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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buffalo Bishop Prohibits Dissemination of Maria Divine Mercy's Messages in Portland Diocese

Buffalo Bishop has prohibited dissemination of Maria Divine Mercy's messages in the Diocese of Portland


Full text of his letter below:

Bishop Richard. J. Malone
Full text below:

Dear Monsignor/Father, 

Recently an enquiry was been made relative to some materials that are being disseminated through the website www.thewarningsecondcoming.com. The website contains the writings of "Maria Divine Mercy" which is the pseudonym of an anonymous woman who reportedly lives in Dublin and who claims to be a Roman Catholic and to be 'receiving spiritual guidance from the Catholic Church." Since some o the "messages" promote negative attitudes towards the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and of the Papacy, I have made further inquiry as to the "authenticity" of these alleged revelations.

Through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, an inquiry was made of the Irish Catholic Conference to see if the Irish Bishops had issued any guidance. Some of the Irish Bishops had no knowledge of these revelations and none had made any statements. However, since the individual uses a pseudonym and is anonymous, it is difficult to investigate. However, there have been other statements made by other bishops. In particular, Bishop Coleridge of Brisbane, Australia has stated:
"I have examined some of these messages and found them to be patently fraudulent and corrosive of true Christian faith as the Catholic Church teaches it. The alleged recipient of the messages operates anonymously and refuses to identify and present herself to local Church authority for a theological examination of the content of her messages. 

The messages contain certain theological and historical errors some of which fall within the category of bogus millenarianism, and they are more likely to provoke fear rather than the peace of the Spirit. They play on elements o the Catholic faith only to undermine it at its core. Moreover, they are outrageous in their claims against Pope Francis. Therefore, the messages of Maria Divine Mercy are not to be taken seriously, discussed, or distributed within the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

Additionally, both the National Catholic Register and New Advent have posted negative evaluations of the Maria Divine Mercy revelations which can be found at http://www.ncregister.com/blog/jimmy-akin/9-things-you-need-to-know-about-maria-divine-mercy and http://blog.newadvent.org/2013/03/a-closer-look-at-false-prophecies-of.html

Given the fact that the Church as not yet pronounced on the authenticity of these "revelations", and given the fact that more than one bishop has judged them to undermine the Catholic faith at its core, I hereby prohibit the dissemination or promotion of Maria Divine Mercy materials in the Diocese of Portland. If anyone approaches you or you are aware of anyone in your parish that is speaking about or promoting these materials please make them aware of this prohibition. This ban will be in effect, until such time as the "revelations" are authenticated by the Church.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Thank you for your ministry to your parishioners and for your commitment and fidelity to the Church.

May God bless you with His peace. Please know that you are in my prayers.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Richard. J. Malone
Apostolic Administrator of Portland
Bishop of Buffalo 

"Bishop Richard Joseph Malone is the apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Portland. He served as the 11th Bishop of Portland, Maine, from March 2004 to May 29, 2012, when Pope Benedict XVI named him the 14th Bishop of Buffalo. Bishop Malone was installed in Buffalo on August 10,2012. On that same day, he became the apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Portland, a position he will hold until a new bishop is named for the diocese


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  2. Can a member of the Mystical Body of Christ obstinately refuse to admit Pope Francis is a legitimate successor of Peter? Can they ignore the letters from numerous bishops with impunity? To understand better the responsibilities of the baptized I have broken down, article 25 of
    The Dogmatic Constitution of the Church in points:

    1. Bishops are preachers of the faith.
    2. They are authentic teachers, that is, endowed with the authority of Christ.
    3. They preach to the people committed to them the faith they must believe.
    4. They bring forth from the treasury of Revelation new things and old (Mat.13:52) making it bear fruit.

    “I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead . . . proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching. For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths.”(2 Tim.4)

    6. Bishops, teaching in communion with the Roman Pontiff, are to be respected by all as witnesses to divine and Catholic truth.

    7. In matters of faith and morals, the bishops speak in the name of Christ and the faithful are to accept their teaching and adhere to it with religious assent.

    8. This religious submission of mind and will must be shown in a special way to the authentic Magisterium of the Roman Pontiff, even when he is not speaking ex cathedra; that is, it must be shown in such a way that his supreme Magisterium is acknowledged with reverence.

