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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maria Divine Mercy Officially Condemned By The Catholic Church! Statement From Archbishop of Dublin

Archdiocese of Dublin has issued a statement on Maria Divine Mercy. The statement from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin  is binding for the whole Catholic Church as per NORMS REGARDING THE MANNER OF PROCEEDINGIN THE DISCERNMENT OF PRESUMED APPARITIONS OR REVELATIONS published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (read 'Authorities Competent to Intervene' section) since he is the Ordinary of the alleged seer.

The Church has spoken.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin


Requests for clarification have been coming to the Archdiocese of Dublin concerning the authenticity of alleged visions and messages received by a person who calls herself “Maria Divine Mercy” and who may live in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.

These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations.

Source: http://www.dublindiocese.ie/content/statement-maria-divine-mercy

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  1. ..good news!!!..but alas like the Medjugorje propnents these MDM'ers never let fear of the Lord or common sense cloud their judgement on how to discern truth (facetious solipsism)..anyway keep up the good work...

    1. NO ✡JESUS, NO PEACE Å ✙ Ω

      It is about time that the Catholic Church's bureaucracy-hierarchy, wheeled-off Pope Francis from the Vatican's global stage. One good thing about all of this is that we can now all see who are fans and who are followers of Jesus. http://youtu.be/_DytnLSoLQc

      It is interesting that the Catholic Church is attacking a mere sinner in "Maria Divine Mercy" from Ireland? Outraged Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin says that many of the her “texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.”…not unlike Pope Francis!

      N.B.Catholic Theologian Writes "Open Letter to Pope Francis" http://youtu.be/mcV8eivedAE

      Cardinal Raymond Burke http://youtu.be/SI9K7ZgsytI

      With the sanctimonious, head-kicking Archbishop of Brisbane, the Most Reverend Mark Coleridge judging her as a fraud, merely because Maria wanted to humbly remain anonymous and out of the limelight and not be a “rock star’ like pope francis

    2. What do you know about Catholic Doctrine? Nothing apparently, or you would not follow a false visionary. Now the Bishop is bad because he spoke the truth?

    3. Islamic State Releases Video Showing Beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya!! http://youtu.be/97MOwcqbqnA http://youtu.be/7XgMKmJ3HKk
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      http://video.foxnews.com/v/4030583977001/warning-extremely-graphic-video-isis-burns-hostage-alive/?#sp=show-clips http://youtu.be/V9DjzvyL0RQ ...peaceful islam, harmony?
      http://youtu.be/yu3MTZf9-L0 http://youtu.be/fMu_rCLf0Xw http://www.100abortionphotos.com
      The Great Global Warming Swindle http://youtu.be/52Mx0_8YEtg

    4. A Direct Quote from www.vatican.va/archive/ccc_css/archive/catechism/p123a9p3.htm ...
      Catholic Catechism 841: The Church's relationship with the Muslims. "The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day."330

      I hardly wonder what the Crucified JESUS/GOD thinks about this apparent gross false teaching, that Islam apologist Pope Francis and his collaborators so vigorously push?

      Either Jesus is the Messiah or HE is not! Muslims do not adore the "prophet" JESUS/GOD and do not believe that JESUS/GOD was crucified for their redemption. Interfaith-is a United Nations of Religion, it makes for a global one world government! Just look at how muslims handle situations and just look at how Christians handle situations and look at the very foundation of Islam's, "adored" 'profit' Mohammad? Islam is so obviously a contradiction to Christianity!

      Catholic Bible Revelation 13: 8, 9 ...All the inhabitants of the earth will worship it, all whose names were not written from the foundation of the world in the book of life, which belongs to the Lamb who was slain. Whoever has ears ought to hear these words.

      N.B. It does not take any rocket science to figure this one out! So why can't that global warming, "poor" socialist, Pope Francis and his supposedly intelligent collaborators? Maybe the holier than thou, American EWTN could investigate and clarify this one?


    5. Maria Divine Mercy said: “ 31st Aug 2011: “All religions, all creeds…are all so precious to My Eternal Father.” Thank you for condemning her!

      - See more at: http://mariadivinemercytrueorfalse.blogspot.com/2013/06/is-warningsecondcoming-masonic.html#sthash.uirkXTEU.dpuf

    6. I am so happy that you have got the message. I do not know Maria from a bar of soap, and after doing my homework, it appears that she may still have issues?

