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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Maria Divine Mercy and Identity Crisis

By Geoff Heggadon

The entity who speaks to Maria Divine Mercy claims to be Jesus, but it does not seem to be sure WHO Jesus is. The entity does not know that Jesus is a member of the Holy Trinity – who is inseparable and One God. Here are some of the entity’s mistakes: 

Message 20/12/10 “It is time now for My Father’s children and followers, as well as those who believe in the Superior Being that is God, the Creator and Maker of all things, to join forces as one. Irrespective of which path you follow God, or whether you believe in Me, His only beloved Son, stand together as one.”

Look at how poorly this passage is written. “My Father’s Children and followers” surely these people
are one and the same? “as well as those who believe in the Superior Being that is God,” Again are these people not the same as followers and children? Does “Jesus” believe in more than one Superior Being?

Next “Jesus” says, “Creator and Maker of all things” Do these two words not mean the same thing? Is God now doubling up on His titles? Next He reportedly says, “or whether you believe in Me, His only beloved Son” How can you believe in Jesus without believing in the Father - when Jesus tells us in Scripture that He and the Father are One? This garbled message could be the words of some ignorant entity, but no one can possibly believe that these are the words of an all-wise God surely. 

Another message 11/1/11 (This is the message by-the-way, that also says the Warning will happen in 2011 – we all missed that one) “Love, My children, will be shown to all of My followers and those of My Eternal Father” Again, “Jesus” separates Himself from the Father.
Message 12/1/11 “I rejoice because I know that so many more of My Children will now turn back to Me and God, the Eternal Father…” The entity here makes it sound like Jesus is not even God. Again Message 1/1/11 “God, My Eternal Father…” 

This last message comes on the same day that “Jesus” supposedly says, “My Beloved Mother the Angel of Light…” Yes, “Jesus” gives His Mother the same title given to Satan in Scripture: “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.” (2 Corinthians 11:14) Yes followers of MDM should note well that verse.

I have found a few more mistakes where Jesus is unsure who He is, but these should be enough to convince anyone that it is NOT Jesus speaking but an ignorant entity. One final mistake here, “Jesus” supposedly comes in His own name and announces it Himself: Message 18/9/11 “I come in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Most High. I Am He.– Are you sure?

MDM: Chosen or Sent?

There seems also to be confusion as to whether the seer has been SENT or is CHOSEN. In the introduction to the book (pg 5) it is reported that Jesus has told MDM “she was the end time prophet and that she had NOT BEEN CHOSEN. She had been SENT as the 7th Messenger.” (She was also the “7th Angel” who would “announce to the world the contents of the seals in the book of Revelation”). 

Then in the first message (pg 10) Mon Nov 08 2010 Jesus says “you have BEEN CHOSEN to do this work” 

Again in (pg 17) message Fri Nov 12 2012 Jesus says “you have BEEN CHOSEN to do this work for me”

So there is a contradiction here. In the introduction she has been sent and NOT CHOSEN but further in the book Jesus says she has been CHOSEN. (I don’t think Jesus would get confused as the whether He had sent an angel to earth or chosen a woman to do His work)

Sounds to me like MDM is just blowing her own trumpet


  1. Great work Geoff. You have put your finger on why this counterfeit Jesus is not credible. Here is another example.

    “Relax, all of you, and KNOW THAT GOD IS EVER POWERFUL and that no act, however evil, cannot be trampled on BY HIM.” [Jesus] Oct.13, 2013

    1. If this was Jesus talking, why would He refer to God twice in this sentence as if He was divided from the single, simple essence of divinity? It makes no sense. Unless, the entity is not God Almighty speaking but a very bad “imitation of Christ.”