    It does seem, if one sincerely intends to remain in the good graces of Holy Mother Church than one should renounce all ties with Marie Dvn Mrcy. Throw out all her material: literature, seals of the Living God, Crusade Prayers and Books of Truth. Otherwise, duped souls will continue to be tormented from the demonic infestation attached to this wayward troublemaker. Cast off her mantle of darkness. It is infested. Throw off her helmet of distrust; crush her sword of discord; forget about being a part of her Remnant Army. Rather, put on the armor of light, the helmet of salvation and take up the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Do all this and you will restore your rightful place in the Church Militant.

  3. Read the History of the Church, who is that cardinal was almost became Pope, he was a Freemason. The Church is infiltrated with Freemasons and Illuminati so it very difficult whom to trust now.

    The moment that the Church will know who Maria Divine Mercy is, she will be killed. All God's prophets would be persecuted.

    Read the book of Daniel which is parallel now in the Book of Truth.

    1. So you do not trust the Church yet trust Maria Divine Mercy? How do you know she is not a freemason? If you look closely at it all, that is very likely! http://mariadivinemercytrueorfalse.blogspot.com/2013/06/is-warningsecondcoming-masonic.html

      So Maria Divine Mercy is afraid of being killed? Does she believe in God? Does she have faith God can protect her from death? Wow

      And how about Christians be willing to lay down their life for their Master? Are you saying MDM is not willing to share in the Cross of our Lord? Christians are killed all over the world for this and they are giving witness to their faith, and MDM is hiding because she is afraid to die for her Master? What a fraud posing as an 'end-time' prophet!

      Luke 9: 24-27

      "For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it.

      And yes I have read the Book of Daniel and the whole Bible. The author of the the Bible and 'The book of truth' are not the same - this I can say with full conviction!

    2. I suggest Nirvana read the book of Daniel again where the young men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to worship the gold statue of King Nebuchadnezzar and were thrown into a fiery furnace for witnessing their faith in the one, true God. Marie Dvn Mrcy is most certainly not an authentic seer because she hides to protect herself. A true believer seeks shelter under the shadow of the wings of the Lord, not under the shadow of anonymity.

  4. Nirvana has said, "The moment the Church will know who Marie Divine Mercy is, she will be killed." Is she suggesting the Catholic Church will hunt down and assassinate her? Clearly, Nirvana has read so much of MDM, Veronica Leuken and the like, that she has allowed her faith to be corrupted and corroded with suspicion and rumor. Good Catholics don't allow anti-Catholic bigots to sling balls of mud at the Bride of Christ and soil her spotless, unblemished dress. The faithful defend the Church. They are the Church Militant fighting MDM's ragtag remnant army.

    It is sad to witness lifelong Catholics throwing unsubstantiated slander at their own Mother the Church. Why can't they simply wait for Our Lord to sort out the wheat from the tares at the end of time? He knows everything. He has not abandoned the Catholic Church to Satan's cohorts. "God is not man that He should speak falsely, nor human that He should change His mind."(Num.23:19) Unfortunately,these disobedient, disheartened and disbelieving souls can't wait. As such, the unwitting disciples of MDM are ripping out the heart of Holy Mother Church and destroying unity.

    Oh God,help,save,have mercy and protect us by Your grace.

    1. pocketsketch I read your comments on another anti mdm site. I hope and pray people see through your baloney. you are so full of yourself never considering that you slander against the will of God to speak to the world. as if you are an authority above and beyond God! Now time has passed and you are not able to read for yourself what the bishop of rome is proclaiming, that the church or the morality of the church might fall like a house of cards... I ask you would Christ ever declare such a thing? Is it not against church dogma to say such a thing? You did not notice this? Because you are blind man, and you certainly will lead the blind to a very deep hole. Your beloved infallible pope also says that the two greatest evils are unemployment of youth and loneliness of the aged! Isn't the pope supposed to represent Christ to the world? Somehow I do not see Christ saying such things. Anybody who reads this think about these points very carefully... watch out for pocketsketch's words.