      As for 'condemning her" and anyone else for that matter, that really is a matter for Jesus, and not for us to judge, after all so many Saints were condemned within the church and their bodies are now incorrupt, Praise the Lord.

      However, I think that God has given us all, the intellect to evaluate good from evil and HE would want us do so, to save us from eternal damnation.

      The lesson here for followers of Jesus, is to Trust in the irrefutable Gospel Truth for our protection, and not in peoples' opinions and their mere personal feelings...no matter who they are.

      Please forgive so called Maria Divine Mercy and hope that she really sees the light, before its all too late?

      God sees and knows everything. You sound like a protective holy soul, watching for the Lord. I believe that evidently we are in "lukewarm" End Times and need to be ready for Jesus's second coming and are not to be distracted by the doomed worldly world and its many false prophets? I fear that many Christians, people, are no where near ready?

      If you look very closely, I think that you can see those who are Saved and will enter through the narrow gate and there appear to be few, you can see how their saved lives have completely changed, all for Jesus.

      Just because people sit in church on Sunday for an hour, piously on their knees praying, is no guarantee of heaven. God would only listen to prayers from the heart.

      I hope that you have a blessed Easter and surely you will.

      Ps: Perhaps with your expertise you could continue your full and frank blog which would be most beneficial for those confused souls seeking the Messiah, Jesus Christ...there is nothing else

  2. HEY,

    1. If what MDM says is true then Christ spoke falsely when He said the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. I can either accept that the Church under Pope Francis is protected from teaching error by Christ or I can believe this false seer who contradicts the Catholic teaching and the Scriptures.

      I stand with Pope Francis to be faithful to Christ.

    2. Yes they are the Church and it was their duty to condemn this fraud. We wish they had done it much earlier but now that it finally came to pass we are overjoyed!
      And if you do not like Pope Francis nor the Dublin Archdiocese then you can join the church of the Little Pebble - MDM's associate.

    3. Loyalty to Pope Benedict XVI??? My goodness, in canon law, a resigned pope is as good as a dead pope.

    4. Your statements are false. The Archbishop of Dublin is one of the successors of the Apostles, and teaches in communion with the Pope. His statement about Maria Divine Mercy is therefore binding on the faithful, and yes, he most certainly represents the Catholic Church.

    5. Even pope's can go to Hell and how many "lukewarm" bad popes have gone to Hell?

      Contrary to popular, new-age catholic beliefs...make no mistake here, few people will enter heaven through the narrow gate, where many are called and few are chosen. Most people will go to Hell, where the wide road is paved with good intentions!!

      This must always be emphasised!! It is the absolute bottom line of the Holy Bible and how can so many priests ignore it, including the pope? Mind boggling to say the very least!

      N.B. The people are indeed the church, without the people there is no church. The people pay their hard earned money to build their churches and they rightly own the churches...however a lot of money-hungry Religious can't see that? It becomes their property...the Vatican is worth countless $billions of dollars ... but that's OK to have so much wealth and for "poor" pope francis to call others " greedy "...what a sick joke.


      The Priest who spoke with Jesus Christ! http://youtu.be/4uZ38qeO7LQ

      Fr Steven Scheier - What is Lacking in the Church Today http://youtu.be/HjX1HfWtXzU

      Father Steven Scheier judgment experience SECOND interview with Mother Angelica http://youtu.be/_EFKnoH6bqs

    6. And where do you think false visionaries and frauds like Maria Divine MErcy will go? Heaven? Not really, be careful or she might take you with her. Lent time is perfect time to leave the cult and make a good confession.

      No insulting Catholic Pope here please. If you have trouble with Pope saying that atheists are redeemed how is it that you accept what Maria Divine Mercy says:
      Message 21st Nov 2010: “All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind.”
      “ 31st Aug 2011: “All religions, all creeds…are all so precious to My Eternal Father.”
      “ 24th Sept 2012: “Many faiths lead to My Father but there is only one God.”
      25 Jan 2015: "I will embrace every person, race, creed and religion into the Light of My Son and many will see Him."

      No problem here right? Anyway, game is almost over. MDM is a joke http://mariadivinemercytrueorfalse.blogspot.com/2015/02/mary-carberry-buys-up-papers-exposing.html

    7. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against my church..What does that mean?..It means the gates of hell will try but in the end they will loose ..they will not prevail when all seems lost all will be saved...

