Blog warning against a false 'visionary' Maria Divine Mercy and her cult

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Official Church Condemnation of Maria Divine Mercy

Archbishop Denis J. Hart, Melbourne
An archbishop in Australia considered one of the most powerful, Archbishop Denis J. Hart of Melbourne, has issued the following statement about an alleged seer hiding behind the name Maria Divine Mercy and based in Ireland. The official letter sent to all Melbourne parishes states: 

"Maria Divine Mercy is an Irish woman who claims to be a prophetess who asserts she receives messages and visions from Jesus and Mary, especially about the end times and the end of the world. She claimed that she had predicted that Pope Benedict would be forced to resign, and that Pope Francis is an impostor.
We are informed that some people are circulating these alleged messages, together with holy pictures. Please inform your people that these matters do not have the approval of the Church, and their dissemination is to be discontinued, and any message or leaflets are to be disposed of. The Archbishop believes that he must give authoritative guidance in this matter."
[signed]--Alina Tsakonas, Personal Assistant, Office of the Vicar General

When the owner of the blog site Veritas Delectat inquired directly with the office of the Melbourne Archdiocese to check on the authenticity and veracity of this statement posted in several Catholic resources online, this is the letter of confirmation received.


  1. For me, its very interesting, and it will be the "Warning" which will be the test on whether she is speaking God's word or not.
    But we can not condemn, what we do not know, or else might be condemned ourselves.

    1. The Warning can't be the test since it came from other seers at Garabandal. The Bible warns us against 'prophets' who steal from other prophets
      "Therefore," declares the LORD, "I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me." Jeremiah 23: 30
      Read also, http://mariadivinemercytrueorfalse.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-great-warning-and-its-hilarious.html

      And yes, we can condemn when we see that her messages go against the teaching of the Church, contain failed prophesies, and outright lies http://mariadivinemercytrueorfalse.blogspot.com/2013/07/maria-divine-mercy-contradictions-and.html

  2. Instead of condemn why not pray? Let's pray the Holy Spirit so that we will be enlighten. Let's pray the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for protection.

    Read also the Diary of St. Faustina and you will know that it parallels. St. Faustina was canonized by Catholic Church and her vision and messages from Christ Jesus is authentic.

    1. I have read the Diary of St Faustina many times.

      She taught me to trust in the Lord through her own life - unlike MDM who is hiding and obviously not trusting God and remains in hiding.

      St Faustina was obedient to the point of rejecting her own revelations if her superiors told her so - does that remind you MDM in any way?

      Btw MDM even lied about receiving guidance from the Church - now the statement is removed from her website though it was there a few months back. St Faustina never lied.

      Finally, St Faustina, a simple, uneducated girl,stunned theologians with her insights and knowledge about God. MDM sounds stupid and makes basic doctrinal errors.

      And why are you condemning the Bishop - how do you know he has not prayed? It's his duty to protect the faithful, and he is doing his job - very well I must admit.

    2. MariaDivineMercyTrueOrFalse, I agree with, and in everything you have said about MDM. To hide is a form of deceit. MDM's lies are fooling many, and those who are protecting MDM are wolves in sheep's clothing.

      If those who are protecting MDM understood the consequences of their actions (heaven and hell), they would stop immediately what they are posting in MDM's defense. To defend against Jesus' church is to defend satan.

      These followers of MDM are blind because in slow degrees, satan has trapped them. The Warning will not help them by going against Jesus' Church. Obedience is key to entering heaven.

      When it comes to a spiritual director, Saint John of the Cross quoted, "The disciple makes a commitment of obedience to his spiritual director. Unless the director counsels an obviously sinful act, the disciple is bound to obey him exactly, as the "internal and external judge" of his soul. If the director should lead the disciple into sin, it is the guide, not the "spiritual child," who must answer before GOD." Unquote

      Without a spiritual director, satan latches on and destroys that spiritual child slowly and all those who follow.

      I have this to say to those following MDM. When spiritual events take place in ones' life, to secure ones' self in Jesus without a spiritual director leads a soul to spiritual suicide.

      May Jesus' Divine Mercy lead us all to His Divine Will, Amen