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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Automatic Writing – the Final Nail on the Coffin of Maria Divine Mercy

By Alex Lim

For several months, we have dug into the messages of this woman hiding behind the fake name of Maria Divine Mercy and recently unmasked as a marketer/publicist taking advantage of the gullibility of ignorant Catholics like herself - Mary McGovern Carberry.
The nature of the messages, the semantics and their syntactic issues have spawned speculations about their origination, ranging from simple fraud as being the product of a corporation employing a few mental pygmies writing with the least command of the language, to diabolical dictation from entities from the netherworld.  Across this range, the objective is clearly to create schism in the Catholic Church while singing all the way to the bank using Christina Gallagher's business model of doomsaying as a sure way to live in mansions.

Well, thanks to the revealing rants of one of the business associates of Mary Carberry – a certain Martin Roth defending his benefactor, the latter has been confirmed. By not denying and actually referring to his benefactor MDM as Mary Carberry, Mr. Roth unwittingly confirmed the identity that has until now remained an investigative research conclusion.  More than that, Mr. Roth promptly damned her for being a medium who goes into automatic writing when receiving those messages since 2010. (http://midwaystreet.wordpress.com/updates/).  Here is the confirmation from his 30-page response to attacks on MDM:
"After placing my (Martin Roth) question she (Mary Carberry) started to my surprise short, maybe 10 seconds to pray to the image of Jesus . Then she began to write. I sat beside her and watched her without hesitation and thinking in high speed flawlessly without correction of the text wrote . In between times came a short sigh like, " Oh, so long "
"Without stopping, she wrote down a text that was the answer of Jesus to me. Immediately following it - without the stylus depose to sit up , to slow down in the letter, etc. - She wrote down another text which as we learned later, a message of Jesus to the entire group was present . The group had long since out that Mary wrote. All were silent and watched the action ."
Mary did not know me and knew nothing of me, not even through a third party. The
question from me in Jesus was made spontaneously by me. The speed and without
stopping to write continuously without correction, points out that Mary not thought about what to write, but that it was entered her."

Martin Roth echoes the same mindless conclusion that because Mary Carberry wrote things that only he knew about, the message must be coming for God.  Such ignorance about the fact that the Satan is a fallen angel who can read minds and knows someone's deepest secrets is at the core of the vulnerability of MDM followers and apologists to being deceived by the Father of Lies.

In Mary Carberry's first message dated Nov. 8, 2010, automatic writing was already hinted. "You are one with Jesus and your hand is being guided by the Holy Spirit". Some keen readers noted this as automatic writing as mediums are well-known to use "spirit guides" when getting messages on paper. On hindsight, it is indeed funny that the entity behind  the messages already alluded to it right from the start. While this article talks of Martin Roth's damning revelation of automatic writing as the last nail on MDM's coffin, reading the very first infernal message actually makes it the first nail.

What is automatic writing?

In automatic writing, a person acting as spiritual medium or channel summons the entities from the spirit world to take control over his/her physical writing abilities, receiving messages about things, people and places that the medium would otherwise have no knowledge about.  The person could even write in a foreign language totally alien to him or her.   During the process, the medium may be aware or unaware that he/she is writing, but has no control over his/her hands or over the "spirit guide" controlling the writing faculties. The medium is often startled to read its contents after the session as much as the next person who reads it.  The medium snaps out of it once the writing stops.

With automatic writing you can access all the ideas, knowledge, and wisdom that is and ever will be known. It involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness that is called a trance. To achieve the Trance State to allow your guides in, you can use either a progressive relaxation or trigger technique. Triggers are very easy to develop.(4)
In the case of MDM, the trigger is a simple prayer to an image of our lord and she goes into a trance.  As an aside, prayers from a mortal sinner never reach God, unless it is a prayer of genuine contrition. People in grave mortal sins are almost always vulnerable to demonic possession.  And this prayer MDM uses serves as the trigger to call on the entity to control her writing hands.

The problem is that the entity taking possession of the medium can only come from evil spirits. There is no such thing as a good spirit who possesses a person.  The simplest form of automatic writing can be experienced using the Ouija Board, or spirit of the glass where a person can form words as the spirit directs the medium’s hands to certain alphabets or symbols on the board.  With whatever form automatic writing takes, it is nothing less than possession, albeit temporarily, as the medium can often get into and out of it at will.

