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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lesson 2: An instruction set on how to be a false prophet (Thanks to Maria Divine Mercy)

This is a unique 10-part course on
Deception 101  for those seriously
considering launching a lucrative
business in false prophecy

Lesson 1: The Principles of Deception
Lesson 2: Basic Marketing: Know your market
Lesson 3: Be Anonymous
Lesson 4: Forget about church authorities
Lesson 5: Say what your audience wants to hear
LESSON 2:  Basic Marketing: Know your target market (intended victims)

As a lesson in marketing, after defining your scam business as a doomsayer, this first lesson answers your question: What is my market size? Why people can readily fall into my hands of a false prophet and make me rich while creating confusion and dissension in the Catholic Church?
  • Majority of Catholic faithful, more than 95% of them, do not bother to read or understand the Catholic catechism in any of its versions. They know their hated Algebra better. Knowing their catechism is not required for anyone to have a degree or be financially successful. This ignorance makes them ready fodder for false prophets to introduce new ideas and concepts they think are Catholic but are doctrinally wrong.
  • Catholics rarely bother to read scriptures. The Catholic Church maintains that faith does not rest on Scriptures alone, but also on Sacred traditions of the Church and the pronouncements of the Magisterium.  There is more chance that Protestants read the Bible more because that is their sole source of Faith.   Again, this makes them vulnerable to new ideas and concepts that are scripturally irrelevant.
  • People love to hear gossips, innuendos and sensational news. Anything that ruins reputations and bashes authority with rebellious angst is welcome reading material, especially among the young.
  • Religious education, if the faithful undergo one at all, does not involve how to recognize evil.  Their ability to discern is poor or does not exist. Ask them about the six deadly sins against the Holy Spirit and they will show more knowledge about the six top features of the iPhone. Ask them how the devil looks like and they will say it looks Dracula or Voldemort. 
  • People, especially the young, tend to be rebellious, to want to be different or stand out from the crowd. They rebel from their parents, engage in illegal pot sessions and small time crimes and misdemeanors, and enjoy disobeying their teachers and anyone in authority. Obedience is an alien word for them.  Hence, it is very easy for your target audience to follow you, rather than obey their Church authorities.
  • Catholics find their religion boring, and prefer to snore while attending mass. Thanks to parish priests who make boring sermons and have no charisma whatsoever. This ennui makes them easily attracted to anything that would excite their imagination or appeal to their fantasies.  Conspiracy stories and sensationalist agenda in your false prophecies make for quick and easy bait for this audience..
  • Media has capitalized on the crimes of priests such as rape and pedophilia and the Catholic hierarchy has lost credibility to many of its flock for glossing over their crimes and hushing up victims with out of court settlements.  You can likewise capitalize on this because ignorant Catholics will never be able to separate the indefectibility of the Church militant from the fallible human dimensions of the clergy. 
Typical market psychographics you can tap
for your online doomsaying business scam.
This is most likely the front picture of the
Call of Duty poster for the crusade prayer group
invitation issued by Maria Divine Mercy
  • So many Catholics are already in the state of mortal sin, thanks to their penchant for pornography on the internet, adultery from extra-marital sex, active homosexual life and aberrant relationships, use of artificial birth control and abortificents, covetousness for the lifestyle successes of their neighbors, idolizing Justin Beiber, not to mention that many have divorced their spouses and re-married or have aborted their babies in the past.  And they hardly ever go to confession.  Worst, they think by taking Holy Communion  they are pious Catholics, never knowing that they actually pile up otheir mortal sins.  Again easy fodder for your deception.
  • There are many disillusioned priests who are open to new concepts as well as former priests with grudges against the church for being de-frocked. Even some traditionalist, orthodox and sedevacantist priests might readily find your messages attractive, provided you attack Vatican II, another sensational item, though this has been done to death by previous false prophets.  But no harm recycling them.
  • People are always seeking to find proof about life after death, proof about God, the spirit world and anything magical.  Hence, mystics and seers throughout the ages have always attracted throngs of believers, regardless of any Church clearance.  
  • People love fantasies. You only need to see the global successes of the Harry Potter, Twillight Saga,  Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movie franchises to see how receptive people are to such nonsense. And not even these, you only need to see the throngs of followers of discredited seers over the years to see a huge following ready to be milked if you know how.  So if you make your false messages fantastic, absurd, weird, and totally outside or rational thought, you can be sure you will have a wide following.  Remember, there's always one born every minute.  Never lose track of that. 
This is your target audience, an easy prey with one foot already in hell. Once you know your target victims, you can easily craft devious messages either as Mary, Christ or God the Father and through them, take advantage of their catechismal, canonical, doctrinal and scriptural ignorance. You can even send out messages as the Holy Spirit.  Only few Catholics know that the Holy Spirit does not speak.