    2. pocketsketch, just to give an example of your lack of wisdom, the book of revelations speaks of the two witnesses who will prophesy and then be killed after about three years. they will then march around the dead bodies but after three days the bodies will live again. I'm not saying that Maria is one of these, and these may represent something else entirely but I'm just saying that written in the bible is a story of a witness being murdered in the end times. so why are you declaring that a statement which seemingly follows from scripture is absurd? you are so deluded because you use the term "Catholic church" in place of "the enemies of the Catholic church" some of whom are from within. so if somebody writes that Maria would be in grave danger if she were not hidden it would not be the "Catholic church" but the enemies of, from within or without, which we know are the masons who have been out to destroy and infiltrate it for years and are known to be warned against by popes from many years ago. it is not absurd at all to assume she would be in danger. yet you write making it sound like the person who said such is misguided. not to me.

    3. Thank you Pocketsketch for all the hard work you do for God and for Holy Mother Church. There is a madness taken hold of the followers of MDM that has all the makings of a cult. There has to be a demonic power which has blinded these people to the work of the Holy Spirit and attracted them to these hateful and diabolical messages. My proof is that they remain loyal to MDM despite her attacking both Pope and Bishops, despite her failed prophecies, despite her messages being written by someone with no theological knowledge and despite the fruits being so rotten, namely a divided people. I have been an evangelist on facebook for some time now and have seen friendships broken, and Catholic fighting Catholic. This all adds up to the work of satan, but these followers still cannot see anything. This is all the proof anyone needs to see who is behind these messages.

    4. The biblical prophesy talks about Maria Divine Mercy and her ilk
      "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves." (Mathew 7:15) MDM is one such false prophet who dares to put fecal matter into the mouths of the Holy Family.

    5. the false prophet is the one who twists the word and will of God, the false prophet is the one who leads people away from truth. Jesus was and is the way the truth and the life, yet the false prophets of the day in which He walked the earth called Him a false prophet and killed him. MDM claims pf is the fp, thus listen to him and see if he is faithfully presenting Jesus Christ to the world. Listen to him today, and tomorrow and the days after. That is the whole gist of the warning, and also to pray, to pray harder than ever before. pf already says he sees the greatest evils being unemployment of the young and loneliness of the aged and claims we do not have to proclaim day in and day out that abortion, birth control, and homosexuality are sinful. Already his message is so odd that traditional Catholics are scratching their heads and wondering! We are so far along the path that the prophesies you are fighting against are proving themselves true before our eyes!

    6. We too scratch our heads reading MDM and wondering how on earth can anyone take this seriously.Here is one for you Robert, do you seriously think God will punish murder with castration?

    7. MDMTorF well that's a tough one, I do remember reading that a while ago and pausing upon it. Do you know of anyone who has cut off their right hand or plucked out an eye ball for it making them sin? I'm not trying to explain either, but we know Jesus said the latter for it is in scripture, but I've never met a person who said to take it literally.

      My real point is that everyone is questioning who the false prophet is. You and those who argue against MDM claim she is a fp. The messages she provides claim pf is the fp and claim to be sent by God. Well I ask what is a false prophet? It surely is somebody who works against God's word and will, I think the world is clearly full of such and they are people who teach in public schools things like evolution and birth control. They are politicians that pass laws against God and especially the liberal lobbies that push for laws against the majority for the minority who has no respect for God. The false prophets are those who create and promote pornography. Most dangerous are those who claim and live by example of have fun there is no hell... Do we agree?

      MDM on the other hand proclaims prayers which fall in line with God and holiness, they plead for mercy, and help. The messages warn to be wary and are needed because Catholics automatically follow our pope. Look how many people are falling for pf. It's natural, he is our pope. But it is plausible that we be wary. So a message of prayer and a warning do not seem so crazy, at least to me and many others. However it seems to me already that pf is not kosher. He is making a radical departure from his predecessors. But the messages do not say to throw eggs at the Vatican they just say be wary. However people blow things all out of proportion and sometimes we feel it is our duty to prove he is the fp, I'm very sorry for this, and am guilty of it myself, however I'm trying very hard to be clear from now on to only claim he is said to be the fp. I simply wait and watch, and sure I pray for him too. He is a man like the rest of us and surely he makes good points and has good intentions. But I fear his will is that he must revive or change the church and this is not of Christ who is unchanging. So I'm very wary.

      One more point, even in my lifetime I recall meeting people who hated Pope John Paul II. There is even a person who is discrediting Veronica Lueken by claiming she is false, in part, because she says he was a good pope and they go on to say he was evil! Now he is sure to be a saint so this witness against VL is obviously a true fp. Since I heard of the MDM messages I have investigated and learned and simply find nothing to indicate this is not the book of truth being finally revealed.