What is the Church stand on automatic writing? 

Automatic writing, also known as trance writing, is temporary possession by entities from the spirit world.  It is a form of occultism or spiritualism in the same league as the use of Tarot cards, divination, necromancy, sorcery, witchcraft, seances, horoscopy, astrology, and magic, among others.  The entire range of occult practices is condemned by the Church.  Automatic writing makes the person practicing it a medium, and mediumship, which opens a person to all sorts of spirits to enter the medium, is condemned by the Church.
1Chronicles 10:1 - So Saul died for his unfaithfulness which he had committed against the Lord, because he did not keep the word of the Lord, and also because he consulted a medium for guidance.
Exodus 22:18 - You shall not permit a sorceress to live. 
Leviticus 19:31 - Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God. 
Leviticus 20:27 - A man or a woman who is a medium, or who has familiar spirits, shall surely be put to death; they shall stone them with stones. Their blood shall be upon them. 
Deuteronomy 18:10-11 - There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 
"...there has been no approved revelation in the history of the Church where God took someone’s hand and gave messages by writing with their pen. But you do find handwriting messages given at séances—and séances are condemned by the Church as a practice of the occult against the law of God." (6)

Automatic writing has never been and will never be part of the mystical tradition of the Catholic Church. With the exception of a few you can count with one hand (i.e Vassula Ryden, Maria Valtorta) it is of no surprise that the Church finds little or no interest in investigating reports of private revelation achieved through this method. Just the mere mention of it as the means to receiving messages already merits automatic condemnation. The church generally would not waste time investigating such occult-driven messages. This is the most likely reason for the silence of the good Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Malahide where Mary Carberry’s diocese is.  He must have learned about her alleged divine messages received from automatic writing and considered it way below the dignity of the Church to even bother about.
“Mystics have always been respected in their humanity and their liberty, and have never been guided by God against their will and forced to do things that they could not achieve otherwise,” says Father François-Marie Dermine in an interview regarding his critique of the writings of Vassula Ryden.(3)
What this means is that a true Catholic mystic is very much aware of the content of what he or she is writing during the entire process.  The messages are often received in the form of locutions.  The mystic is free to even reject the locutions if he/she deems it.  In fact, reading the diaries of some mystics showed that they questioned some of these messages, even entertaining doubts about some aspects of the message. That’s because in any mystical experience, God respects the mystic’s free will.  He or she is never possessed. Free will  is not suborned or taken over by someone else’s will. God respects our free will so much that He allowed the free will of Adam and Eve to plunge entire future generations of humanity into original sin forever.  It would require His only Son to become flesh and die on the cross to redeem mankind from a sin occasioned by free will with which God could have easily intervened.  That's the awesome extent of how much God values free will. He will never set aside man’s free will just to send a message.

In contrast, what you have in MDM is nothing more than a prostitution of free will.  She is a genuine occult practitioner, a medium who channels some infernal energy to write the messages through her without her ever knowing the content. In fact, that is the reason why she would not allow her followers to debate or defend these messages as she herself can’t.  Her minions are quite candid in saying MDM is not at fault as she only receives the messages and writes them down. Such is what automatic writing does. It's all about prostituting free will to some infernal spirit guide controlling your hands.
Although it is true that God wants to commune with all of his beloved children, he will never violate anyone’s free will by taking control of the individual’s hand to write messages. When this type of phenomena occurs, it is a good indicator that the medium has opened the door to the demonic.(7)

A Mystic is Never a Medium

A mystic is not a medium who enters into automatic writing. A saint, blessed or mystic  writes only what God inspires him or her to write, being fully cognizant at all times of the content of their writing.  On the other hand, a medium allows itself to become a channel or conduit for some spiritual entity to take over his/her consciousness or ability to write.  This is temporary possession. Mediumship allows a spirit to temporarily possess a person to go into automatic writing.

At no time does God or any of the divine personage possess a person called upon by God to write messages. While mystics have been known to go into states of ecstasy, God does not “possess” their bodies and use them to do His bidding. He always respects the free will of His seers or prophets.

What about St. Catherine of Siena?

