting Daniela Petroff to write "The Pope Wears Prada" in a December 2005 issue of The Washington Post. Dispelling this nonsense, the Vatican press release say that Pope Benedict did not wear Prada. His Ferrari-red shoes were hand-made by Antonio Arellano of Gammarelli with another pair from Adriano Stefanelli.  Are they as expensive as Prada shoes?  We don't know.  Suffice it say that anything custom made is more expensive than commercial run-of-the-mill types, including Prada. But then, who knows, they may even be made for free. 

The former Pope Benedict XVI has become famous for reviving many dormant papal traditions that defined the splendor and magnificence of his office. The New York Times described him as “something of a clotheshorse.”  The former pope put his own spin on the classics, bringing back hats and capes with a bold choice of color.  The local Italian media dubbed him the “Prada Pope” for what The Wall Street Journal called “the raft of designer labels floating around the new pontiff.”  Of course, as mentioned earlier, there's no truth to that. But perhaps Pope Benedict XVI will be most fondly remembered by his sartorial fashion sense. In fact, if there's such a thing as a fashionable Pope of the modern times, it has to be Pope Benedict XVI.

But just as the late Pope John Paul II did, the new reigning Pope Francis turned his back on this tradition, including the regal pomp reserved to his papal magnificence, preferring instead to have closer affinity with the humble saint whose name he assumed - St. Francis of Assisi. He no longer wears "Prada." 

And for that, the silly followers of Maria Divine Mercy has attempted to affirm the false message by asserting a laughable criticism of the new Pope as the false one for not wearing red shoes.  

Had MDM released those messages in 1978, the object of vilification would have been the late Pope John Paul II and its followers would have called him the false prophet for not wearing red shoes.  The ignorance of MDM followers is hilarious, if not for the fact that fellow ignoramuses of the Catholic faith embracing her drivel has reserved their places in hell. 

The current official wardrobe
specialists for the Pontiff and
 some Cardinals

So what else did Pope Francis turn his back to?

If Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses have their tradition of extravagant regal wardrobe when assuming their monarchical reign, the Vicar of Christ, the representative of God on earth who has been crowning European monarchs for centuries, deserves nothing less, and in point of fact, couldn't be far from the same regal pomp and majesty reserved to the royal heirs of earthly domains.  

Long before the much anticipated result of the conclave of cardinals to elect a new pope, the craftsmen of Ditta Annibale Gammarelli, papal tailors since the 18th century, set to make three sizes of papal garments for the chosen one. 

Historically, once the white smoke comes out above the Sistine Chapel, signalling that the papal conclave have made a conclusive choice on the new Pope, the chosen one will be dressed by Gammarelli in the vestments of his pontificate, consisting of the following on his white cassock: 
  • a floor-length white wool satin cassock; 
  • a white sash; 
  • a solid gold papal ring;
  • a white moiré silk zucchetto, the pontifical skullcap and, if he chooses; 
  • a scarlet mozzetta trimmed in white ermine, a short elbow-length cape worn over the robe.
Pope John Paul II wearing the standard
vestments of the Pope during his
first public appearance after being
canonically elected as Pontiff back in 1978.
But that's basic pontifical wardrobe when the new Pope is first presented to the sea of Catholic faithfuls gathered outside the Basilica. There is more pomp to it. Perhaps this generation made up mostly of people born in the baby-boomer years of the 60s and 70s, may have forgotten about the Papal Tiara worn by Pope Paul VI during his public coronation as Pope. The month-long reign of Pope John Paul I saw him abandon the traditional public coronation. His successor Pope John Paul II  did the same thing and never wore it , and for 27 years, Catholics may have missed it until Pope Benedict was gifted with one from a General Audience with German priests back in 2011.  
Pope Paul VI
 He is considered the last pope
of the 20th century to
have worn the Papal Tiara
during his official coronation
as the new pope.  

The most magnificent of papal regalia is the papal tiara, a tall, cone-shaped crown decorated with jewels.  It has three tiered crowns one on top of each other in what is called the interegnum, presumably representing the three divine persons of the Holy Trinity, each with his own crown, while some say the three crowns represent the Church Militant on earth, the Church Suffering in purgatory and the Church Triumphant in heaven.
The papal tiara of Pope Benedict XVI,
gifted to him by German priests in 2011,
and which he never wore

Pope Clement V (1305-1314) was recorded to have been among the first popes to wear a papal tiara. It has been worn only during his official pontifical coronation, a practice abandoned during the month-long reign of Pope John Paul I, as well as during special High Mass occasions and during the annual Christmas and Easter Sunday Urbi et Orbi ceremonies. This elaborately bejeweled papal accessory can weigh as much as 10 pounds.  It reached 18 lbs with the tiara that Napoleon gifted the pope who crowned him Emperor of France. That's not something an aging pope will want to be burdened with.