    8. I thought a little more on this and would like to share another point. I recall more than one report of visions of purgatory and hell. In the claims they have described 'rooms' with particular punishments for people who sinned in particular manners. I recall it implied sexual perversions. OK, so if we believe God warns that we can be condemned to Hell for eternal punishment I guess I would have to say I would believe it possible that their might be a gruesome punishment such as castration and maybe it would be like the movie "Groundhog Day" in which a person keeps waking up day after day to the same story: being reminded of a hideous sin and prompt punishment.

      Can I also apologize here for sounding a bit angry or rude in some of my comments. I admit I'm upset with people criticizing messages which are said to be coming from God. I don't mind people saying they do not believe, but when people create arguments against them in an attempt to 'prove' them false it does annoy me. Especially when I, who am no theologian, can pose an answer. Please also understand that on another site I have argued against pocketsketch for months and am especially annoyed that he (she?) continues to mislead people simply based on a personal opinion. I'm not trying to prove them true but am just saying I believe them because I have not found anything truly contrary to God, scripture or church.

    9. oops I missed one more detail! You said "punish murder with castration" but if I recall it was to punish people who perform or commit abortion, a type of murder, the quote is misleading because it sounds like it was said for all forms of murder but it specifically was against abortion.

  5. Unless you all have lost your sense of what is right and wrong .You can see that The Pope is not
    preaching the Gospel according to Jesus Christ.Even a child will see that this man is nothing else than a New age pope who wants to be Christ himself he even had a chair made resembling the Eucharist where he now sits .Does it look to any of you that this new pope loves Jesus or even believe in His death and resurrection from the cross.

    1. Unless you have lost your sense of what is right and wrong, and you clearly have, anyone can see that Maria Divine Mercy has brainwashed you and led you to hate Pope Francis for any reason really - you have brought up some new ones, so strange that I am baffled how you MDMers say things like these and still think you are Catholic! You have left the Church of Christ for a cult of Maria Divine Mercy, is it really worth it?
      Don't fool yourself that MDM passes on the words of God to you, does it sound to you like this is Jesus or Mary or God the Father saying this nonsensical and heretical things? Wake up!

    2. Rosa....This pope is teaching exactly what Jesus taught. He went out among the poor and ministered to them. He didn't wear gold or sit on a throne...have you not noticed that Francis follows Him in this too? MDM has you brainwashed you are just listening to Satan who is laughing at you foolish followers. It's time to waken up Rosa before it's too late!

    3. Rosa Lopes listen to your own words, "he even had a chair made resembling the Eucharist" does this sound sane or insane to you? The devil has blinded you. I challenge you to read Pope Francis' words, without trying to pick them apart, read them like the Catholic you once were before you got into this cult, and you will see he is just simply preaching the Gospel.

    4. Rosa you are right, he is said to be the false prophet and I believe it! If their is any brainwashing going on it is upon those who are falling for this bishop of rome...

    5. Satan says the Pope is the FP because he is afraid of him. We have one excellent Pope who doing exactly what the Lord wants. It is only those who refuse to see the truth that the Lord leaves in the dark. This is nothing new Robert. Satan enjoys these games.

      Read the following....

      (1) "Soon, now your Holy Father will be replaced with one who is not of Me. And he will change much, he will begin the destruction of My Church in earnest. Are you ready to fight for the Truth? Many will fall in this time. Pray much, children, that you are not one of them. I Love you and I ask that you be willing to do all that I ask. I Love you."

      (2) The Anti-Pope and Antichrist shall come forth and declare many ways to rebuild the Church and the world. Woe to those who follow their heresies and lies. This time is when the Remnant Church shall exist. This will be the time the Apostles and Disciples of the Blessed Virgin Mary shall provide you Holy Hope and Faith. Jesus."

      (3) "So infested are they, those who roam the corridors of Rome, that the biggest sign will be seen in the chaos, which will ensue, as they adhere to the command of the imposter. Chaos, disorder, division and contradiction will be seen everywhere in Rome. This disorder comes from Satan for it cannot come from God."

      All these writings sound the same. In fact it's difficult to choose which one came from what seer. They all predict a coming anti-pope, who will change the teachings of the Church..yet, they all claim the anti-pope to be a different Pope!