There have been claims that St. Catherine of Siena went into automatic writing as having received words for her Dialogue of Divine Providence in a state of ecstasy with a quality of writing that was far removed from her education.  But it should interest many that St. Catherine was miraculously gifted with the ability to write as if she was a highly educated person.  She never went into automatic writing.  And for someone who never had much formal education, she was elevated into one of the most profound Doctors of the Church.

What about Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God?

Unlike the works of Blessed Catherine Emmerich and Mother Mary of Agreda, Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God was received through automatic writing.
After making suffering vows to an entity called “Divine Justice”, Maria found herself crippled and unable to leave her bed. During this time she wrote more than 15,000 pages from spiritual entities that were later compiled into the five-volume series entitled The Poem of the Man-God. Even though the Holy Office examined The Poem of the Man-God and condemned it, recommending that it be placed on the Index of Forbidden Books, it continues to be promoted at false apparition sites throughout the world.(10)

What about Vassula Ryden?

Not much need be said why the Church has never approved the private revelations of Vassula Ryden. Quite apart from some doctrinal errors contained in them, they were also received through automatic writing.
Towards the end of November 1985, while living in Bangladesh, Vassula claims that an invisible being contacted her and identified itself as her “guardian angel”. The entity manifested itself by moving Vassula’s hand without her being able to control it, forming words and drawings. By this means, Vassula started to receive “messages” for about four to six hours per day. (8)

What are the kinds of locutions Catholic mystics experience?

For mystics of the Church receiving private revelations, the most common means apart from getting apparitions are locutions.  Locutions often occur in the lives of highly devout Catholics deeply rooted or immersed in the faith, the Gospels and are in constant communication with God. And there are at least three known types, namely:

Corporeal locutions are words actually received through physical hearing.  They are considered quite  rare and highly suspect. The devil is known to take physical human form and speak to mystics fooling them into accepting messages as coming from heaven.  Saints like St. Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, recommend that we ignore them entirely.

Imaginary locutions are words received through imaginative faculty similar to hearing them physically. Unfortunately, this is the kind that psychiatrist may be more predisposed to label as psychotic delusions if the person has had a history of imagined conversations.

Intellectual locutions are the most reliable. God imprints the messages He sends in the depth of the spirit, neither using words nor sounds.  It is described as a sudden rush of understanding with the utmost clarity as in a miraculous “infusion of knowledge” about a specific situation or subject. Hence, St. Catherine of Sienna was infused with eloquent writing turning up with some of the most brilliant writings in Church history despite the lack of any formal education, even becoming a Doctor of the Church.


This confirmation from Martin Roth that Mary Carberry aka Maria Divine Mercy is a medium demolishes her claim to being a prophet from God. Her minions, unfortunate for them, have clearly brought their immortal souls into the chasm of eternal damnation for embracing and defending what is clearly condemned by the Church, unless they repent before dying.

It is amusing to note that in her radio interview, Mary Carberry admitted to being a lapsed Catholic who never seriously attended to her Catholic obligations and even bordered on agnosticism. Mary, just like Joe Coleman, uses this ignorance of the Catholic Faith to attempt to bring credibility to her messages as having divine origin. She along with her apologists like Martin Roth assume these messages must be from God as they reflect a knowledge in Scripture and doctrine she never had. They are grossly mistaken. For even Satan is well-versed in scripture and the fact that MDM is receiving them through temporary possession in automatic writing clearly indicts her messages as coming from anything but God. If the devil can masquerade as an angel (2 Cor 11:14), it is certainly a lot easier for the devil to mockingly claim its messages are from God in such occult mediumships.

The funny thing is that those messages point to a deliberate contortion of scriptural and doctrinal truths that the ignorant will find difficult discerning.  You can't know what is not, unless you know what is.  The Father of Lies certainly knows how to subvert the truth. MDM's ignorance about the faith also shields her from the doctrinal and scriptural acrobatics that the messages contain. Many actually ape Protestant assertions that the Catholic Church has condemned and which Mary Carberry and her minions, in their sheer ignorance about catechism, mistake for the truth (i.e rapture, milleniarism/millenarianism).  The messages are insidious to lukewarm and misinformed Catholics, as they espouse the same demonic content that plunged Martin Luther into schism. Satan has always aspired to destroy the Catholic Church.  He has been doing this through schismatic guerilla tactics that, while damaging to ecclesiastical unity, can never really be damaging enough to even chip away at the rock on which Christ founded the true religion.  Satan must really love Mary Carberry as a docile medium. She has no way of rejecting the messages as she is clueless to the garbage she receives in automatic writing.

