Blog warning against a false 'visionary' Maria Divine Mercy and her cult


These are the published warnings and condemnations of several Bishops in different parts of the world who have read the messages of Maria Divine Mercy: 

  • Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, issued a statement condemning Maria Divine Mercy stating that her messages have 'no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic Theology'. His condemnation is binding for the whole Church since he is the Ordinary of the 'seer'. Full text can be found here
  • Bishop Richard. J. Malone, apostolic administrator for the Diocese of Portland has issued a letter forbidding dissemination of MDM messages in the Diocese. Full text of his letter can be found here  
  • Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane upon examination has found the messages to be fraudulent and corrosive of the Christian faith. His letter to the faithful of his Archdiocese can be read here and the original downloaded from here
  • Archbishop Denis J. Hart of Melbourne has informed the faithful that MDM messages and related matters do not have the approval of the Church, and their dissemination is to be discontinued, and any message or leaflets are to be disposed of in his Archdiocese. To find out more read here
  • Slovakian Conference of Bishops has found the messages to be heretical and issued a warning to the faithful to stay away from these messages. The original letter can be found here
  • Bishop Andreas Laun, Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, Austria, warned Catholics against MDM messages in Kath.net news. You can read his warning here
  • Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro of London Diocese, Canada, issued a letter to priests warning against MDM. The letter was not meant to be published, however, the contents were posted by our reader PocketSketch in the comment section. We have received confirmation of its authenticity. 
  • Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ warns against cults within the Catholic Church and mentions MDM as one alongside the Little Pebble or Debra from Magnificent Meal Movement. His article can be found here,
  • Archbishop Jan Graubner of Olomouc, Czech Republic, warns that the consequences of messages can be 'devilish' and speculates that the person who writes the messages might be someone who 'is very clever and evil, someone who wants to harm the Church." Full text in Czech can be found here
  • Bishop Anthony Fisher, of Parramatta Diocese in Australia, wrote that the messages should not be disseminated in his diocese, nor taken seriously, as they contain numerous theological and historical errors and contradict the Catholic teachings, Scripture and Tradition. Full text here.
  • Chancery of the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore warned against obtaining, distributing, using and wearing devotional objects or other items associated with the cult of herself Maria Divine Mercy. Read more here 
  • The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has warned the faithful against a fake prophet Maria Divine Mercy. Read more here


  1. This letter from Bishop Fabbro of the London diocese is the first warning of a Canadian bishop against MDM. I heard rumors of it earlier but it was only today that I received a hard copy of it as it appeared in parish bulletins locally. It has not been officially posted on the diocesan website even though the excitement over this seer is not limited to the one small country town mentioned in the message. The followers are active in London and travel out of town with the promoter. A lay person, received an invitation to attend this meeting about Marie Divine Mercy which was slated for the feast day of the Assumption of Our Lady, August 15. Already familiar with her notoriety, she alerted a parish priest who then contacted his bishop. The meeting took place regardless, as it seems the notice came too late. The following is the bulletin insert:

    Message of Bishop Fabbro

    “Bishop Fabbro has been asked concerning a meeting about Maria Divine Mercy which is to take place at a house in Corunna on August 15, 2013.”

    “Maria of Divine Mercy is a woman who chooses to remain anonymous and has made claims of alleged privation revelations. Bishop Fabbro warns Catholics of the diocese that Maria of Divine Mercy has not received the Church’s approval. Indeed, Catholic bishops who have studied her teachings have declared that they are heretical and have forbidden priests to be involved with or cooperate in matters associated with Maria of Divine Mercy. Her prophecies contain material that is both false and contrary to Catholic teaching. The faithful should know that adhering to her teachings can result in grave sin.”

    “Bishop Fabbro warns Catholics that they should not be involved with Maria of Divine Mercy nor should they give credence to her messages.”

    1. Thank you for letting us know!
      Lovey published this on her blog and our Facebook page. We hope it appears on the website soon as we want to pass on the news to our friends in Germany, Hungary and Poland - we just need some kind of confirmation to do that.

    2. PocketSketch - what parish are you in and does your bulletin get published on the internet?

    3. Sorry, the parish bulletin in question is not on the Internet. What you have is the message as it appeared verbatim in the bulletin August 25.

      Yes, I have read the comment by Lovey that he wanted the business to be kept private; in other words, not for publication. It would only be speculation to guess why Bishop Fabbro has not as yet published it on the Internet.

    4. Janice wrote the bishop and got the same reply. Yes it is pretty understandable. The same was with a Nigerian Bishop who was informed by Father Cross (the same whose articles we published here) about this MDM phenomenon. The Bishop took it seriously but for now prefers not to give it too much publicity among the laity.

  2. I have another parish bulletin with the identical message and a preamble by the parish pastor, Fr. Vince. He wrote:

    "My dear parishioners and friends,"

    "We are in times that many people, hungry for the Lord, feel the Lord is speaking to them. Below Bishop Fabbro speaks of one such person. We must be careful and discern very carefully what is of God and what is not. I have read several chapters of Maria of the Divine Mercy's writings. It leaves one questioning about its truth. Like any work of the evil one, 90% of the material may be spot on but the rest belongs to him and it will thus always lead you away from the truth, from the Church, from Christ, and thus from faith. The Church asks you to evaluate everything with the Gospel and with the Church's teaching. Always be careful to use your heart and mind in discerning, and always turn to the Church's teaching and leadership to guide you."

    "Be in the peace of Christ."
    Fr. Vince

  3. You can see the Spanish translation of this topic in: http://infocatolica.com/blog/infories.php/1310151009-tambien-algunos-obispos-han-h

    1. Great, thank you for the link, and thank you for warning the faithful Catholics against this cult.

  4. Ezekiel 3:21
    But if you do warn the righteous person not to sin and they do not sin, they will surely live because they took warning, and you will have saved yourself.”
    Ezekiel 33:9

    But if you do warn the wicked person to turn from their ways and they do not do so, they will die for their sin, though you yourself will be saved.

  5. It is sad when a Lay person is receiving messages and not one Priest or Bishop would reach out and help guide her with spiritual direction..In fact Spiritual Direction is all but dead in our church..Instead they spit on her like she is garbage..No love or compassion was shown to her..She had no one in our church to turn to..The wolves in sheep's clothing were out to get her and The priest's and Bishop's who did believe cowarded away..God help a person if Mary or Jesus speaks or appears to them in this day and age...They will be stomped on by thier own people!!!

    1. It is sad when a lay person does not trust the Shephards of the Church but runs after every so called visionary because they say they see or hear or whatever. Those lay people feed their souls on garbage such as the Book of Truth by Mary Carberry, a fraud who WAS DENOUNCED by the Bishops and priests. They remain blind to the truth of the Gospel, spiritually proud and theologically confused.