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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Maria Divine Mercy's Message with Commentary. How Silly Can it Get?

By David Moorcroft 

Message titled: Those who exalt themselves before Me but speak evil of others will be cut off from Me.Sunday, January 4th, 2015 @ 16:00

My dearly beloved daughter, if a man who does not believe in Me or My Word, and who is given the gift of discernment [which is not needed for faith or salvation], comes to Me and asks Me for My Help and My Mercy, I will redeem him and give him salvation [you must have missed this before, Mrs Divine Mercy, but we are redeemed already]. If a man who knows Me but betrays Me, then comes to Me and tries to defend his actions, I will cast him away for he has committed the worst sin [not necessarily].

My greatest enemies are those who were blessed with the Truth but whose pride makes them believe that they are privileged to act in My Name [Those who are blessed with the truth KNOW that it is a privilege, not a right, to do anything in God's name. Acknowledging a privilege is no part of the definition of pride.]. I was betrayed by one of My Own when I walked the earth not by those who did not know Me [A truism, therefore an unnecessary saying.
That is the definition of betrayal.]. The same will always be the case until the time of the Great Day.

Those who exalt themselves before Me but speak evil of others will be cut off from Me. Those who are cut off from Me because they reject Me, but who finally turn to Me, will be saved first. Be careful when you proclaim that you are of Me, for the wise man will love Me irrespective of the graces he receives [We cannot love God without the graces we receive.]. He will never boast of his holiness, his devout life or his understanding of My Word. Pride is the downfall of those who believe their knowledge of Me is greater than others [Yes, Madam. Many of your followers believe this.]. It is those who come to Me as little ones whom I bring closer to My Sacred Heart. These are the souls who love Me unconditionally and who do not feel the need to display their love for Me, so that others will admire and look up to them. It is the man who leaves all in My Hands, when he speaks the Truth, who brings Me the souls I desire [excuse me for interrupting, but God 'desires' all souls], not the man who feels he deserves great accolades for doing so.

The evil one gains entry into the souls of those whose opinion of their own greatness, in My eyes, surpasses any love, which they may have for Me [Do you know, Madam, what you are saying? It reads as if you mean that in God's eyes their opinion of their greatness surpasses any love, etc.]. He then uses these souls so that, by their cunning, they will spread falsities in My Name [Quite.]. The sin of pride is the main cause of every conceivable sin against Me. You must strive always to fight the temptation to betray Me when you believe that any knowledge of My Holy Word gives you the authority to voice your opinion as to how God works, in His Plan of Salvation [The Church does in fact speak with authority on God's Word regarding His plan of salvation. She has pronounced your 'messages' false.]

Only He, Who is above all, has the right to do this [Sorry, but He has given His authority to the Church. By the way, do you mean God voices His OPINION on how He works? I think, Madam, you are getting tangled in your own words.] . All souls must bend on one knee before Him [I bend on both knees. Am I overdoing the piety bit?] and not stride ahead to do what they believe to be His Holy Will [if our conscience tells us a certain act is 'His Holy Will', we are morally obliged to do it], if this means insulting any living souls in His Holy Name [Presumably this includes condemning the Pope as the False Prophet, the 'Imposter' and the Deceiver?].

Listen carefully to what I tell you now [I am all ears.]. If you have betrayed My Word, or the Truth [not guilty, I think], you must ask Me to rid you of your iniquities for you will not be given the time you think you have to seek solace in My Divine Mercy [Your 'messages', Madam, must be proved true before May 2016. Your soul could be required of you tonight. How much time have you got?].

Your Beloved... etc

That is the reason we do not analyse all messages. It would take a few volumes of books! You can check out some of our favourite quotes here 


  1. We have seen all this copious, mindless dribble before. Even her own followers are weary of it. What is worse they don't understand it. She has said the same thing before. Witness:

    "Blessed Are Those Meek of Heart, Whose Pride Has Been Stripped From Them Through the Grace of God" message April 12, 2013

    “Those who take it upon themselves to declare their superior knowledge of spiritual matters laid down by the Teachings of God, through the prophets, need to be very careful. When such souls declare their so-called knowledge, by boasting of their intellectual assessment of Holy Doctrine, instead of focusing on the importance of humility, THEY OFFEND ME. When they use their knowledge to TWIST THE TRUTH to suit their agenda, in order to draw souls into a MANMADE VERSION of MY TEACHINGS, I AM DEEPLY OFFENDED and I WILL PUNISH SOULS GUILTY OF THIS CRIME AGAINST GOD.” {emphasis added}

    It is Carberry's writing which is offensive and twisted. Her writing betrays a complete misunderstanding of God's plan of salvation. According to her, Christ failed to establish His material kingdom on earth for the Jews and therefore He must come back a second time, to try and "save us." This will happen during an invisible, "not in the flesh" is how she coined it, Second Coming. Only then, according to Carberry, will He begin to reign during this thousand year period of the New Paradise on earth. Whereas Catholics believe that when Our LORD returns it will be the end of the world and the new heaven and the new earth will last forever, not a mere 1,000 years.

    The bishops got it right. Her theology is not Catholic. Set aside the window dressing which includes the Rosary and you will find John Nelson Darby, the ex-Anglican priest who formed the dispensationalist movement.

  2. Response to “Those who exalt themselves before Me but speak evil of others will be cut off from Me. Jan.4, 2015

    Carberry has a predilection for cutting remarks. She would have us believe the following is a message from God the Father.

    “As the wickedness of man spreads . . . I will cut those souls in two and strike them down.” Message from Sept. 26, 2013

    A soul can be cut into two? ‘Soul’ signifies the spiritual principle in man. Yes, there are many threats and curses to the unrepentant in the Holy Bible; even so, God never spoke such gibberish and nonsense. She makes a bad imitation of the authentic Word of God. In the following, Our Saviour promises to cut out the hearts of “souls.”

    “I will cut out the hearts of those hardened and stubborn souls who care nothing for anyone’s needs, except their own.” MDM’s “Jesus” Aug. 29, 2013

    Contrast and compare with the prophet Ezekiel:

    “I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you, taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts.” Ez. 36:26

    Here she threatens to cut out the tongues of anyone who speaks out against her scam and I quote directly the subject of her curse:

    “TO THOSE of you who claim to SPEAK with great knowledge of Me and then spit with a cursed tongue AGAINST MY PROPHET– know this . . . When you utter words of hatred, YOUR TONGUE WILL BE CUT OUT.” May 4, 2013