  3. ^^

    ... The heck?
    And it's about time. Seriously.

  4. Good news. Sorry, Saint Michael, you are mistaken. Jesus built His Church on the rock of St. Peter and the Apostles. He gave His Church the authority to bind and loose which means our spiritual leaders have the responsibility and the duty to decide whether seers are legitimate or not. Furthermore, Jesus told the Israelites to obey their leaders because they sat on the chair of Moses. He knew they were flawed and imperfect men yet He demanded obedience. Same with the leper who was healed. Jesus requested he go and show himself first to the priest, according to the Levitical law, to ascertain that he was indeed clean and fit to walk again among the community.

    Jesus was the Son of God, yet He made no exceptions for Himself. Even where He was born it was because His parents were obedient to the secular authority of the day, Augustus who had ordered a census. His entire life was an example of obedience. His parents presented Him in the Temple; He was circumcised, baptized in the Jordan, He even instructed Peter to pay the Temple tax even though He was the Son of God and last but not least, Our Lord was obedient to death.

    Today, as the People of the new covenant, God still wants our obedience. After all, His Son has shown us the Way, the Way of obedience. His Son foresaw that His Church would need leaders to shepherd the flock and remind everyone all that Jesus had taught them.

    We move to the book of Acts and what do we learn about the early church and the first Christians? At the first council of Jerusalem there was a major debate over the practice of circumcising Gentiles. You can understand, Michael, that the growth of the Church would have been considerably delayed if the Gentiles had first to be circumcised before they were allowed to be baptized and join the Church. At the council, the debate was heated but after Peter stood up and declared his decision everyone listened and the debate was finished. Why did they obey? They obeyed because they knew Jesus had made Peter His representative, His voice here on earth. This office of the chair of Peter will endure until the end of time because Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies concerning the dynasty of King David. If you fail to understand that, Michael, then you fail to understand salvation history; you fail t understand that the kingdom of heaven has already been inaugurated here on earth. Of course, if you listen to Mary Carberry, as your new spiritual leader, who is guiding you from the heavens, then you have left the Catholic Church and have joined some new sect which calls itself the Remnant Army.

    There is no loyalty where there is no obedience. There is no sacrifice more pleasing to God than obedience and a humble and contrite heart.

  5. I have waited so long for the good Archbishop D. Martin to make a statement about MDM, especially now that she has been exposed as Mary Carberry living under his nose at Malahide. But frankly, I never had any expectation that such a condemnation would make any difference to MDM minions already mired in the mortal sins of heresy and schism, active scandal, blasphemy and slander of the Pope. Never mind occultism.

    Some 6 bishops and archbishops (Bishop Richard. J. Malone, apostolic administrator for the Diocese of Portland, Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane, Archbishop Denis J. Hart of Melbourne, Bishop Andreas Laun, Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, Austria, Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro of London Diocese of Canada, and Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ ) have all sounded warnings and rejections of this infernal fraudster MDM. That is more than enough for any responsible Catholic to bring MDM where she belongs – in the dumpsite.

    The preponderance of bishops and archbishops (including the Slovakian Bishop’s Conference) is so explicit in condemning MDM, that anyone still clinging to MDM as a prophet from God already borders on demonic lunacy.

  6. It is interesting to note that the condemnation of the Bishop of Dublin, occurred the same day as the birthday of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

    To all the followers of MDM:


    sHe said what is written in the New-Age Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

    1. Thank you, Vincenzt, for identifying where that nonsense came from.

    2. If you are interested in writing an article on this I would be open to publishing it on my blog.

  7. Thanks be to God Archbishop Martin finally decided to make a public statement concerning Maria Divine Mercy. Like many others, I myself wrote to him last fall requesting a public statement, for the sake of the faithful (I have my letter to the Archbishop posted on my "mysticsofthechurch.com" website.

    The creators of this blog have truly done an excellent job in revealing numerous facts concerning 'Maria Divine Mercy' (aka Mary Carberry) and I commend you for your efforts in exposing the hidden truths concerning this alleged visionaries spiritual and financial enterprises. I pray that through the Archbishops statement, those who have followed MDM up to this point may disassociate themselves from this false visionary.
    May God bless you for all of your efforts here,
    Glenn Dallaire, host of www.mysticsofthechurch.com

  8. With 6 Bishops and Archbishops and a Bishops Conference condemning MDM earlier, Archbishop Martin, while late, just puts the lid on the condemnation. With such a preponderance of bishops condemning MDM, anyone still clinging to MDM already borders on demonic lunacy.