      Pope Benedict XV1 is the "Deceiver" the "Anti-Pope"...."Do not allow yourselves to be deceived for the deceiver is among you. Rise up, My children, and hold on to the Truth of My Ways; do not forget My servant, John Paul II. Do not forget the words that he has given to you for they are My Words given to bring you through these times."

    6. Anyone who claims that Pope Francis is the false prophet makes Jesus Christ a liar and the Holy Spirit a wimp. Imaging an inutile fade christ complaining to a discredited seer conveniently hiding behind anonymity that the false prophet is sitting on the throne of peter. That means the gates of hell has prevailed, when Christ clearly said "the gates of hell will not prevail" on His Church. This moronic minions of MDM are ignoramus about the indefectibility of the Church and the fact that no pope can ever be the false prophet who would subvert the Church Christ founded.

      (1) "Now when [the Pope] is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church must either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See."
      (St. Francis de Sales, "The Catholic Controversy")

      "...a pope who is a manifest heretic by that fact ceases to be pope and head, just as he by that fact ceases to be a Christian and a member of the body of the Church; wherefore he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the judgment of all the early fathers, who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction."
      (St. Robert Bellarmine, "On the Roman Pontiff")

      (3) "The councils of Constance and Basle, and Gallican theologians, hold that a council may depose a pope...(2) /ob fidem/ (on account of his faith or rather want of faith, i.e. heresy). In point of fact however, heresy is the only legitimate ground. For a heretical pope has ceased to be a member of the Church, and cannot, therefore, be its head."
      (Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913. [Vol. IV p.435] Councils)

    7. No Alex Lim, saying that PF is said to be the false prophet does NOT mean the gates of hell has prevailed over the church! The church is the holy mass and the people and the priests, it is not a single person, the pope is not the church he is the one who heads the church and is supposed to represent Christ. To this day we have the holy mass: the holy consecration, and we have the crucifix with Christ, around the world thus hell as not prevailed. However that does not mean that this same church is not under attack from Satan.

      You are right there are rules that should the pope become heretical he would or should become an invalid pope. So thus you have the answer which implies it is possible that such an event could occur. The messages do not say to depose him they simply warn that he is the one mentioned in scripture, the false prophet, and also warned of in various apparitions throughout history.

      However for the rule to be used it would require bishops to take action and the problem with that is that the real evil and enemy of the church is not Pope Francis but the ones who hide in secret, some of whom are likely bishops. PF is simply the one chosen by them to be the front man so to speak to carry out their plans which have been in place for years before PF came along.

      Think about what you wrote above: you say the messages are false because they imply the gates of hell have prevailed over the church something Jesus promised would not happen, but you are aware of church teachings that are already in place for such a day! Thus you are arguing against yourself? I simply say that the messages are not contrary to Jesus. The messages are in fact warning his true followers within and without the church to beware of the false prophet. He is saving the church from the gates of Hell! That is how you should look at the warning. May God help us to see clearly the truth.

    8. Janet, you are proof of pure exaggeration against the warning. You claim right off that Satan claims the pope is the false prophet. Then you claim to know the mind of Jesus! You say he is exactly what the Lord wants. How do you know such things? Are you a prophet yourself? Why would Satan be afraid of this pope? Was he afraid of the many predecessors? Does pf have some secret weapon that no other pope had that makes Satan afraid? Be serious. You are no prophet.

    9. Robert, (1)The Church is the People of God in communion with the Pope and the Bishops. You seem to have missed out on elementary catechism. If there is no Pope, there is no Church.
      (2) You say we have the Holy Mass and the Holy Consecration. That is true. The anonymous 'seer' says the 'false prophet' is going to abolish the Holy Eucharist by changing the teaching on the consecration.You have obviously not noticed that MDM herself has changed the teaching on the Eucharist. Message 14th April 2011 quotes Jesus as saying: "Many Christians ignore one of the most fundamental promises I made during My crucifixtion [bad spelling in text] where [bad English in text] I would be present IN bread and wine and leave a permanent mark to help nourish souls."
      This badly-written screed is enough to prove these 'messages' are not from heaven.
      (a) Jesus never made any such promise - during his 'crucifixtion' or at any other time.
      (b) The 'message' flatly contradicts the Church's constant teaching on the Eucharist. Christ is not present IN bread and wine: these elements are changed wholly into his body and blood of the Lord at the act of consecration. MDM is teaching the condemned heresy of Martin Luther, that the body and blood of the Lord are mingled with the bread and wine.
      (c) The sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders confer a permanent 'mark'; reception of the Eucharist does not.
      The real author of this 'message' is patently ignorant of Catholic teaching and cannot write very well. To claim Jesus as the author is frankly blasphemous.

