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Friday, May 31, 2013

Brisbane Archbishop Warns against spreading MDM messages

Issued to the clergy, religious and lay faithful of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, the reproduced image below of the official pastoral letter from the Archbishop of Brisbane, the Most Reverend Mark Coleridge, effectively makes it official the Church's condemnation of the false prophet Maria Divine Mercy or MDM.  As of May 28th, 2013, several online sites have already reported this such as the Adriansharp blog site  with the pdf file of the Letter you can download here.

Needless to say, followers of the discredited scam prophet will no doubt dismiss this Church issued assessment which should not be surprising at all since Satan will never follow the Church founded by the Son of its arch-enemy.

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  1. We will obey God, The Father the Son and Holy Spirit not the whited sepulchres..full of dead men's bones and all corruption..All these bishops care about is money and prestige they care nothing for the souls of thier flocks..So stop giving them your money!!! Not one Apparition in the United states was approved by any Bishop and they never even showed up and witnessed the supernatural miracles that took place at any Apparition site..Beware of men in long robes..Catholics are waking up!!!!..We are watching you with a magnifying glass you say they can't see oh but we do see and we see the Misappropriation of our money ...We will not bow down to this false church!!!