  9. While I hesitate to say her followers border on demonic lunacy, I certainly do empathize with your frustration. If one truly believes something, one should be prepared to defend it or else have the courtesy not to disturb everyone else. MDM'ers lack common courtesy and intellectual honesty because they claim the right to disseminate this falderal as God's Word, even when they have been instructed not to.

    MDM'ers listen and obey her as if she truly was speaking with the authority of the Good Shepherd. Meanwhile, they fail to see, it is Pope Francis who has been elected to speak with "the voice of God" to a troubled world not their "anonymous prophet." Carberry has placed herself "so high" for all intents and purposes she now sits on the seat of Peter. She is the imposter, the robber who came in a back door to gain entrance into the hearts and minds of so many of the faithful. She is the imposter, the Jezebel from the book of Revelation leading the faithful into apostasy. MDM'ers have chosen the wrong side just like the rebellious Israelites did during their Exodus in the day of Moses.

    "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door but climbs in by another way, that man is a thief and a robber, but he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the gatekeeper opens; the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his won sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him, for THEY KNOW HIS VOICE. A STRANGER THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW, BUT THEY WILL FLEE FROM HIM, for they do not know the voice of strangers." John 10: 1-21

  10. thank God for this blog. I run into ppl on facebook-well intentioned faithful Catholics who believe they are doing the right thing by spreading the message. However,they don't have all the facts.They are being misled by what appear to be perfectly innocent messages. You are also welcome to post your info and link at our forum. I didn't know you could use a forum on these blogs until i found yours. Thanks to yours i have now added a forum to my blog. We will be covering apologetics and evangelization. Welcome to post http://amen-totustuus.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

  11. http://onebody-inchrist.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/mdm-condemned-her-bishop-has-spoken-out.html

  12. You people are too quick to condemn messages from MDM. Do you think Christianity is a bottle of soft drink and donuts. Anyone I believe who is close to GOD or who wants to be close to GOD will not be so quick to react and criticize her messages. May the Lord help you all

    1. “Whatever . . . in things human is of a sacred character, whatever belongs either of its own nature or by reason of the end to which it is referred, to the salvation of souls, or to the worship of God, is subject to the power and judgment of the Church.” “Immortale Dei” -Pope Leo XIII

      May the Lord help you, Paul, if you so quickly condemn the judgement of the Church. She has spoken. The debate is over. Unless you want to choose this whiner.

      “Those who take it upon themselves to declare their superior knowledge of spiritual matters laid down by the Teachings of God, through the prophets, need to be very careful. When such souls declare their so-called knowledge, by boasting of their intellectual assessment of Holy Doctrine, instead of focusing on the importance of humility, THEY OFFEND ME. When they use their knowledge to TWIST THE TRUTH to suit their agenda, in order to draw souls into a MANMADE VERSION of MY TEACHINGS, I AM DEEPLY OFFENDED and I WILL PUNISH SOULS GUILTY OF THIS CRIME AGAINST GOD.” Mary Carberry, April 12, 2013

  13. Oh great, now you want to teach the Archbishop what Christianity is about? Anyone who is close to Go obeys the Church who is the Bride of Christ. If her messages tickle your ears it does not mean YOU know what Christianity is about.

    The time is sure to come when people will not accept sound teaching, but their ears will be itching for anything new and they will collect themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes; and then they will shut their ears to the truth and will turn to myths. 2 Timothy 4: 3-4

    1. Look many of the things she says are in the book of revelation, and its in the bible too when Apostle Peter was veering off course in his teachings about Christ and one of the apostles had to correct him and remind of the true teachings. It therefore follows that leaders can err, its not something that is impossible. The state of the catholic church today is a reflection of how Catholics have lived their lives. We are the church and we have lived so carelessly and the result is what we are seeing today, what am I saying, there are not enough Catholics praying for the church and everything is almost crumbling. The Pope needs serious prayers, make no mistakes about it

    2. Mary Carberry teaches many new doctrines such as the following:

      “If only people knew the Truth of life after death. AFTER THE SOUL LEAVES THE BODY, WHETHER IT IS IN A STATE OF GRACE or not, SATAN TORMENTS THROUGH THE POWER of SEDUCTION. HE TRIES, EVEN THEN, TO DRAW SOULS TO HIM.” Sept. 26, 2012 (message #565, “Sin Can Be Forgiven When You Are Alive, Not After Death”)

      She promotes false interpretations of the Bible which are outside of Catholic tradition and teaching which is precisely why the shepherds of the flock have repeatedly condemned her. Only a "careless" reader and/or a "careless" Catholic could fail to see her numerous, egregious errors.

