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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Could he be the False Prophet? Testimonies

The following are the testimonies of people who had followed Maria Divine Mercy until the election Pope Francis, when their eyes were opened to the MDM deception.
MDM had been preparing her followers for the new impostor pope ,who would be a false prophet mentioned in the Book of the Revelation. In the messages dated March 13 (which is the date of Pope Francis election), MDM message said, 'My beloved Pope Benedict XVI was persecuted and fled, as foretold. I have not appointed this person, who claims to come in My Name. (...) His throne (Pope Benedict XVI's)  has been stolen. His power has not."

Well, these people have not been taken in.

Testimony from a former Crusade Prayer Coordinator 


That day, March 13, I had a Crusade Prayer Group at home, and we were praying MDM prayers. I had in the next room the TV on, just in case. TV almost silent, when shouts started to came out... 'White smoke!!!' We waited in excitement, thinking the False Prophet would appear now... WHEN, my saint and beloved Cardinal appeared on the balcony... I did not doubt a second.. We were six women praying. Two of them still follow MDM but are not convinced. The other four meet here in my apartment praying every Wednesday - but for Francis, the Church, etc. 

The following day, March 14 I resigned as coordinator of my whole country, Argentina. I had to face plenty of criticism on the part of people from Argentina that were indignant...and still are. I am absolute confident about Pope Francis. His informality, humility and whatever you see in his gestures, attitudes are HIM as always has been. But, he takes due time to take important decisions as you may see that the eight Cardinals are studying all that happens about the Curia, and only October 3 they will have an official meeting but I am sure Francis will stand firm on these issues. I knew of MDM messages, when she began, through Joyce Lang list. And yesterday we knew that that list was not discerned properly! 

Maria, Argentina


"I knew he was a good man" 

I started reading the messages about a year and a half ago. They got my attention because they were coming quite frequently. I liked the idea that Jesus was talking to us and guiding us through these times. There were a few things that bothered me in the messages at first, but I dismissed them because I really wanted to believe in them. I did, thank goodness, constantly ask God to not let me be deceived because ten years ago I followed some seers whose writings were very similar to MDM's and they turned out to be false. They warned that the Pope after John Paul II would be a false Pope, a False Prophet. Of course we know that Pope Benedict was not a False Prophet.

So here I was again being told that the next Pope after Pope Benedict would be a
False Prophet! Now part of me still wanted to believe because I wanted what was being offered..Safety during the tribulations, healings, and a beautiful paradise waiting for us, the chosen ones. Yet still a part of me held back because I had been fooled once. Then out of the blue Pope Benedict resigned! At first I took this to be a sign, but try as I might I could not fit his resignation in with the prophecy that told us he would be "ousted"

Now it all rested on the new Pope. Of course we had been warned that he would appear to be meek and humble... a "wolf in sheep's clothing" so I knew I would have to really look beyond his 'show' of humility, because if he really was the "Beast" "Evil and "Cunning" as the messages had warned, then he could never have been able to disguise his real nature all of his life.

When I saw Pope Francis on that balcony I couldn't believe it. I didn't have to be told... I knew he was a good man, and had been all of his life, caring for the poor and the downtrodden. His whole life reflected Christ's! 

I went back into Facebook wondering how the others felt now that we had a Pope..and a good one at that. Surely they would be angry that we had all been deceived by yet another false prophet..but this wasn't the case. I watched as they desperately searched for anything that would make the Pope look bad! I stayed and tried to reason with a few of them. These were good people, but their NEED to believe the messages meant they had to dislike the Pope. His humility wasn't real, they told themselves. And so it went on...

This search for the slightest thing with which to blacken a good man's name...and It's still going on. I firmly believe that the messages are coming from Satan and that MDM is herself being deceived. It's heart breaking to see our brothers and sisters caught up in that cult.

Janet, England

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  1. Dear Moderator - don't refuse someone's comment that disagrees with your web plan. Or we risk turning our web page into a site where people are victimised because they disagree with someone else.

    I hope this makes sense. May God reward you with His just Mercy - you did the only thing you believed you could do to help - when that happens sometimes we are not seeing things positively and our hatred colours our prophetic instincts.

    Go in peace to love and serve Our Redeemer - remembering that all He warned us about IS in fact coming true. A movement of Cardinals is afoot - seeking the best way to prevent him from terrorising the sheep to an even greater extent than he has done already.

    Love and good wishes.