It shouldn't be difficult. The gullibility of ignoramuses knows no bound, especially those seeking some excitement or outlet in their boring lives and never finding any interest in reading their catechism which to most Catholics is boring stuff.  They would rather spend their time reading Tom Clancy or Dan Brown fictions.  If your messages  

Remember, as a false seer, you don’t need to fool all the people all the time.  You only need to fool some people some of the time.  There will be other false seers who can fool other people at another time. You may also want to set up subsidiaries in other cities or countries to spread your filth.

Remember too, that you have a great perfidious role in human history, fulfilling the prophecies foretold in the Bible, that there will be many false prophets during the end times. Your name or pseudo-name will live forever in the annals of heretical infamy and be listed among unapproved or condemned messages in such sites as the Miracle Hunter and be featured in many Catholic sites where your body of work will be analyzed and studied to death by such theologians as Dr. Miravelle, Ron Conte, Jr, and several church authorities like the Slovakian Bishop’s Conference and Bishops from many Cities like Brisbane and Melbourne.  You will be notorious and infamous.
Learn from the master false prophet: Maria Divine Mercy 
By way of introduction, Maria Divine Mercy is said to be an Irish Catholic who is lukewarm to the faith and started to see how lucrative it is to be in the doomsaying business. Just look at the false seer's Warning Second Coming website   
Market Segmentation 
This book comes in two volumes
covering the MDM's messages
from November 2010 to
late November 2012.
Expect a third volume before
the end of 2013.
It started out in late 2011 at her Warning Second Coming website   Using geographic market segmentation to spread the false messages and further enjoy a global receipt of income from the sale of her books and related consumer items such as the Kindle and iPhone versions, Maria Divine Mercy has branched out into a German-language website. In fact, her presumptuous Book of Truth has been translated in French, German, Portuguese, and Polish languages with other translations said to be on the way.
The book is a compilation of her fantastic nonsense about the Great Warning, Chastisement and Miracle in preparation of the Second Coming of a fake Christ as allegedly revealed by the persons of the Holy Trinity.  It has complemented the spread of her online messages for people who don't always have access to or are clueless in using the internet and the PC and would like the entire body of her BS to read without having to wait for her online messages like your daytime soap opera.
Social Media Marketing 
The Warning Second Coming is online marketing par excellence, using social media platform that consists of Facebook groups and pages. Social media sharing sites like YouTube are harnessed to air short videos of her messages, while blog sites, both operated by followers and sympathizers are fully utilized to spread her babble. Its Facebook presence alone as of June 2013 has nearly 20,000 likes (not really much considering there are 1.2 billion Catholics) and creates a loyal following who would distribute her messages from timeline pages of followers, Facebook groups and pages. Most of these have backlinks and references to relevant pages in the Warning Second Coming which ensures high search optimization.  High content relevance is assured with consistently updated discussions about these messages by her minions. You only need to do a Google search to see that her website lands on the first page all the time, along with a support blog site and her Amazon page selling her books. There is also clear evidence of using reputation management to manage negative content and criticisms about the falsehoods in its messages.
Mary Divine Mercy doesn't have to lift a finger, neither does she need a sales force.  Outside of Ireland and Eastern Europe, her Facebook presence has marshaled key active characters around the world, particularly in the Philippines, Germany, Australia and the US to spread her message.  See for yourself in her Facebook pages how many take her drivel hook, line and sinker while defending her despite repeated attacks from concerned Catholics who see through the charade and the schismatic scandal it is fomenting within the Catholic ranks.  
This is how to do a doomsaying scam business. There are very few specimens that can rival her notoriety and success in luring a large following using social media marketing that large consumer companies can only dream about.
Crusade Prayer Groups 
This is the poster issued by
Maria Divine Mercy
to lure victims for its
crusade prayer group.
It leverages the Call of Duty
video game to further
enhance the marketing allure.
See photo above for front shoot
You can ask friends and relatives to head franchises of your invented devotions.  Look how the Crusade Prayer Groups of Maria Divine Mercy have given her a global presence.  She now has thousands of zombie like followers of her Crusade Prayers set up to lure more victims outside of her native Ireland.  They have spread like the plague in countries like Australia and Slovakia, now the US. Very soon she will have the same franchising outreach like McDonald’s.  Don't be surprised if Maria Divine Mercy will soon surpass the wealth of her idol (or business partner) Christina Gallagher. 
Her crusade prayer group can now rival the House of Prayer group of another discredited and fellow Irish false prophet Christina Gallagher.  This is the vehicle for an effective geographic market segmentation that easily dovetails to her social media marketing. 
Just like a a global franchising business, setting up crusade prayer groups provide a legitimate cover that can readily appear to be harmless to Catholics. After all, what could be so wrong or even demonic about prayer groups?  Just about every cult has one.  But this is essentially what you need to emulate when embarking on a similar scam doomsaying business.  As will be discussed in subsequent lesson, the art of deception is all about marketing garbage.  It is actually the highest form of marketing.  If you can market garbage, you can market anything on earth. 

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