Blog warning against a false 'visionary' Maria Divine Mercy and her cult


We have decided to publish some personal stories from people who were once MDM followers and who wanted to share their personal stories.

  • Eva was a devout Catholic when found herself seduced by MDM. Her story is a testimony to the power of intercessory prayer and to the fact that for those who love God everything works towards their good. She is warning others that MDM is a false prophet. Read her story here
  • Joanna is a Catholic revert who began her journey back to the Catholic Church by reading MDM messages. And though she found her faith again not everything seemed to be quite right. Read more here
  • Maria (Argentina) and Janet (England) followed MDM until the election of Pope Francis. Then their eyes were opened to the absurdity of MDM's claim that the Holy Father could be the evil false prophet who would bring the destruction of the Church. Read more here
  • Daniela and her family found themselves hooked on what seemed to them beautiful Crusade prayers. She has a word of advice for others who prayed those prayers and now feel bad about it. Read more here
  • Larry warns that the biggest danger in MDM messages is the fact that on the surface she promotes Catholic devotions and practices, and her followers miss the fact that she attacks the Church by attacking its Authority. Read more here
  • And here is a testimony from a person whose family is heavily involved in the Maria Divine Mercy cult. She also shares how the doomsday prophecies affect young children. Read more here.

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