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Friday, November 29, 2013

How Doomsday Prophecies Affect Our Children. Testimony

A few words from a person whose family members are involved in the cult of Maria Divine Mercy. 

I have been talking again with Mary McGovern's, MDM's disciples who continue
on their mission to spread her “bad news” rather than the Good News of Jesus Christ. True to form, they run away whenever the legitimacy of this controversial seer is challenged. Any criticism of their cult leader is anathema to them. (So much for following the exhortation of St. Peter to be prepared to give a reason for the hope that lies within you.) Their obstinate resistance and complete disregard for all the thoughtful, very Catholic reasons for rejecting their pet prophet, suggests a strong diabolical influence. 

It is obvious, MDM’s “Books of Truth” have become their new canon of Sacred Scripture. Whatever their counterfeit Messiah proclaims from the heavens of cyberspace is unquestionably true. Do MDM'ers need proof? No. It is all about their feelings and a whole pile of conspiracy theories starting with Pope Paul VI being replaced by an impostor according to Veronica Leuken, the late Bayside seer of New York. 

Cult followers repeatedly fail to make any distinction between private and public revelation and yes, they routinely refer to these books as an addition to the Holy Bible. Somehow, even citations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, fails to penetrate their hearts. There is the morality of relativism and then there is the theology of relativists. 

Accordingly, the heretics are none other than all opponents of MDM; they must be “liberals”; have their “heads in the sand,” or are simply too fearful to face reality that Holy Mother Church has already completely “disintegrated,” having been disemboweled by the architects of evil who have destroyed her from within. 

Bottom line, her cult followers do not care who MDM is. They believe the messages because they want to. They are comfortable in their tight little "prayer" groups and do not want to be excluded from them. No matter that their allegiance to MDM is alienating them from their true family, the Church. Meanwhile, MDM opponents, do all the hard work of comparing and contrasting MDM's counterfeit Jesus with legitimate Catholic sources to verify if what "he" says coincides with the deposit of faith. All too often, the dissimilitudes are remarkable. There is just no way that Our Lord and the Blessed Mother could be spewing forth the nonsense and vitriol so characteristic of the W2C website. Why M&M disciples continue to consume all the offals from this website, like so much junk food served at a circus carnival, is a mystery: the mystery of iniquity.

Why? How could this happen to so many good members of the Church? The most adamant of them, have been reading end time prophecies about the hidden "Third Secret of Fatima," the chastisement, 'the Warning' most of their lives; worse yet, they have been spoon feeding these to their children. The cold war may be over but they still preach humanity will be wiped out by nuclear war and that Russia was never consecrated to Our Lady. Such parents, see no harm, even after their children leave home and are no longer practicing Catholics. Play the blame game. Their faith was not entirely lost because of corrupt or diluted teaching from so-called Catholic institutes of learning. Maybe, just maybe, it is time these parent's took some responsibility because their brand of Catholicism was so centered on sensationalism and doomsday scenarios that religion left a bad taste in the mouths of their children. 

Before their children ever realized the marvelous plan God had prepared for them in this life, their disgruntled relatives, had already replaced their rightful heritage, joy and hope, with terrible end time prophecies. Rather than live as children of light, in awe and wonder of God’s great act of creation and redemption, they were taught to constantly monitor for signs of the end times. Is it any wonder, they lost faith when these prophecies failed to come true? Is it any wonder these children turn a deaf ear to their parents, even today, whenever they start talking about God? 

Surely, it is one thing to live in a state of grace and another to live in a constant state of anxiety with no hope of a future apart from mass destruction and annihilation.Mary McGovern/ Carberry, a.k.a. Marie Divine Mercy, isn’t the first seer to announce the angels of the Apocalypse pouring down fire from the heavens on the heads of God’s children. Sadly, she won’t be the last.

Moreover, why would the offspring of these homes want to build anything with their lives when the hand of God is already to reach out and destroy it all? Why direct oneself to solve any of humanity’s problems if one is waiting for direct divine intervention to set mankind straight once and for all? How many of these insular groups are out on the streets protesting the greatest human rights issue of our day: abortion? On no. They are too busy spreading the end of the world prophecies to bother with anything that mundane. 

At some point, one has to recognize that too much curiosity about the end times is simply unhealthy. Taken to its logical conclusion, one who follows MDM would have to think Jesus had left behind unfinished business. Worse yet, MDM is constantly preaching we must redeem ourselves in God's eyes. Is a Catholic still Catholic when he thinks Jesus had not fully accomplished His Father’s mission? Let God decide when these misled members have passed a point of no return. It isn't too hard to imagine, they are out on a limb on this one and the longer they hang on the more likely it is this branch will break and they will fall. 