      As for your allegation St. Peter "veered off course in his teachings about Christ", you have carelessly presented an incident from the book of Acts. Go back and read it more carefully. You will see that St. Peter was corrected by St. Paul for his behaviour, not his teaching. Catholics don't believe in papal impeccability but papal infallibility.

      Paul, I urge you to do your homework: know what your own prophet MDM is saying, then juxtapose her writings against Sacred Scripture, the Catholic catechism and tradition. You will quickly discern, she is way off course.

    3. Response to Paul Victory who posted, “Look many of the things she says are in the book of revelation and its in the bible too . . .”

      She simulates Sacred Scripture; thereby, a reader is left with the impression it sounds biblical. However, on closer examination, one finds just the contrary: her writing is not scriptural it was never written or it is a wild, misinterpretation which contradicts Catholic teaching. Catholic teaching, by the way, is the deposit of faith which has been protected and steadfastly passed down through the apostles and their successors who received the commission to preach. Carberry has no calling from the Lord and the Church on examining her work has determined that. The following is a single example from her which is a complete reversal of Catholic thought through the ages.

      Mary Carberry’s attributed this message to Jesus:
      “Be assured that the time for Me to return to reclaim My Throne is close” Jan. 17, 2014
      “When I come to reclaim My Throne . . .” Nov.24, 2013

    4. "In the earthly liturgy we share in a foretaste of that heavenly liturgy which is celebrated in the Holy City of Jerusalem toward which we journey as pilgrims, where Christ IS sitting at the right hand of God, Minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle. With all the warriors of the heavenly army we sing a hymn of glory to the Lord; venerating the memory of the saints, we hope for some part and fellowship with them; we eagerly await the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, until He, our life, shall appear and we too will appear with Him in glory." (Catechism 1090)

      Catechism 1137 “The book of Revelation of St. John, read in the Church’s liturgy, first reveals to us, “A throne stood in heaven, with one seated on the throne”: “the Lord God.”(1Rev.4:2,8; Isaiah 6:1; Ez.1:26-28) It then shows the Lamb, “standing, as though it had been slain”: Christ crucified and risen, the one high priest of the true sanctuary, the same one “who offers and is offered, who gives and is given.”

    5. “Then the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give him the throne of David, his father, and he will rule over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end." (Luke 1:30-33)

      The message of the Archangel Gabriel is the fulfillment of the promise made to King David that one of his heirs would rule the kingdom of God forever. If one is to believe this latest version, Jesus was usurped from His throne, lost His kingdom to the power of Satan, and failed to conquer His enemy even after He suffered and died on the Cross to redeem mankind.

      Conclusion, Jesus is not coming to “reclaim His throne.” He never lost it. He conquered on the Cross and He rules. Therefore, He is not “coming back to save us again” which is the entire premise of Carberry’s promises.

      I hope this helps you and all the confused Catholics to consider that the 'Cup of Salvation' this high priestess of the Internet is offering is from a poisoned chalice. (See message Feb. 12, 2011)

    6. Is MDM genuine? I do not know and I do not care but I have to say that a lot of her messages have a ring of truth to them.
      When I look back over the last 50 plus years I have witnessed the almost total destruction of catholic doctrine.
      I was born into the catholic faith more than 70 yrs ago and my mother instilled in me a good sense on what it meant to be catholic. Like a lot of my generation I took a liberal view of life in the 60s as I thought that the Church should change to suit the times that I was living in -but how wrong I was and thank God I rekindled with the faith of my childhood some time later.
      The messages from MDM are very much in keeping with Catholic Tradition and for that reason I would not discard them but would view with great discernment. The Catholic Faith today does not resemble the Catholic Faith of 50 yrs ago but has undergone radical change which has strayed very much from its historical roots and for that reason alone I would read those messages - I will conclude by telling of a incident that happened at Sunday mass in a parish in Dublin.The priest was commenting on the upcoming referendum and mentioned to his parishioners that he was Gay and that he would be voting yes on the issue of same sex marriage. If Gay people are looking for their civil rights and want to be protected that is fine but please do not use the Marriage rite to achieve this. The Marriage rite was intended for family and protection of family where children could be brought up in the love of God and to live by his commandments and live their lives by this code but sadly the Church is very quite on these issues and that is why I read the messages of MDM- Fatima - Lourdes etc etc

  14. Speaking of St Peter you are making the mistake that he warned against:

    At the same time, we must recognise that the interpretation of scriptural prophecy is never a matter for the individual. (2 Pet 1: 20).