      The question of whether or not a Pope can be/become a heretic, let alone the Antichrist's right-hand man, is an object of academic theological speculation only. The fact is that this has never happened in the history of the Church. The First Vatican Council teaches AS OF FAITH, that St Peter is guaranteed, by divine institution, a perpetual succession in the Primacy, and that the reigning Bishop of Rome is, until the end of the world, the successor of Peter in the Primacy, and pronounced an anathema against anyone who should deny this.
      Please quote an apparition from Church history which has spoken of the 'false prophet'. There are none to my knowledge.
      You say there are Church teachings 'that are already in place for such a day', i.e., a day on which the gates of hell will prevail. There are no such teachings. Christ has already spoken, and any 'prophet' whose words contradict his, e.g., MDM, is false by definition.
      The 'messages' of MDM are self-evidently false for the following reasons:
      (1) They are claimed to be word-for-word messages from God and the Blessed Mother, yet they are badly written, riddled with false teachings repugnant to Catholic faith, contain blatant factual errors, predict events which have not happened, contain actual blasphemy, and are often foolish and self-contradictory. You can find detailed lists of most of these on this blog, if you care to look. Frankly, a Catholic who is literate, and literate in the faith should be able to spot most of them on a single reading.
      (2) Investigators have reported that the website is suspect: it has been set up so as to conceal the identity of its owner/s, and its location is unknown. You seem to believe in a 'Jesus' who changes his mind, contradicts himself as well as his Church, is ignorant of many facts, cannot foresee future events, spends a good deal of time bewailing the state of the word which he is powerless to do anything about, has difficulty learning English, needs a self-styled, unknown 'prophet' to help him save the world and is a party to deception.
      And then - heaven help us - you wonder why we don't believe your ignorant, blaspheming, semi-literate 'prophet'.
      The 'Jesus' of the 'warningsecondcoming' is NOT Jesus Christ. MDM has substituted a false Christ, and you are so discerning you fell for it.

    10. David, we are two people and can look at the same thing and see it differently. So you think I missed out on catechism? Well, your definition and opinions do not impress me whatsoever. I disagree with your definition of the church especially when you say if there is no pope there is no church. Obviously a healthy church would appoint a new pope if there was none. You are offended because the wording of the messages is not sophisticated enough for your taste. I have no problem with the wording. I'm looking at the message from April 14 2011, and it is as plain as day to me and my Catholic understanding. Jesus is saying He is present in the Eucharist, which is the title of the message. Did you read the title? Secondly He said he made the promise during the last supper, but later I do see where he says what he said during the crucifixion. So what's your problem? He is making a point that many do not believe He is really with us. Which is true, many do not believe, protestants, but even some Catholics who receive holy communion. If it weren't so my priest would not preach on it occasionally, and I can witness a parishioner even sharing with me this very opinion. The message is so clear that I do not get hung up on a tiny detail like 'permanent mark'. Do we know all that Jesus said? Did not St John say that if all was written of Jesus many more books would need be written. The point is the message claims to be the Lord speaking and you think you are an authority to condemn it?

      You were careful to pick out my careless writing: where I said "church teaching are in place" what I meant was not church teachings but a church rule, that being if a pope began to speak heresy he would become invalid. sorry for that. but you say for theological speculation only? what are you talking about? if it is a church rule it was put there for a reason, not for speculation, not for something that would be impossible to happen.

      I could go on but what's the point?