No. We are not called to be spectators in life. God doesn't want us to sit around to view the unfolding of human history; He wants us to actively cooperate with the life-giving gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to build a civilization of love - now. We are called to spread the kingdom of God, in the Mystical Body of Christ, to all people and to all nations. If Jesus decides to come while we are thus engaged, we will have nothing to fear.

“Well done, my good and fai thful servant. . . Enter into the joy of your Master.” (Matthew 25:21-22)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Fundamental Delusion' - Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ on Little Pebble, MDM and other sects

Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ 
Strangely and sadly, when many in Western Society appear to have grown weary of Christianity, and Christian people need to drink from the sources of Word and Sacrament within the Church, there are instances of devout people turning to weird sects, of decent Catholic people and others giving credence to some self-proclaimed visionary who leads them down paths that sew sorrow for many. These cults frequently result in family breakup, spiritual distress, rejection of the teachers of the Church, a self-righteousness and insulation from the wider Christian community is created and all based on someone’s supposed private revelations. Words are attributed to Jesus or Mary suggesting actions that are in contradiction to Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maria Divine Mercy and the Cup of Salvation

“The time has come to rise up now and take this Cup – drink from it, for it is the Cup of Salvation. By drinking from this Cup you will now be prepared to share this Cup with mankind. You now prepare to unveil the Words of Christ, so that souls can be saved during The Warning.” [HOLY SPIRIT] to MDM, Feb. 12, 2011

What can this most extraordinary command mean? MDM is appropriating to herself, words Jesus, pronounced during the institution of the Eucharist, “TAKE and eat; this is my body.” Then He took a cup, gave thanks, and gave it to them saying, “DRINK FROM IT, all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant . . .” First and foremost, this command came from the second person of Blessed Trinity as He offered Himself as an oblation to His Father in heaven. It was not as we note here the Holy Spirit. There are more interesting observations. 

Not only does this parallel the story of the three children of Fatima and therefore suggestive of an imitation but supersedes it, in as much as they received Holy Communion from the archangel Gabriel; whereas, in this story, MDM partook of the most Sacred Mysteries -the Precious Blood - directly from the Holy Spirit! Moreover, the children never handled the sacred species as they received the miracle of the Eucharist on their tongue. In this case, MDM was instructed to take the Cup of Salvation which is none other than the Precious Blood. Therefore, it is presumed she used her hands. What is the significance of this detail one may well ask? The Mother of Salvation, on Jan. 18, 2012, delivered this message to our seer:

“You insult my Son when you receive the Holy Eucharist in the hand.”

Given the appeal of this seer to ultra conservative Catholics who steadfastly refuse to handle the chalice with the Precious Blood because they deem it sacrilegious, this is a major faux-pas. Worse yet, MDM is the new high priest who will share this cup of salvation. One can only wonder how did this major inconsistency escape their discernment? What did not escape their attention was the follow warning from the Mother of Salvation given on the aforementioned date.

“Sadly, many of my children will, in their allegiance to the Catholic Faith, follow blindly this new false doctrine, like lambs to the slaughter.”

So this year when this message came about swallowing “the chalice of the serpent” was released MDM’s disciples had been prepared and understood exactly what their seer was telling them:

“Those of you {loyal Catholics} who side with the false prophet {identified as the successor of Pope Benedict XVI along with an entire litany of blasphemous titles} and the antichrist will be ensnared by Satan and he will not let you go free. Those of you who walk alongside My enemies and swallow the chalice of the serpent will be destroyed by him should you dare to challenge him.” Jesus to Maria Divine Mercy, Oct. 20, 2013

So we have two cups, one a gift supposedly from the Holy Spirit to Mdm to “share with
” and the second cup for the “lambs” who will be led “to the slaughter” is described as the “chalice of the serpent!” So what is this “chalice of the serpent” that Catholics will drink? It is a revised liturgy Pope Francis will institute as part of his new abominable church. (May 7, 2012) Furthermore, the Pope will offer “the chalice of the serpent.” This is no exaggeration. One needs to remember, her entire body of messages when reading them, in order to make the necessary connections. 

“Pope Benedict will suffer much . . . Then THE HEAD OF MY CHURCH WILL BE REPLACED BY THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT.” [Jesus] Nov.13, 2012. Message # 614, “The Crowning of Thorns During My Crucifixion is Symbolic” (Warning Second Coming website)

Thus it is a legitimate conclusion, it is Pope Francis who has been demonized by MDM. He is the “head of the serpent” who now heads the Church of Christ. 

