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Saturday, February 15, 2014

'The Little Pebble’ Claims Secret Contact with Maria Divine Mercy!

Imprisoned cultist William Kamm – ‘the Little Pebble’ – claims secret contact with MDM !

A German researcher has obtained emails revealing secret ongoing communication with Australian cult leader William Kamm and Irish ‘visionary’ Mary Carberry. Carberry conceals her identity using the name ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ [MDM]. If authentic, the email exchange supports the notion that Carberry is under the influence or direction of the excommunicated Kamm. Researchers at midwaystreet.wordpress.com have original emails with full text.

The emails are exchanged between Magdalena – leader of a German prayer

group – Kamm’s fake bishop Malcolm Broussard, and Broussard’s fake priest ‘Fr. Marie-Paul.’

After moving to Australia in 1983, German-born Kamm, as ‘The Little Pebble,’ formed the Order of St. Charbel. In June 2003 Australian Bishop Peter William Ingham declared the Order “schismatic,” excommunicating Kamm and his followers. Kamm currently resides in a prison cell convicted of two counts of child rape. He believes he will be the next pope. He continues to receive ‘messages from heaven’ encouraging his followers to support ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ and claims the Irish ‘seer’ supports his mission.

There is no admission from Mary ‘MDM’ Carberry of direct communication with Kamm or his associates. She is forbidden by her ‘spirits’ from supporting any other ‘visionary.’ There is, however, a curious email written by Carberry supporting Kamm’s fake priest ‘Marie-Paul.’

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  1. Here is an extravagant, very bold call for all the visionaries in the world to unite. All the evidence seems to point to the disturbing picture that Mary Carberry either has attracted or is attached in some underground, nefarious network of end time soothsayers who all promote suspicion, judgement and rebellion against Holy Mother Church. The intent seems to be some kind of perverted parallel one world church with Mary Carberry taking the lead in this cyberwar against the Holy See.

    “My beloved workers, my visionaries, my seers throughout the world must be given recognition by the church. They must be respected and listened to for they were given many graces and many gifts from the Holy Spirit to do their work for God the eternal father. Soon my beloved seers, my messengers, my visionaries, my healers will be brought together. My light workers will all merge as one in the battle against the deceiver. Rome must welcome them with open arms. This my dear child will happen soon. Rejection against my seers is a sin against God. The church on earth fears losing its power to my messengers of light"

    Source: Knock Apparitions dot com; Divine Messages; 91.
    Note: This website has been removed since the relationship between the two seers Mary Carberry and Joe Coleman was made public. It can still be found on Ron Conte’s website Catholic Planet dot com.

    “Claims of Private Revelation: True or False? An evaluation of the claimed apparitions and messages to Joe Coleman and others in recent years at Knock, Ireland”