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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Maria Divine Mercy: A Dangerous Demonic Deception

By Father John Abberton

Fr. John Abberton 
"I am a priest exorcist of 15 years experience. I have permission to share these things.

I now have permission to say these things. Lately I have been trying to help a lady who used to read these false messages. This lady has been possessed by many demons. I cannot say how many. I have had many sessions with her, in the presence of another priest and a lay woman who are witnesses to what I have to say.

This person came to me shortly after she had stopped reading those false messages. The reason she stopped was that she felt "spiritually dead" in spite of saying the prayers recommended by the messages, including the Rosary, and she realised that she was not growing in faith etc. She felt unhappy about this and was strangely ill at ease. As soon as she stopped she was attacked by a demon. She felt its presence and then she realised that she needed help.