The new reigning Pope Francis
when he first appeared in public after his
 ascension to the papacy in March 2013
From the relative austerity of Pope John Paul II, the full majestic regalia of the Papal office was revived under Pope Benedict XVI.  But just like Pope John Paul II, the new Pope Francis has certainly reversed this trend anew. The difference with his predecessor was remarkably clear the moment Pope Francis first stepped out in his austere unadorned papal white soutane or cassock to greet the cheers of thousands of faithful from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica. There was no regal pomp. Gone were those velvet capes, fur trim, and solid gold rings.  If Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II both abandoned the pomp of being crowned with the Papal tiara in a public coronation, which even Pope Benedict XVI didn't undergo, it is doubtful Pope Francis would ever want to be crowned or seen wearing the papal tiara.

The "Fisherman's ring" of
Pope Paul VI set in silver
now worn by Pope Francis
In a less regal note, Pope Francis has also chosen a humble papal ring in silver rather than usual papal gold ring. Breaking with tradition, the ring carries a design inherited from the past instead of wearing one that is uniquely designed specifically for him, as tradition dictated. He chose the ring designed by Italian sculptor Enrico Manfrini specifically for Pope Paul VI. The episcopal “Fisherman’s Ring,” traditionally set in gold was set in silver to serve as the symbol and seal of his papacy. Using the symbol of a previous pope has not been done before and is a clear break from tradition.

The iron pectoral cross
worn by Pope Francis
since being appointed Cardinal
Pope Francis has also shunned away from the gold pectoral cross traditionally worn by his predecessors when in public or meeting dignitaries.  He continues to wear the simple iron cross he had worn since being ordained as auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires in 1992.

Gone are the gloriously festooned vestments of Pope Benedict XVI. In their place are the simplicity and humility which the current pope has unmistakably eschewed to live up to the same virtues of St. Francis of Assisi when he turned his back on the wealth of his family.

A false humility?  

You might think the humility of Pope Francis that has already won the hearts of nearly all Catholics would betray the utter falsehoods that MDM and its horde of cretinous Catholic hypocrites had spread about him. MDM's followers talk as if the current Pope's abandonment of the traditional regalia is indicative of a new religion that would turn its back on Catholicity.  Only from cretins whose discernment cannot go beyond the superficial into anything substantive,  No wonder they all got deceived.  

It is, however, interesting to note that we a received some testimonials that essayed how the yawing disconnect between the Pope's persona and the hateful myopia of MDM has opened their eyes to the truth. Some people can see through MDM's deception better than others and it's never too late. 

But obstinacy and pertinacity to a clearly slanderous false message about Pope Francis have become the hallmark of MDM's cretinous minions. No more than spiritual zombies, they remain blindsided by their hate of the Pope and their love to an anonymous prophet claiming divinely-inspired messages whose doctrinal, scriptural and semantic acrobatics betray an ignorance that only come from a very earthly source.  Those who don't necessarily make their hate apparent espouse a more laid back but equally moronic "wait and see" attitude to prove the obvious slander and defamation MDM has been dishing out on the current Pope. They are already saying that Pope Francis is deceiving the faithful with his show of false modesty and hypocritical humility, the easier to ensnare the faithful. 

MDM's minions have only succeeded to describe themselves. 


  1. "The Pope doesn't wear the red shoes."

    It has been the tradition of the Church that popes wear red shoes. The color red commemorates the blood of Christ and the martyrs of the Church, while signifying the fire identified with the Holy Spirit, according to theology professor Lawrence Cunningham of Notre Dame. Since the 16th century, papal shoes and slippers had been handmade in red satin and embroidered with gold thread."

    I WAS SO GLAD THE FIRST DAYS I SAW POPE FRANCIS WITH BLACK OLD SHOES. DID JESUS HAD RED SHOES AND SLIPPERS? NOT AT ALL. FRANCIS is HUMBLE and he wants to give money to the poor, not to luxus. His ring is silver with a little gold on the outside. He don't live in a big appartment, but between other people in a smaller house. For all these things and more, HE IS A POPE TO MY HEART. POVERTY and HUMBLE, like FRANCIS from Assisi, like JESUS himself. Thank you Francis, for the Example you give. Have You seen that Pope Benedict when I came to the Vatican last, als had black shoes, no more red. BRAVO BENEDICTUS, BRAVO FRANCIS! and thank you very much.

  2. Saint Ambrose Material poverty is not holy in itself Not all the poor are blessed. Saint John Chrysostom Poverty at one time leads to blasphemy, and another to wisdom. According to the disposition of the user