    11. Robert - We are, as you say, two people. If we are Catholics we should be one in the Faith. The Church in fact teaches that there is no Church if there is no Pope: he is the Rock, and Vatican I infallibly taught that St Peter is guaranteed a perpetual succession in the Primacy. Your quarrel is not with me; it is with Christ and His Church if you reject Church doctrine.
      I am not offended because the wording of the messages is not sophisticated enough for my taste. I am beginning to wonder whether you actually read what other people say. Private revelations are usually given to unsophisticated people, such as Sister Lucia dos Santos. What should offend every Catholic is that according to the 'warningsecondcoming.com', 'Maria Divine Mercy' insists that the 'messages' are published exactly as she received them, from which it follows that the bad writing, false doctrine, factual errors, blasphemies, self-contradictions and stupid and incoherent statements are thereby attributed to the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother. It's embarrassing to have to point out what should be blazingly obvious to anyone fit to form an opinion on so-called 'private revelation', but there we are.
      You say, apparently with a straight face, that your are 'looking at the message from April 14 2011'. If you are indeed looking at it, you will see that it quotes 'Jesus' as saying he is 'present in bread and wine.' If he had said 'present in the Eucharist', there would be no problem, but he did not. Let's take you through this once again - and please, for pity's sake, pay attention. At the Consecration the substance of the bread and wine are changed, whole and entire, into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. The bread and the wine are no longer there, and to say that Christ is present in these elements is outright heresy, and this heresy was condemned at the Council of Trent. Later in the same 'message', 'MDM' asserts the teaching in Transubstantiation, which the words I have quoted deny: one of numerous self-contradictions on the website.
      You think the 'permanent mark' is a 'tiny detail'. That tiny detail proves that the author of this 'message' is ignorant of the revelation Christ gave His Church. The author is not Jesus.
      No, we don't know all that Jesus said, and that is irrelevant to this matter. The alleged 'message' begins: "Many Christians ignore one of the most fundamental promises I made..." These words are meaningless unless they refer to a recorded promise which Jesus made to His Church, and which many Christians ignore. Search the Scriptures as long as you like; you will find no such promise.
      As for your last paragraph: It has not been established as a 'rule' that if a Pope fell into heresy or apostasy he would become invalid. that is merely the consensus view. As this has never happened, the question - a legal question - has never been tested.
      I should point out that if this consensus view is correct, 'MDM' 'prophecies' would be pointless. If the 'false prophet' did try to change Church teachings, he would be removed at once, and would have no more power over the Church.
      Like you, I could go on. But is there any point?

    12. I must say it is very hard to discuss these matters with you, but I will try again. First about the promise Jesus made. I take this promise to be when at the last supper He said take this and eat it, this is my body... It does not sound like a formal promise, He did not say I promise you this is my body, but based on the faith that He is the son of God if He says it is his body, that is a promise.

      I believe faith is always based on believing in that which is not seen or proven, we both share faith in Christ. Yet we have not seen Him. We are blessed for we believe yet we have not seen, just as Jesus told Thomas. In the same way to believe in these messages requires another leap of faith, to believe in what we can not prove or see. So I read the message and based on faith I can either believe it or not believe it. I find it possible to have faith by simply giving the message some leeway so to speak. Like I said, I take the promise to be that He is in the Eucharist. As I already spoke, my understanding seems sound because I'm aware that some people do not believe He really is present. That is the point He is making in that message.

      The next point is how you are upset over the words bread and wine. I do not know why you have such a hang up over this. This purely is a matter of you lacking faith and my having faith in this message. And it is absolutely alright that you do not have faith in this message. However you are in danger when you assume the authority to be sure this is not Jesus and tear it to shreds. I warn you seriously because I for one conclude that sounds like Jesus to me, thus you might be making a huge mistake as we both know it is not wise to condemn Jesus. Anyway I digress, getting back to the matter of wine and bread. Yes I know and believe Jesus is present in the Eucharist, but at the same time I see the Eucharist maintain the appearance of bread and wine. I'm also aware of certain miracles in which it took the literal form of blood and flesh. But We all see bread and wine and the taste and texture remains as bread and wine. I do not think you can argue that. So I can accept Jesus saying that He is present in the bread and wine. He is God, he could make the bread and wine be flesh and blood, but by His will it remains in appearance as bread and wine. So I can not limit Him in how he may express talking about this, about people who believe it is nothing more than bread and wine.

      He is saying people do not believe He is present. This is a fact of life. Of course this is sad, for He gives us the most magnificent gift and many do not accept "His Promise" of being in the "bread and wine" I simply can have faith in these words.

      ps/ it comes to mind that Jesus also said He will come again, and I take this to be a promise too, but He did not say "I promise to come again"