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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lesson 3: An Instruction Set on How to be a false Prophet (Thanks to Maria Divine Mercy)

This is a unique 10-part course on
Deception 101  for those seriouslyconsidering 
launching a lucrativebusiness in false prophecy

Lesson 1: The Principles of Deception
Lesson 2: Basic Marketing: Know your market
Lesson 3: Establish Anonymity
Lesson 4: The Hell with Church Authorities
Lesson 5: Say what your audience wants to hear

LESSON 3: Be anonymous

Using your true identity is a strategic error of many false seers in the past. Now, after amassing a huge fortune from their nefarious doomsaying business, their true names make them easy targets by media who stick their noses in their private affairs or expose their scandalously acquired wealth.  Just check what the media is doing to the poor Christina Gallagher with her seven mansions in Mayo County, that started with a €4 million mansion on a private estate in posh Malahide, all paid for by donations from her followers.  You want to be as rich as her, which this false prophecy scam can give you.  But you don't want to suffer the same public relations misery.

Why complicate your private life? When you’re starting a doomsaying scam business, be sure to separate your scam business from your personal dimension. Living a double life or split personality gives you more flexibility that will not be possible if your real name is known for spreading BS. You don’t have to reveal your true identity and this can help relieve you of any or all of the following worries: 

(1) being hounded by local church authorities demanding to have you investigated for your messages or apparitions; 
(2) being hounded by tax authorities when you profit scandalously from your messages; (3) being harassed or hounded by media for interviews when you become famous; 
(4) getting personally ridiculed and insulted by unbelievers who will see through the fakery of your messages; 
(5)you will make your detractors busy trying to figure out who you really are; and 
(6) you can’t be sued for libel or slander because you’re anonymous, but under the law, by simple implication, you can sue for libel against your critics.

Bear in mind that as a fake prophet, you do not enjoy the divine protection God provides His prophets unless you seek the protection of Satan which can readily be obtained by selling your soul to him. In addition, being anonymous can also allow you to register your name as a corporation in the local SEC as a non-stock non-profit organization. 

What used to be a one-of-kind
Divine Mercy image specified by
no less than Jesus Christ
in His message to St. Faustina
has been effectively bastardized
by Maria Divine Merce
The bible does make an implicit reference to anonymous prophets when it referred to them in several verses as "false prophets."  That's the scam business you are in. While well-informed Catholics will immediately recognize you to be false, as there is no such thing as a prophet from God who hides behind anonymity, you can always justify it by saying that it was Christ or Mary who had advised you to be anonymous because heaven does not want its prophet to be harmed in spreading their messages. That’s quite convenient, actually, and you should take advantage of that. It makes you wonder why previous discredited seers didn't think of it and suffered the ridicule for the rest of their days.

What’s in a name? Everything

Anonymity does not mean being a no-name brand. In fact, you should brand yourself. That’s one of the pillars of marketing. Just remember, if you can market garbage successfully, you become an expert marketer. So use the best arsenal in marketing – branding. You can simply use a name that is quite familiar to most Catholics, even the ignoramuses among them, and has significant following. That quality can rub off to you. Some of the more successful names used by false seers are “Holy Love,” and “Two Hearts” Sometimes their names precede the true name of the false seer. This is another reason why you don’t need to reveal your true identity.

Learn from the master false prophet: Maria Divine Mercy

The Divine Mercy devotion is now one of the most popular Catholic practices after the Holy Rosary.  Look at the name Maria Divine Mercy. It is the perfect study on how to bastardize a popular Catholic devotion - the Divine Mercy of St. Faustina.  In fact, her devotion name is more popular than the saint who introduced it.  How many do you think know or even associate Divine Mercy devotion with St. Faustina? Very few.   By associating your false prophecy to a famous name, you could even steal the reputation. Look how many ignoramuses now associate the Divine Mercy chaplet to Maria Divine Mercy, not to St. Faustina.  That’s the way to make an easy name for yourself. Steal it.  Every identity thief out there knows this. So learn from them, too.  

Anonymity serves MDM well 

Maria Divine Mercy now has a strong presence in Slovakia, prompting the Slovakian Bishop Conference to issue a notice of condemnation to her messages. The Archbishops of Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as the Auxiliary Bishop of the diocese of Salzburg in Austria, have all issued warnings to Catholics about the "fraudulent" and "corrosive" nature of the messages. This is clearly even worse than any church findings of a non-constat origination of any private revelation or apparition messages.

In the meantime, what has the local bishop of Dublin, presumably the residence of Maria Divine Mercy doing all this time? Nothing. For the last three years, the Dublin diocese has remained silent. This is where the anonymity of Maria Divine Mercy has proven advantageous to her scam business. There is absolutely no way for the local Dublin diocese to investigate and verify the supernatural origins of her alleged private revelation since the prophet does not want to be known. And because what matters to the Holy See is the findings of the local ordinary in matters of apparitions and private revelations, in its absence, it will take some time for Vatican to even bother with these messages. In short, by her Anonymity.  (Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that the Dublin diocese could have issued a pastoral opinion to protect its flock the way the other bishops have done.  This tells you that not all dioceses are the same.  Some are less concerned than others and it may be a good idea to make some research on where you can put your scam business headquarters that can enjoy the least interference from the local church authorities. Dublin may be a good option.  Ireland seems to have many competent false prophets like Christina Gallager and John Leary) 
Maria Divine Mercy effectively guarantees that her scam business would be around for a very long time, despite the fact that her Warning Second Coming has foretold the end of the world within this lifetime, or for that matter, buying up several domain names for her site that would last for another 10 years at the least. Good thing your target market in such fake messages is clueless about using a Whois online tool to check on your domain name. Only devout Catholics concerned about the spread of your messages would bother investigating these things.
Protecting your Brand

This is already outside of the topic as it involves having practical working knowledge on the security procedures for protecting your anonymity and branding.  Such knowledge will go a long way to ensure that any step you take in developing and marketing your branded messages cannot be traced back to your real identity.  For instance, when registering your domain name for your website, never use your real identity, contact phone, email and home address.  By all means, use a proxy to front your identity, This can be a dummy corporation or another pseudonym.  When you have a support team that helps you with marketing and distributing the messages, you have to recruit only the most trusted persons.  Make sure they also hide behind anonymity or pseudonyms.  For a more thorough learning about security to your anonymity, you may have to get the services of professional IT security expert.

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