How to Stop Maria Divine Mercy

There are two ways to stop MDM:

(1) The source, who is Mary Carberry, willingly confesses to cult members about the messages being of infernal source, not divine.  This may be like asking for the moon, especially, when MDM can make tons of money out of the gullibility of her members. There is just one danger.  If she stops, she could also expose herself to demonic torment, and the entity controlling her writing just might decide to control her entirety as well.  That means Stage 3 or full demonic possession.

There have been talks that exorcism is the only solution.  Unfortunately, it is not the business of the Church to exorcise mediums, but only those with evidence of full demonic possession.  Automatic writing or temporary possession falls under Stage 1 and because the person is fully aware and has control over when and where to exercise mediumship (but loses control during the mediumship), exorcism is not required.  The medium can always abandon his/her talent for mediumship. If Mary Carberry starts realizing the horrific effect of her mediumship on the souls of the unwary and the gullible, she could elect to go to a general confession herself and, with the Grace of God, end her vulnerability to the entity controlling her writing.  She knows what she is doing but because as a business-woman, she has found a new investment and cost-free source of livelihood, this option takes a backseat.

(2) If cult members can start recognizing the messages as what they are, the cult could soon die out in a natural attrition.  It is the obligation of every Catholic to put an end to any nonsense that would take fellow Catholics from the road to salvation to a road headed to eternal damnation. Out of charity and love, a Catholic should show an erring member of the Church how he or she had strayed from the narrow path.  This is fraternal correction.  The greatest hatred a man can show to his brethren is to allow his brethren's soul to go to hell when he could have done something to prevent it.  That is why a failure to perform fraternal correction makes up a grievous sin of omission.

Having said that, there is only so much one is expected to do to correct his brethren.  One of the conditions for fraternal correction is that there is a high probability the erring person will listen to your corrective advice.  Otherwise, if the erring person has shown contumacious perfidy, you can no longer be faulted for a failure at fraternal correction.
"But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact may be confirmed. "If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector. (Mathew 18:16-17)
The above quote is the biblical basis for excommunication. At this time, most MDMers have shown their qualities to be gentiles and tax collectors.


On Automatic Writing
(6) http://www.christianorder.com/features/features_2004/features_oct04.html

On Vassula Ryden

On Maria Valtorta

On St. Catherine of Siena


  1. Thank you for the link to Maria Valtorta. This is another writer that many Catholics believe has received divinely inspired revelations concerning the life of Christ. When they talk about Jesus, many times, it is Valtorta they are quoting from as if everything she wrote is Gospel truth. Share with these enthusiasts anything from Sacred Scripture and they pounce on you with exhortations to read "The Poem of the Man-God," all five volumes. It is disconcerting that they place more importance on private revelations than the public revelation God has already shared, inspired and written in His Holy Bible. Furthermore, they talk about her as an approved seer and another "victim soul" which as we know is another favorite touch stone of Carberry.

    All Catholics who profess Pope Benedict is still the one, true pope should know that as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he rejected the claims of "The Poem of the Man-God."

  2. Here is another clear illustration that she receives her messages through automatic writing.

    "I guide My daughter Maria. She has been chosen as the end time prophet. I speak through her. Her voice becomes Mine. Her sorrow and pain are Mine. Her love for others is My Love. Her joy comes from My Sacred Heart. HER HAND IS BEING GUIDED BY MINE." Feb.23, 2013

  3. Carberry's entities on more than one occasion requested her Remnant army to surrender,put down their weapons and give their free will to them. Unfortunately, many of the faithful did just that. They surrendered to an unknown entity they felt must be Jesus their spiritual armour "without question." Little wonder they struggle to free themselves with such difficulty for they are defenceless without their belt of truth, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and sword of the Spirit. They dropped their weapons to bow down and worship Satan ruling from the "worldwide war" machine against the Catholic Church in cyberspace.