    The Archbishop represents the Church just like the other bishops who have explicitly condemned MDM as heretical. She is not only a heretic who has no idea about the teachings of the Catholic Church or the Bible, she is a fraud making money on her messages. I would not be surprised if it's all just a money scam.
    The Church has spoken. If you choose to disobey the Church then you place yourself outside the Church.
    There is only two places where the Book of Revelation speaks about MDM:
    I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. (Rev 22: 18) - if MDM does not repent then I would not like to be in her shoes.

    Rev 2: 20 Nevertheless, I have a complaint to make: you tolerate the woman Jezebel who claims to be a prophetess, and by her teaching she is luring my servants away to commit the adultery of eating food which has been sacrificed to idols.
    21 I have given her time to repent but she is not willing to repent of her adulterous life.
    22 Look, I am consigning her to a bed of pain, and all her partners in adultery to great hardship, unless they repent of their practices;

    1. I would rather spend my money on something that could be beneficial to my soul than spend it drinking beer or dancing to worldly music and empowering the evil one. The church allows taking communion without confession and even in a state of mortal sin and you want me to believe there is nothing wrong with the church. Let the lady cry out as much as she can, it is too quick to tell if she is genuine or not. You are too sure she is evil and I am worried about that. Can you swear she is evil? The church of today is not what it used to be 40 years ago and it is obvious that something is wrong. The best approach would have being, let us commit her intentions to prayers and lets see what comes out of it, instead of just criticizing.

    2. Ask MDM how she spends her money, her daughters post Halloween pics on Facebook - seems like they are having a blast with her mom's money. And the mansion is beautiful too - after all Mary Carberry's failures as a businesswoman she now turned to scamming people like you so she can live comfortably.

    3. ..catechism ..1415 Anyone who desires to receive Christ in Eucharistic communion must be in the state of grace. Anyone aware of having sinned mortally must not receive communion without having received absolution in the sacrament of penance.....the CHurch does not espouse participating in Eucharist while in mortal sin...free will gives us the ability to achieve the dignity of self actualization without that we are only slaves and can never love God...if people are in sin and still frequent Eucharist it is hoped that eventually they will receive the grace necessary to repent..but this is no the CHurch's fault since it states clearly in the catechism that this is not permitted by the Church..this fault bears on the commitant ..true some priests are to blame but what can they do??? submit everyone to a lie detector at the door???MDM is evil as this site has clearly explained...from the seal of MDM which has a masonic symbol on it (in hoc signus vinces) the masons are enemies of the CHurch...to the many many messages contradicting catholic teaching.....i wonder if you have heard the anecdote of the three apprentice demons who were asked by the devil how to ruin humankind..one said prove the devil is not real..the devil said it was not bad ..but he said many see evil in the world so this was not altogether convincing..and the next demon said tell them there is no God ..however the devil said people would understand they must be called to task for their evil deeds through their consciences..and the last apprentice demon said tell them there is plenty of time..and the Devil laughed and said YES...tell people there is plenty of time that all one has to do is wait and see..and in the intervening time such a person will become so full of evil habits and desires that they will be overcome..so this is the best tactic of the devil to wait and let evil proliferate..but thanks to the good people at this blog this will not happen..at least not in this neck of the woods..thanks for the great blogsite....

  15. I urge Catholics, who still follow Mary Carberry, to read this profession of faith written by Pope Pius IV in 1564 and swear it to be theirs without reservation. Otherwise, consider whether or not you are prepared to stand before God and defend your contributing to the success and duration of this false seer who daily spreads hate propaganda against the bride of Christ and His visible head on earth. Say this profession of faith and discern where you stand.