Finally, we circle back to an earlier point about the Holy Spirit to ask is it even possible that the Holy Spirit could have been speaking directly to MDM? After all, she has signed the message with His signature. For the answer we turn to the sure norm of truth for teaching the faith: the catechism of the Catholic Church no. 687:

“Now God's Spirit, who reveals God, makes known to us Christ, his Word, his living Utterance, but THE SPIRIT DOES NOT SPEAK of HIMSELF. The Spirit who “has spoken through the prophets” makes us hear the Father's Word, but WE DO NOT HEAR THE SPIRIT HIMSELF. WE KNOW HIM ONLY IN THE MOVEMENT by WHICH HE REVEALS the WORD to us and disposes us to welcome him in faith. THE SPIRIT of TRUTH who “unveils” Christ to us “WILL NOT SPEAK ON HIS OWN.” (John 16:13) 

It should be self - evident that her claim to the role of the ministerial priesthood where she is commanded to share “the cup of salvation” with the world, is as bogus as the rest of her roles: the last great prophet and the seventh angel of Revelation. Be that as it may, sometimes she gets it right:

“Tell My followers that as they take up My Chalice and march forward to spread the Truth of My return to Earth, that they too will suffer.” [Jesus] Aug. 28, 2011

How much will they suffer? A lot if they continue to drink from the poisonous cup of MDM. Jesus warned, 

“Anyone who does not remain in Me will be thrown out like a branch and wither. . .” (John 15:6)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Biblical Lessons for Maria Divine Mercy

By PocketSketch

Lesson from Gideon

“I Am gathering MY ARMY quickly now and this will swell into a group of over 20 MILLION SOULS soon. THE LARGER THE ARMY, THE MORE POWERFUL WILL BE THE HOLY SPIRIT in bringing My children together as one to fight the deceiver.” [Beloved Saviour] Aug.31, 2011.

“The LORD said to Gideon, “You have too many soldiers with you for Me to deliver Midian into their power, lest Israel vault itself against Me and say, ‘My own power brought me the victory.’ Judges 7:2 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who Is Maria Divine Mercy?

After Ron Conte published his blog article revealing the identity of Maria
Divine Mercy, it was a question of time before someone put the information together. 'Saseen', a former follower of MDM published his excellent investigative article Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind The Curtain, where he examines the background of Mary McGovern Carberry, the real person behind 'Maria Divine Mercy' - and her organisation 'Warning Second Coming'. He writes: 

Since Nov. 8, 2010, a woman identifying herself as Maria Divine Mercy, a Catholic messenger from God

Maria Divine Mercy and Identity Crisis

By Geoff Heggadon

The entity who speaks to Maria Divine Mercy claims to be Jesus, but it does not seem to be sure WHO Jesus is. The entity does not know that Jesus is a member of the Holy Trinity – who is inseparable and One God. Here are some of the entity’s mistakes: 

Message 20/12/10 “It is time now for My Father’s children and followers, as well as those who believe in the Superior Being that is God, the Creator and Maker of all things, to join forces as one. Irrespective of which path you follow God, or whether you believe in Me, His only beloved Son, stand together as one.”

Look at how poorly this passage is written. “My Father’s Children and followers” surely these people

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Concerning ‘Maria Divine Mercy’, Pope Francis, The False Prophet – and Dr. Kelly Bowring

By David Moorcroft.

In his article ‘Concerning “Maria Divine Mercy”, Pope Francis and the False
Dr Kelly Bowring
’, Dr Kelly Bowring represents himself as ‘a Catholic theologian and author of best-selling books such as “The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph” and “The Great Battle Has Begun”. So we have a Catholic theologian who rakes in the shekels and puts ‘Dr’ in front of his name. We should be in for a real treat concerning the alleged revelations from heaven to ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ (MDM).

His first sentence reads:
‘The messages of Maria Divine Mercy(MDM), which she is reportedly receiving from heavenly sources, are plausible.’

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Serpent's Chalice: Who is Pope Francis According To Maria Divine Mercy?

By PocketStetch
“Those of you who side with the false prophet and the antichrist will be ensnared by Satan and he will not let you go free. Those of you who walk alongside My enemies and swallow the chalice of the serpent will be destroyed by him should you dare to challenge him.” Jesus to Maria Divine Mercy, Oct. 20, 2013

Who is this serpent? It is Satan. Who is the false prophet? Pope Francis. MDM warns 
(through her many voices) that he will create a new “one world church” in cooperation with the Antichrist. (July 30, 2012, Jan.18, 2012, May 7, 2012) He is one of the enemies of Jesus. Furthermore, the faithful, who “blindly” “side with” the Vicar of Christ, will be led by him “like lambs to the slaughter.” (Jan.18, 2012) 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

About So-Called Prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy

Two days ago I was sent several Facebook messages alerting me about 'The Great Warning to Humankind' from an anonymous Facebook account of religious nature and apparently Catholic, solely identified by the well-known image of Jesus of Divine Mercy, with three 'likes' and with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, photograph of Pope Francis and Zamora Diocese. Zamora Diocese! (Spain). I don't give it much importance when I come across things of this kind.

I had already checked the messages, when yesterday I was given flyers announcing "the Great Warning of God"