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Friday, August 26, 2016

"I Really Regret that I Was Part of the Cult. It's One Big Trap." Testimony from Belgium

It all started about two or three years ago. I've always been interested in anything to do with the Second Coming of Christ and the end times. I've always been a God-fearing believer which led me to explore the Internet, looking up prophecies about Jesus' Second Coming. 

Initially, I surfed Youtube looking up videos about the "rapture" and wondered about how it would be and whether it would happen in our lifetime. I stumbled upon a site one day that talked about the end times, which fascinated me. It also had this little online store in which I purchased a wooden Rosary. The admin of that site somehow talked me into checking out the website I had never heard about before, called thewarningsecondcoming.com.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

If "Maria Divine Mercy" Was Trader in Futures, She'd Be in Jail. Her Forecasts Have 100% Failure Rate

By David Moorcroft.

If "Maria Divine Mercy" was trader in futures, she'd be in jail. Her forecasts have 100% failure rate. Not only have the prophetic claims of the Sybil of Dublin Town failed every test of discernment, her "prophecies" have a proven expiry date. That date has passed.

Monday, March 21, 2016



By David Moorcroft
Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
Extremist traditionalist groups in or on the fringes of the Catholic Church and followers of false or unapproved private revelations are making much of an alleged “prophecy of the Two Popes” in the writings of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. They claim that the “prophecy” concerns the post-Vatican II Church, and especially the relationship between Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict. The text itself clearly proves this to be wholly false. The recorded words of Bl. Anne are not a prophecy, but a vision. The relevant passages are quoted below:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Second Maria Divine Mercy Radio Interview Discovered!

By Mark Saseen

In October 2011, only months after starting her website of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ messages, Mary Carberry gave a 45 minutes interview with a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., Catholic radio station. Her convoluted responses would be contradicted by later ‘tellings’ of her story. As she gained popularity, she asked followers, through her Facebook allies, to make no reference to the Philadelphia interview.

It was ultimately her voice, captured from that interview – scientifically matched to the voice of Carberry – that provided conclusive evidence that Mary Carberry and Maria Divine Mercy were the same person.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Singapore Catholic Authority Warns Against Maria Divine Mercy

Foreign Speakers

During the week of 11-14 November 2015, an individual named Fabienne Guerrero, believed to be of French nationality, had given a series of talks on subjects relating to the Roman Catholic faith at various locations within the Archdiocese of Singapore. She has not complied with the Archdiocesan and statutory requirements of foreign speakers intending to minister in Singapore. She has not been approved by the Archdiocese and her messages are to be disregarded. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pope Francis, the hermeneutic of conspiracy and the ‘Three F’s’

Author: Peter Bannister

How many conspiracy theories about Pope Francis have you heard? It’s likely that you have come across at least one, and if your natural reaction was to dismiss it out of hand, perhaps you’ve missed a trick. The author of a new book on the Pope’s ‘not-so-cultured despisers’ argues that such narratives have a sociological significance and require our attention if we are to understand the phenomenon of Pope Francis. (...)

First type ‘Pope Francis False Prophet’ into an internet video search engine. Sort results by number of views. You may well be surprised to discover the size of the audience for conspiratorial narratives concerning Jorge Mario Bergoglio. (...)