    “I acknowledge the holy Catholic and apostolic Roman Church as the mother and teacher of all churches; and to the Roman Pontiff, the successor of the blessed Peter, chief of the Apostles and vicar of Jesus Christ, I promise and swear true obedience.”
    “Also all other things taught, defined, and declared by the sacred canons and ecumenical Councils, and especially by the sacred and holy Synod of Trent, (and by the ecumenical Council of the Vatican, particularly concerning the primacy of the Roman Pontiff and his infallible teaching), I without hesitation accept and profess; and at the same time all things contrary thereto, and whatever heresies have been condemned, and rejected, and anathematized by the Church, I likewise condemn, reject, and anathematize. This true Catholic faith, outside of which no one can be saved, (and) which of my own accord I now profess and truly hold, I, [name], do promise, vow, and swear that I will, with the help of God, most faithfully retain and profess the same to the last breath of life as pure and inviolable . . . so help me, God.”

  16. A prophecy of Mary Carberry which has been fulfilled.

    “The souls of the faithful will be tested to the brink . . ."
    “Many will know in their hearts, that what they believed to be true and which they have held close to their hearts, is no longer deemed to be the Truth. And so they will not be able to decide what is from Me and what is not. Their faith will be torn asunder and many will find themselves embroiled in a new manmade doctrine, which will never feel right. They will feel a sense of unease and many will not be able to confide their fears to those appointed as My sacred servants. They will not know who to turn to for the Truth.” Jan. 7, 2014 @ 23:15

    It has come to pass that the faithful do not know "who to turn to for the Truth" as the teaching of apostolic succession which they once "believed to be true and which they held close to their hearts, is no longer deemed to be the Truth." Without authority "their faith" has been "torn asunder." What is the opposite of "to believe?" Is the loss of faith, to disbelieve, as she and her supporters have argued, or is that a wrong understanding of belief as found in the New Testament? Does the act of believing alone guarantee one's salvation? Not unless one has been schooled in non-Catholicism or the preaching of Mary Carberry.

    "Whoever BELIEVES IN THE SON has eternal life, but whoever DISOBEYS THE SON will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him." (John 3:36)

  17. St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
    "It is absurd for a heretic to say that he believes in Jesus Christ. To believe in a person is to give our full consent to his word and to all he teaches. True faith, therefore, is absolute belief in Jesus Christ and in all He taught. Hence, he who does not adhere to everything Jesus Christ has prescribed for our salvation does not have any more of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ than the pagans, Jews and Mohammedans."

    St. Antoninus of Florence (1389-1459)
    "In the case in which the pope would become a heretic, he would find himself, by that fact alone and without any other sentence, separated from the Church. A head separated from a body cannot, as long as it remains separated, be head of the same body from which it was cut off. "A pope who would be separated from the Church by heresy, therefore, would by that very fact itself cease to be head of the Church. He could not be a heretic and remain pope, because, since he is outside of the Church, he cannot possess the keys of the Church." Summa Theologica, cited in Actes de Vatican I. V. Frond pub. St. Antoninus

    St. Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621):
    "A pope who is a manifest heretic automatically (per se) ceases to be pope and head, just as he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church. Wherefore, he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the teaching of the ancient Fathers who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction."

    St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
    "Now when the Pope is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church..."

    St. Alphonsus Liguori, (1696-1787)
    "If ever a Pope, as a private person, should fall into heresy, he would at once fall from the Pontificate." If, however, God were to permit a pope to become a notoriously and contumacious heretic, he would by such fact cease to be pope, and the apostolic chair would be vacant."

    St. John Bosco (1815-1888)
    "Your sons ask for the bread of Faith and no one gives it to them . . . Ungrateful Rome, effeminate Rome, arrogant Rome . . . Forgetting that the Sovereign Pontiffs and your true glory are on Golgotha . . . Woe to you; my law is an idle word for you."
    “There will be an Ecumenical Council in the next century, after which there will be chaos in the Church.” This prediction was made in 1862

    Father Herman B. Kramer (1884-1976)
    Author of the renowned "The Book of Destiny" (1956) pointed out without censor, several points of the dark days of the Church that we are obviously living in our own day.
    New Sacraments: "The False Prophet may institute secret rites, through which the followers of Antichrist will be advanced by degrees into the deeper mysticism of his cult. A sort of diabolical sacramental system would thus be instituted conferring the graces of Satan and consecrating people to the service of the Beast." page 325

    Archbishop Fulton Sheen (1895-1979)
    "He [Satan] will set up a counter church which will be the ape of the Church, because he, the Devil, is the ape of God. It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the Antichrist that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ. . . .But the twentieth century will join the counter church because it claims to be infallible when its visible head speaks ex cathedra." (Fulton J. Sheen, Communism and the Conscience of the West, Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1948, pp. 24-25)

    Our Lady of La Salette:
    “The abomination shall be seen in holy places, in convents, and then the demon shall make himself the king of hearts.”
    "The Church will be in eclipse.... Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist."-September 19, 1846

  18. Pope St. Pius X (1835-1914):
    "The true friends of the people are neither the revolutionaries nor the innovators. They are the traditionalists." Letter on the Sillon, August 25, 1910
    "Attempting to reconcile our Faith with the modern mentality leads not only to weakening of that Faith, but to its total destruction."

    Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941)
    She assisted at a dialogue between Our Lord and Lucifer and the latter said:
    “I will attack the Church. I will overthrow the Cross, I will decimate the people, I will deposit a great weakness of Faith in hearts. There will also be a great denial of religion. For a time I will be master of all things, everything will be under my control; even your temple and all your people.”
    Marie-Julie said, “I see for a time long enough, every Holy Sacrifice will be prohibited. Churches will be turned to a shelter for cattle; they will be used as pleasure halls, where Hell will come for dancing with blasphemies as their singing.”
    “Within a short time daughter, only a few priests will be left, who will obey the luminous voice which is the command of all men on earth, as the chief of the most Holy Church.”

    Our Lord and Our Lady announced the conspiracy to invent the “New Mass”:
    “I give you a WARNING. The disciples who are not of My Gospel are now working hard to remake according to their ideas and under the influence of the enemy of Souls a MASS that contains words that are ODIOUS in my sight. When the fatal hour arrives when the faith of my priests is put to the test, it will be (these texts) that will be celebrated in this second period.
    The First period is the one of my priesthood which exists since Me. The second is the one of the persecution when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion will impose their formulas in the book of the second celebration. These infamous spirits are those who crucified Me and are awaiting the kingdom of the NEW MESSIAH!”

    Pope Pius XII (1876-1958)
    “A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God. In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them. Like Mary Magdalene, weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask, ‘Where have they taken Him?"

    Yves DuPont
    Author of the book “Catholic Prophecy” and many other works on prophecy, wrote in 1970:
    “Some prophecies seem to warrant the inference that the true Catholic Church will disappear completely for a while as an organization; but although disorganized, it will survive in the persons of the faithful members of the clergy and laity who will go underground."

    Anne Emmerich: "I saw the relationship between the two Popes. I saw how baleful would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome)."
    “I saw a secret sect relentlessly undermining the great Church… When the Church had been for the most part destroyed (by the secret sect), and when only the sanctuary and the altar were still standing, I saw the wreckers (of the secret sect) enter the Church with the Beast.”
    “I saw an apparition of the Mother of God, and she said that the tribulation would be very great. She added that these people must pray fervently with outstretched arms… They must pray above all for the Church of Darkness to leave Rome.”
    “The Church is in great danger… I see that in this place (Rome) the (Catholic) Church is being so cleverly undermined, that there will hardly remain a hundred or so priests who have not been deceived. They all work for destruction, even the clergy. The great devastation is now at hand.”

    Do you need more evidences?

  19. The whole thing of Jesus wishing Maria-Divine Mercy to stay anonymous for her own comfort and safety in itself goes COMPLETELY against how heaven works with true mystics, who are required to be visible, known, and are usually expected to suffer persecution and the cross to show the message is true. It seems as if Jesus is not able to protect and defend his mystics if they have to hide like Maria-Divine Mercy is requested to do!

    As it seems this Maria-Divine Mercy is condemned, and is indeed a false mystic, then she could be used to distract from the approved mystic like Marie-Julie Jahenny who was approved by her local bishop in 1875. She explains true Friends of the Cross cannot escape persecutions, or they are not the true friends of God. Marie-Julie has given astounding prophecies for our times and how to truly prepare for the chastisements. Our Lord said to Marie-Julie Jahenny that after her false mystics would swarm out of Hell like flies, and Satan said he would get so cunning that no one would be able to tell the difference between his messages and those of true mystics.

    Learn more about Marie-Julie Jahenny here: